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World Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility (COGI)

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Conferences and Meetings on Obstetrics/Gynecology offers, as part of our business activities, a directory of upcoming scientific and technical meetings. The calendar is published for the convenience of conference participants and we strive to support conference organisers who need to publish their upcoming events. Although great care is being taken to ensure the correctness of all entries, we cannot accept any liability that may arise from the presence, absence or incorrectness of any particular information on this website. Always check with the meeting organiser before making arrangements to participate in an event!

Meeting organisers can submit meetings free of charge for inclusion into the listing.


1.OB/GYN Ultrasound Registry Review
 Dates 09 May 2013 → 10 May 3013
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 LocationSt. Pete Beach, United States
 Abstract Successfully prepare for the OB-GYN ultrasound certification exam with the leaders in ultrasound continuing medical education. Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute has 28 years of experience providing ultrasound registry review courses and our participants have enjoyed an 85% success pass rate based on post-course surveys. The OB-GYN Ultrasound Registry Review course provides a comprehensive review for successful certification exam completion. The Obstetrics & Gynecology registry review is taught by leading experts in the ultrasound profession and includes interactive lectures, case studies, and mock registry exams using an interactive Audience Response System. Attend The OB-GYN Ultrasound Registry Review workshop as a method to assess areas of weakness to effectively plan your exam preparation or attend the Obstetrics and Gynecology registry review as the final comprehensive review before taking the exam.
 Topics Gulfcoast, Ultrasound, institute, CME, SDMS, ARDMS, Ulrtasound school
 Contact Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute, Inc., toll free: 1.800.619.1900 | local: 727.363.4500 | fax:727.363.0811
 Related subject(s) Radiology: Sonography
2.A Country Practice — Australasian Society of Anaesthesia Paramedical Officers 16th National Conference and Scientific Exhibition
 Dates 01 Nov 2014 → 02 Nov 2014
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 LocationAlbury, Australia
 Abstract The Australasian Society of Anaesthesia Paramedical Officers (ASAPO) (previously known as Australasian Society of Anaesthesia Technicians) was formed in 1994. Membership is made up of Anaesthetic Technicians/Technologists, Registered and Enrolled Nurses, Intensive Care Technicians/Nurses, Defence Force Personnel, trainees and Operating Department Practitioners .
 Topics Nursing, Anaesthesia, Paramedical, Perioperative, Surgical, Vetrinary
 Contact Ray Murtagh ; Phone: [61 (0)2 6108 3616]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Anaesthesia and algiatry; Veterinary medicine
3.Advances in Prenatal Molecular Diagnostics
 Dates 05 Nov 2014 → 07 Nov 2014
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 LocationBoston, MA, United States
 Abstract The field of prenatal diagnostics is undergoing rapid and significant change, as a variety of molecular diagnostics are transforming the type and quality of data that can be provided to pregnant women and their physicians. Array-based cytogenetic analysis can provide more detailed and accurate assessment of many genetic conditions compared with traditional karyotyping, both of which rely on samples obtained using invasive procedures. Since obtaining samples invasively, even in the most proficient hands, does involve some risk to the fetus, there has been tremendous interest in non-invasive testing approaches. Next-gen sequencing of cell-free DNA found in maternal blood has been demonstrated to provide highly accurate assessment of fetal aneuploidies, with quite low false positives and false negatives, in most cases. Best practice guidelines have been modified quite quickly to recommend that such testing be offered to women who are at increased risk of aneuploidies, either because of past history, advanced maternal age or other reasons, and adoption and agreement by insurers to cover such testing has occurred at unprecedented speed. Such tests are not without controversy, however, because they only test for the most common chromosome duplications, and are unable thus far to provide analysis of smaller genetic insertions, deletions and rearrangements. One alternative approach has been research on obtaining circulating fetal cells from maternal blood, which would offer the advantages of being non-invasive, and isolated from confounding maternal DNA, but the challenges of reliably obtaining such rare cells has delayed the prospects for commercialization. This conference will provide an in-depth examination of key issues, technical and practical developments in these areas, and opportunities for discussing some of the issues that will have an impact on how this field continues to quickly evolve in the near future.
 Topics prenatal, molecular diagnostics, fetal cell, cell free DNA, karotyping, cytogenetic, DNA diagnostics, next-generation sequencing, NGS, biomarkers, pregnancy, genetic counseling, prenatal diagnosis
 Contact Kris Waterman; Phone: [781-972-5400]; Email:
4.IGCS 2014 — 15th Biennial Meeting of the International Gynecologic Cancer Society
 Dates 08 Nov 2014 → 11 Nov 2014
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 LocationMelbourne, Australia
 Abstract Following the tradition of previous meetings, IGCS 2014 will provide you with the opportunity to learn about the latest clinical advances as well as international developments in research, practice and treatment for the holistic care of women with gynaecological cancer.
 Topics gynecological cancer, gynecology, gynecologic oncology, obgyn, oncology, obstetrics, endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, ob/gyn
 Contact Raquel Louis; Phone: [+41 22 908 0488]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Oncology
5.OC IV — Ovarian Club IV
 Dates 15 Nov 2014 → 16 Nov 2014
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 LocationParis, France
 Abstract The Ovarian Club will remain the comprehensive forum that it has been known for. In 2014 again, the Ovarian Club will bring together a compilation of international experts who will share and discuss burning state-of-the-art topics and clinical management issues, in a constant strive for optimizing the treatments offered to our patients. The Ovarian Club is a stage where researchers will present their newest studies and findings in an interactive platforms open for discussions with the leading expert attendees
 Topics Blastocyst formation and the implantation process, Fertilization process, ovarian
 Contact Email:
6.PAGS — Pelvic Anatomy & Gynecologic Surgery
 Dates 04 Dec 2014 → 06 Dec 2014
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 LocationLas Vegas, United States
 Abstract The Pelvic Anatomy and Gynecologic Surgery Symposium is the premier meeting exploring all facets of gynecologic surgery. NEW for 2014: half-day hands-on Suturing and Hysteroscopy workshops.
 Topics Pelvic Anatomy Incontinence and Prolapse Surgery Sterilization and Fibroid Management Hysterectomy Surgery for Adnexal Masses and Vulvar Disorders Gynecologic Oncology for the Generalist Management of Breast Lumps Medical Legal Cases Morcellation Debate Special Keynote Session on Breast Imaging
 Contact Kim Kirchner ; Phone: [502-574-9023]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Surgery
7.COGI — 20th World Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility (COGI)
 Dates 04 Dec 2014 → 07 Dec 2014
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 LocationParis, France
 Contact Secretariat; Phone: [+972 73 706 6950]; Email:
8.5th International Meeting “Laparoscopic Surgery for Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis: Principles, Techniques and Prevention of Complications”
 Dates 05 Dec 2014 → 07 Dec 2014
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 LocationAthens, Greece
 Abstract During the three day 5th Meeting, special focus will be on teaching the basic steps of recognizing the disease in its initial expression and eradicating it before it progresses to its more complex and dangerous forms. All speakers are renowned experts in their fields and the meeting will also devote time to live procedures from some of the finest surgeons in endometriosis surgery. Additionally, time will be dedicated to considering the relationship between endometriosis and cancer, as well as its effects on fertility. The meeting will culminate in a video session devoted the presentation and discussion of interesting cases and techniques.
 Contact ERASMUS S.A. 1 Kolofontos & Evridikis Street, 161 21, Athens, Greece; Phone: [+30 210 7414700]; Email:
9.Training — Hands-On Obstetric Ultrasound Imaging 2014
 Dates 08 Dec 2014 → 11 Dec 2014
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 LocationDallas, Texas, United States
 Organizer Keith Mauney Ultrasound, LLC
 Abstract Total immersion, without the stress. With four days of undiluted focus, you’ll be able to build the hand-eye skills to conduct the complete BPP and anatomy survey of the fetus. You’ll learn how to orient yourself to three-dimensional anatomy with twodimensional imaging and identify, measure, and document every pertinent feature of the developing fetus. The total immersion approach puts you at the bedside with live pregnancies the first day. Under the patient guidance of your expert instructor you’ll develop and refine skills in structure identification and measurement immediately.
 Topics Detailed objectives at the web site. OB ultrasound training courses, obstetric ultrasound seminar conference 2014, cross training in OB ultrasound, OB ultrasound cme, OB ultrasound tech training in texas, diagnostic medical ultrasound tech training Dallas texas, portable ultrasound, OB sonographer training, 24 hour ultrasound training course scan lab
 Contact Amy Donaldson; Phone: [(972-353-3200 800-845-3484 (CST, UTC -06:00))]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Radiology: Sonography
10.Training — Hands-On Transvaginal Pelvic Ultrasound Imaging 2014
 Start date12 Dec 2014
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 LocationDallas, Texas, United States
 Organizer Keith Mauney Ultrasound, LLC
 Abstract Targeted to all clinicians who are already accomplished at surface obstetric scanning and is presented as the final and optional day of our Hands-On OB/Pelvic Imaging course. You'll learn the process and protocol to master the delicate critical hands-eye skills to complete the transvaginal pelvic sonogram. We'll focus on systematic inspection of the entire uterus, adnexa, and accessory pelvic structures.
 Topics Detailed objectives at the website. KMA ultrasound, KMA ultrasound training, Hands-On ultrasound training courses 2014, hands-on ultrasound courses transvaginal imaging, hands-on ultrasound schools Dallas, hands-on ultrasound training USA, hands-on ultrasound training courses in Texas, women's ultrasound training courses, pelvic ultrasound training courses, translabial ultrasound training courses
 Contact Amy Donaldson; Phone: [(972-353-3200 800-845-3484 (CST, UTC -06:00))]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Radiology: Sonography
11.Women's Health Bahamas Cruise December 2014
 Dates 12 Dec 2014 → 20 Dec 2014
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 LocationSan Francisco, United States
 Related subject(s) Medicine (in general)
12.GYN — 2015 Progress and Controversies in Gynecologic Oncology Conference
 Dates 16 Jan 2015 → 17 Jan 2015
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 LocationBarcelona, Spain
 Abstract This meeting will serve as a valuable forum for the presentation and discussion of newly available data across various gynecologic malignancies including ovarian, cervical, and endometrial cancers. Participants will be provided with updates on practice-changing data in a practical and interactive format, fostering discussion, and impacting clinical outcomes for patients.
 Topics Gynecology, radiotherapy, endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer
 Contact Phone: [+31703067190]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Oncology
13.2015 Advances in Fetal and Neonatal Imaging Course
 Dates 23 Jan 2015 → 25 Jan 2015
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 LocationOrlando, United States
 Related subject(s) Radiology (in general)
14.EUROGIN 2015 — EUROGIN 2015
 Dates 04 Feb 2015 → 07 Feb 2015
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 LocationSeville, Spain
 Abstract The EUROGIN 2015 Congress aims at developing a full review of current scientific developments in the field of cervical cancer and human papillomavirus related diseases, raising the public health profile and increasing the need for responsible health services in this area.
 Topics OBGYN, STI – sexualy transmitted infectious, HPV, DERMA, Proctology, Head & Neck, oncology, Cythology/Phatology, Epidemology, Virology, Vaccination, Infectious
 Contact Phone: [972-3-566-6166]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Oncology; Otolaryngology
15.Gynecologic Oncology Group
 Dates 05 Feb 2015 → 08 Feb 2015
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 LocationSan Diego, California, United States
 Related subject(s) Oncology
16.BORN Ontario Conference 2015
 Dates 06 Feb 2015 → 07 Feb 2015
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 LocationOttawa, Canada
 Abstract How are you improving maternal-child health in your corner of the world? Be inspired by your colleagues!  BORN is hosting a two-day conference to bring health care providers, policy makers, health administrators, educators, quality and risk management leaders, and researchers together to share experiences, enhance knowledge, foster partnerships, and promote research. What can you expect from the conference? Gain new insight into gathering, analyzing, and using maternal-child data for a variety of purposes: improving outcomes, supporting program planning, and informing policy making. Hear about innovations, emerging trends and best-practices in maternal-child health. Learn how data, coupled with advances in information technology, can improve your ability to monitor services and outcomes and integrate evidence into decision-making. Gain new perspective: cross-pollinate your ideas with others during interdisciplinary discussions.
 Related subject(s) Pediatrics
17.38th Annual Advanced Ultrasound Seminar: Ob/Gyn
 Dates 18 Feb 2015 → 21 Feb 2015
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 LocationLake Buena Vista, FL, United States
 Related subject(s) Radiology: Sonography
18.International Conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder 2015
 Dates 04 Mar 2015 → 07 Mar 2015
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 LocationVancouver, Canada
 Abstract This advanced level conference continues to bring together experts from multiple disciplines to share international research. From the pure science, to prevention, diagnosis and intervention across the lifespan, the conference will address the implications of this research and promote scientific/community collaboration. It provides an opportunity to enhance understanding of the relationships between knowledge and research and critical actions related to FASD. The conference brings together people passionate about this work in a stimulating environment where they can learn and forge new partnerships. The goal is to highlight international research and promising practice and to enhance scientific collaborations around the world. During FASD 2015, participants can expect to: • describe different approaches to FASD, from other countries and across disciplines • understand the implication and potential application of emerging evidence-based research • explore different models of practice across disciplines • engage in knowledge exchange and dialogue through: formal sessions, networking and onsite meetings • develop connections and partnerships among researchers, networks, governments, communities, service providers and families
 Related subject(s) Medicine (in general)
 Dates 05 Mar 2015 → 07 Mar 2015
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 LocationRome, Italy
 Topics HPV infection and cervical cancer, Cervical cancer screening around the world, HPV vaccination, Challenges in colposcopy, Molecular tests in cytopathology lab, LBC & Automation, Cervical cytopathology : the old and the new, Low genital tract infections and cervical cancer screening, Contraceptives and cervical cancer, The great debates: clinical and pathology perspective, Management of CIN, Issues in colposcopy, Multifocal disease, Classification and quality control in cervical cytopathology, Diagnosis in cytopathology, Legal questions, Training course in colposcopy, Training course in cytopathology, Posters & Communications
 Contact Organizing Secretariat – Triumph C.&C. Srl ; Phone: [+39 06 35530382]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Urology; Oncology
20.6th IVI International Congress - Reproductive Medicine and Beyond
 Dates 23 Apr 2015 → 25 Apr 2015
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 LocationAlicante, Spain
 Abstract Our aim is to continue providing top-level reproductive medicine congresses, addressing cutting edge topics in this continuously evolving field of human reproduction and offering the most reputable international speakers available. Main Topics: Embryo time-lapse, Genomics in human reproduction, Safety and quality in ART, Paternal inheritance, Mild stimulation protocol, Predicting implantation outcome, PCOS patients, Ovarian stimulation update, Innovative strategies for implantation & prenatal genetic diagnosis, Uterus transplant
 Related subject(s) Urology
21.COGI — 21st World Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility
 Dates 07 May 2015 → 10 May 2015
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 LocationGuilin, China
 Abstract A comprehensive Congress fully devoted to clinical Controversies, Debates and Consensus on a wide spectrum of topics in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Infertility.
 Topics Obstetrics, Gynecology, Infertility, Women’s Health
 Contact Secretariat; Phone: [+972 73 706 6950]; Email:
22.AOCOG 2015 — 24th Asian & Oceanic Congress of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
 Dates 03 Jun 2015 → 06 Jun 2015
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 LocationKuching, Malaysia
 Abstract Apart from being home to an incredible range of tropical bio-diversity, there's more to discover when you are in Sarawak and attending AOCOG 2015.
23.Gynecologic Oncology Group
 Dates 15 Jul 2015 → 19 Jul 2015
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 LocationDenver, Colorado, United States
 Related subject(s) Oncology
24.Ovind 2015 — 7th World Congress on Ovulation Induction
 Dates 03 Sep 2015 → 05 Sep 2015
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 LocationBologna, Italy
 Abstract Ovulation induction remains the cornerstone of therapeutic procedures used for the treatment of infertility, such as assisted reproduction and the management of anovulation. Due to Innovative drugs and regimens lntroduced in the last few years, ovulation induction is becoming increasingly more efficacious, cost effective, and safe. The 7th World Congress on Ovulatlon lnductlon will be an outstanding opportunity to learn and discuss these new developments with intemational key opinion leaders in this field.
 Topics ovulation induction, ivf, Befruchtung, Fertilisation, AMP, Assisted Medical Procreation, fecondazione assistita, ovulazione indotta, in vitro fertilization, ovarian stimulation, intrauterine insemination
 Contact ORGANIZING SECRETARIAT GynePro Educational Via Lame, 44- 40122 Bologna (IT) Fax + 39 051222101; Phone: [+ 39 051 223 260]; Email:
25.HPV 2015 — 30th International Papillomavirus Conference & Clinical and Public Health Workshops
 Dates 17 Sep 2015 → 21 Sep 2015
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 LocationLisbon, Portugal
 Abstract HPV 2015 focuses on the epidemiology of HPV and other associated diseases. Our international forum enables the exchange of knowledge between the research and clinical communities showcasing the latest advances in science and practice.
 Topics cervical cytology, cervical neoplasia, hpv vaccine, epithelial neoplasia, intraepithelial neoplasia, anal intraepithelial neoplasia, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, hpv detection, hpv genotype, hpv type, neck cancer genital warts, genital hpv, cervical cancer prevention, hpv positive women, anogenital hpv, cutaneous hpv skin cancer, anal cancer, anoscopy, invasive cervical cancer, hpv test, cobas hpv test, cervical cancer screening, cervical screening, human papilloma virus, cervical cancer,
 Contact Charlotte Boskila c/o Kenes Associations Worldwide 1-3 Rue de Chantepoulet, P.O. Box 1726 CH-1211, Geneva 1, Switzerland; Phone: [+41 22 908 0488]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Oncology
26.FIGO 2015 — XXI FIGO World Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics
 Dates 04 Oct 2015 → 09 Oct 2015
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 LocationVancouver, Canada
 Abstract FIGO is the only organization that brings together professional societies of obstetrics and gynecology on a global basis, consisting now of over 125 member countries or territories. The XXI FIGO World Congress is a great opportunity for professionals around the world to share their experiences in improving women's health and saving women's lives.
 Topics obstetrics, gynecology, nursing, women's health, pediatrics, reproductive health, public health
 Contact International Conference Services Ltd. ; Phone: [+1] 604 681 2153]; Email:
27.ESGO 2015 — International Meeting of the European Society of Gynaecological Oncology
 Dates 24 Oct 2015 → 27 Oct 2015
[ID=654545] Go to top of page
 LocationNice, France
 Abstract Join over 2500 colleagues in the beautiful city of Nice for ESGO 2015; a unique educational experience where you will benefit and learn about the newest developments, innovative techniques and advanced practices in gynaecological oncology.
 Topics gynocology, oncology, cancer
 Contact Jennifer Simon ; Phone: [((+41 22 908 0488))]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Oncology

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