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Meetings/Workshops on Medicine (in general) in the United Kingdom offers, as part of our business activities, a directory of upcoming scientific and technical meetings. The calendar is published for the convenience of conference participants and we strive to support conference organisers who need to publish their upcoming events. Although great care is being taken to ensure the correctness of all entries, we cannot accept any liability that may arise from the presence, absence or incorrectness of any particular information on this website. Always check with the meeting organiser before making arrangements to participate in an event!

Meeting organisers can submit meetings free of charge for inclusion into the listing.

1.CIMR — Challenges in Malaria Research: Core science and innovation
 Dates 22 Sep 2014 → 24 Sep 2014
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 LocationOxford, United Kingdom
 Abstract This third biennial conference will bring together leading malaria researchers to review current progress and to chart future challenges, this time with a greater emphasis on basic science.
 Topics Malaria, Infectious Disease, Parasites, Mosquito, Vaccines, Drug Development, Plasmodium vivax epidemiology, G6PD deficiency, genome mapping, molecular epidemiology, mathematical modelling, cell biology
 Contact BioMed Central ; Phone: [+44 020 3192 2009]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Biology
2.BSACI 2014 — British Society for Allergy & Clinical Immunology Annual Meeting
 Dates 28 Sep 2014 → 30 Sep 2014
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 LocationTelford, United Kingdom
 Abstract Allergy; Towards True Multidisciplinary Care is a multidisciplinary approach with practitioners from primary, secondary and tertiary care working together.The programme emphasises the multisystem nature of allergic disease and a focus on allergic respiratory disease.
 Topics allergology, internal medicine, immunology, paediatrics, family medicine, GPs, dieticians and nurses
 Contact Colin Parris , Kenes UK Tileyard Studios ; Phone: [+ 44 (0) 207 383 8030]; Email:
3.Microbiology & Infectious Diseases Congress
 Dates 29 Sep 2014 → 30 Sep 2014
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 LocationLondon, United Kingdom
 Abstract This event will provide a unique opportunity to participate in high-level discussions with renowned researchers working in: • Microbial diagnostics • Clinical microbiology • Microbial genomics • Infectious diseases and disease control
 Topics microbiology, infectious diseases, disease control, microbial genomics, clinical microbiology
 Contact Phone: [+44 (0) 1865 248455]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Molecular Biology; Biology
4.pph2014 — Psychiatry and Physical Health 2014
 Dates 29 Sep 2014 → 30 Sep 2014
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 LocationLondon, United Kingdom
 Abstract People with long-term mental health problems or learning disabilities have an increased chance of getting physically ill. Mental health professionals are ideally placed to assess and manage the physical health of their patients, and it is crucial that they stay up to date with the latest clinical advances.
 Topics Mental health, psychosis, obesity, pain, EEG, epilepsy, hepatitis C, smoking, sleep disorders, stroke, HIV
 Contact Phone: [(442075016762)]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Psychiatry
5.Sepsis:improving recognition and management
 Start date16 Oct 2014
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 LocationLondon, United Kingdom
 Abstract Hear an overview of the scale of the problem in the UK . Gain insights into the importance of developing a national sepsis strategy .
 Topics sepsis, infection, children, pediatric
 Contact Email:
 Related subject(s) Pediatrics
6.AOCMF Course - Advances in Distraction Osteogenesis
 Dates 20 Oct 2014 → 21 Oct 2014
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 LocationBirmingham, United Kingdom
7.Autism Today
 Dates 23 Oct 2014 → 24 Oct 2014
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 LocationManchester, United Kingdom
 Abstract This major two day CPD certified conference will present an excellent opportunity for all professionals working with individuals with ASD from the fields of both healthcare and education, to update and extend their knowledge and skills.
 Topics autism, ASD, epilepsy, psychosis, diet
 Contact Email:
 Related subject(s) Neurology; Psychiatry
8.HIV Glasgow 2014 — HIV Drug Therapy Glasgow
 Dates 02 Nov 2014 → 06 Nov 2014
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 LocationGlasgow, United Kingdom
 Abstract The HIV 2014 Glasgow Congress will build on the scientific strength and standards set by the previous 11 meetings. The scientific programme will cover, via single-session format, relevant topics presented by renowned experts from all continents. Topics will be addressed as keynote lectures, via plenary presentations and interactive case-based sessions. Scientific abstracts will be an integral part of the programme presented either within plenary, during poster discussion sessions or on display in the poster area. Networking and the informal sharing of information complement the highly scientific, credible formal programme on offer.
 Topics Treatment strategies New treatment and targets Clinical pharmacology Adherence and resistance Adverse events HIV-related infections, co-infections and cancers Non-AIDS morbidities and mortalities HIV-management in resource-limited settings Community initiatives
 Contact Georgina Palmer; Email:
9.Alterations in the Immune System in Smokers
 Start date05 Nov 2014
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 LocationLondon, United Kingdom
 Abstract Inflammatory processes and changes in the immune system are crucial in the pathogenesis of smoking related disorders and many of these immunological changes are not completely reversible after smoking cessation. This event will discuss how the immune system is altered will smoking and address the consequences of these changes and ways to reverse them.
 Related subject(s) Pharmacology and Drug Development
10.Innate Immunity Interactions with Pathogens
 Start date10 Nov 2014
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 LocationLondon, United Kingdom
 Abstract Infectious disease are still a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Innate immunity is of paramount importance for the control of pathogens in the early stages of the infection and for the engenderment and expansion of acquired immunity. This EuroSciCon meeting will be a premier forum for the presentation of cutting-edge research on how the interaction between innate immune mechanisms and pathogens impacts on host resistance, immunoevasion, immunodeficiencies and vaccine efficacy.
 Related subject(s) Pharmacology and Drug Development; Molecular Biology
11.Innate Immunity Summit
 Dates 10 Nov 2014 → 12 Nov 2014
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 LocationLondon, United Kingdom
12.Investigating interactions of the Innate and Adaptive Immune Systems
 Start date11 Nov 2014
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 LocationLondon, United Kingdom
 Abstract The cells of the innate immune system play a crucial part in the initiation and subsequent direction of adaptive immune responses. The event will discuss this role of the innate immune system, drawing on new research and the opportunity for networking and informal discussion.
 Related subject(s) Pharmacology and Drug Development; Molecular Biology
13.Advances in Cell Based Assays
 Dates 11 Nov 2014 → 12 Nov 2014
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 LocationLondon, United Kingdom
 Abstract The pioneering conference series on Advances in Cell based Assays, returns to London this autumn on 11th and 12th November. The 7th instalment comes at the perfect time to discuss key topics such as phenotypic screening, application of 3d cultures, stem cells, label free technology, plus much more. Expand your scientific horizons and hear from an array of industry leaders including GSK, Astra Zeneca and MedImmune.
 Contact Fateja Begum; Phone: [+44 (0) 207 827 6000]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Genomics and Bioinformatics
14.Therapeutic applications of the Innate Immune system
 Start date12 Nov 2014
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 LocationLondon, United Kingdom
 Abstract The identification of antigen recognition receptors for innate immunity has sparked great interest in therapeutic manipulation of the innate immune system. For example Toll-like receptor agonists are being developed for the treatment of cancer, allergies and viral infections, and as adjuvants for cancer and disease vaccines. This event will explore current research and applications of the innate system for therapeutic applications. There will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and debate and we encourage submission of abstracts for both oral and poster presentation.
 Related subject(s) Pharmacology and Drug Development
15.UK — 4th Annual Conference for the Enhanced Recovery after Surgery Society
 Start date14 Nov 2014
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 LocationSouthampton, United Kingdom
 Related subject(s) Surgery
16.Progress in Molecular and Cellular Pathology
 Start date02 Dec 2014
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 LocationLondon, United Kingdom
 Abstract This event will discuss current topics presented by experts in their fields of research and practice. Placed in the context of molecular cellular pathology presentations will explore disease mechanisms, clinical advances and latest technology breakthroughs.
 Related subject(s) Molecular Biology
17.Developments in immunohistochemistry for diagnostic cellular pathology
 Start date03 Dec 2014
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 LocationLondon, United Kingdom
 Abstract This event will discuss developments in Immunohistochemistry (IHC) techniques and technology to aid the improvements needed to boost and strengthen the use of IHC in future diagnostic pathology practice.
 Related subject(s) Molecular Biology
18.Histopathology 2014: Advances in research and techniques
 Start date04 Dec 2014
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 LocationLondon, United Kingdom
 Abstract This is the 11th Annual event (originally called Improving Immunohistochemistry), held in the centre of London, this meeting draws together international experts to discuss the need for technical-based updates in the areas of immunohistochemistry, clinical and research based histopathology and in situ hybridisation. This meeting gathers together workings from clinical, academic and pharmaceutical organisations.
19.The Digital Pathology Congress
 Dates 04 Dec 2014 → 05 Dec 2014
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 LocationLondon, United Kingdom
 Abstract By coming to this outstanding meeting you will discover how Digital Pathology is already reducing lab costs, increasing workflow efficiency, creating greater inter-connectivity and delivering more effective training! Additionally, you will learn how digital pathology can improve decision making to enable enhanced and personalised patient care.
 Topics Pathology, digital pathology, histopathology, telepathology, informatics, whole slide imaging
 Contact Nick Noakes; Phone: [44 0 1865 849841]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Clinical Data Management; Oncology
20.Emergency Medicine 2015
 Dates 22 Jan 2015 → 23 Jan 2015
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 LocationLondon, United Kingdom
 Abstract The emergency care system in the UK has been under increasing pressure over the last few years,and priorities are being put into place to overcome these challenges, for the good of patients and healthcare proffesionals. This two day, CPD certified conference will attempt to address some of these issues, and will provide practical advice and ideas about how to optimise patient care.
 Topics emergency, paramedic, sepsis, rapid response
 Contact Email:
 Related subject(s) Healthcare Systems
21.Pharmacodynamics, Biomarkers and Personalised Therapy
 Dates 02 Mar 2015 → 06 Mar 2015
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 LocationOxford, United Kingdom
 Abstract Pharmacodynamics, Biomarkers and Personalised Therapy is a 5 day short course run by the University of Oxford.
 Weblink therapeutics&course_area_id=211
 Related subject(s) Pharmacology and Drug Development
22.Adverse Drug Reactions, Drug Interactions and Pharmacovigilance
 Dates 11 May 2015 → 15 May 2015
[ID=650701] Go to top of page
 LocationOxford, United Kingdom
 Abstract Adverse Drug Reactions, Drug Interactions and Pharmacovigilance is a 5 day short course run by the University of Oxford.
 Weblink therapeutics&course_area_id=211
 Related subject(s) Pharmacology and Drug Development
23.EWMA 2015 — 25th conference of the European Wound Management Association
 Dates 13 May 2015 → 15 May 2015
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 LocationLondon, United Kingdom
 Abstract The EWMA wound management conferences offers high level scientific presentations/lectures (plenary sessions, key sessions, free paper sessions, hands on/practical workshops, special focused symposia, guest association sessions, satellite symposia) and network events that give the audience the opportunity to gain and exchange knowledge and experience with international colleagues. The aims are to share, debate and educate participants on the latest knowledge and developments in wound management. The conference primarily attract surgeons, nurses/nurse specialists, dermatologists, GP“s, physicians and other wound care professionals. Mainly from Europe but also from outside of Europe. The EWMA 2015 conference is organised in collaboration with The Tissue Viability Society.
 Contact Phone: [0045 70 20 03 05]; Email:
24.How to do Research on Therapeutic Interventions: Protocol Preparation
 Dates 06 Jul 2015 → 10 Jul 2015
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 LocationOxford, United Kingdom
 Abstract This is a 5 day short course run by the University of Oxford. It can be taken as a stand-alone short course, or as part of the MSc in Experimental Therapeutics.
 Weblink therapeutics&course_area_id=211
 Related subject(s) Pharmacology and Drug Development

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