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Conferences and Meetings on Oncology offers, as part of our business activities, a directory of upcoming scientific and technical meetings. The calendar is published for the convenience of conference participants and we strive to support conference organisers who need to publish their upcoming events. Although great care is being taken to ensure the correctness of all entries, we cannot accept any liability that may arise from the presence, absence or incorrectness of any particular information on this website. Always check with the meeting organiser before making arrangements to participate in an event!

Meeting organisers can submit meetings free of charge for inclusion into the listing.


1.Circulating Biomarkers 2014 Dundee
 Dates 01 Oct 1014 → 02 Oct 2014
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 LocationDundee, United Kingdom
 Abstract BioteXcel is pleased to announce the Circulating Biomarkers Conference 2014 to be held in Dundee on 1st & 2nd October. In an effort to strengthen the link between emerging knowledge and technologies and personalized healthcare decision points, this conference brings together experts in the area of circulating biomarkers.
 Topics circulating biomarkers, miRNA, micro RNA, circulating cell free DNA, circulating DNA, Circulating Tumor Cells, Circulating Tumour Cells, cfDNA, Least Invasive Testing, Minimally Invasive Testing, Non-Invasive Testing, Cancer, Oncology, Personalised Medicine, Personalized Medicine, Companion Diagnostics, Diagnostics,
 Contact Biotexcel Ltd; Email:
 Related subject(s) Genomics and Bioinformatics; Molecular Biology
2.Molecular Biology in Clinical Oncology
 Dates 20 Jul 2014 → 27 Jul 2014
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 LocationSnowmass Village, Colorado, United States
 Related subject(s) Molecular Biology
3.AACR-ASCO Methods in Clinical Cancer Research Workshop
 Dates 26 Jul 2014 → 01 Aug 2014
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 LocationVail, CO, United States
 Organizer American Association for Cancer Research
4.Best of ASCO Boston
 Dates 08 Aug 2014 → 09 Aug 2014
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 LocationBoston, United States
 Organizer American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)
5.Best of ASCO Chicago
 Dates 15 Aug 2014 → 16 Aug 2014
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 LocationChicago, United States
 Organizer American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)
6.LALCA — 6th Latin American Conference on Lung Cancer
 Dates 21 Aug 2014 → 23 Aug 2014
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 LocationLima, Peru
 Contact Conference Manager; Email:
 Related subject(s) Pulmonology; Surgery
7.Best of ASCO Seattle
 Dates 22 Aug 2014 → 23 Aug 2014
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 LocationSeattle, United States
 Organizer American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)
8.London Breast Meeting: Controversies and advances in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery
 Dates 04 Sep 2014 → 06 Sep 2014
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 LocationLondon, United Kingdom
 Abstract The scientific programme will cover controversies and the latest advances in reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery. The format will include a short introduction to a specific topic, followed by a three to four viewpoint presentation, leading to a discussion where delegates are invited to join in and vote. There will also be a video session where the faculty will present their tricks, tips and pearls.
 Topics Confirmed speakers include: Eric Auclair (France), Chris Andree (Germany), Werner Beekman (Netherlands), Mitchell Brown (Canada), Louis P Bucky (USA), Katherine Cheesman (United Kingdom) Roy De Vita (Italy), Cristina Garusi (Italy), Günter Germann (Germany), Ruth Graf (Brazil), Moustapha Hamdi (Belgium), Stefan Hofer (Canada), Koenraed van Landuyt (Belgium), Douglas Macmillan (United Kingdom), Jaume Masia (Spain), Sarah McWilliams (United Kingdom), Paolo Montemurro (Sweden), Maurizio Nava (Italy), Graeme Perks (United Kingdom), Stefano Pompei (Italy), Gemma Pons (Spain), Venkat Ramakrishnam (United Kingdom), David Ross (United Kingdom), Andrew Salzberg (USA), Eric Santamaria (Mexico), Michael Scheflan (Israel), Sinnika Souminen (Finland), Tunç Tiryaki (Turkey)
 Contact Lucy Allen; Phone: [+44 (0)20 7501 6762]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Surgery; Anaesthesia and algiatry
9.Breast Cancer Symposium
 Dates 04 Sep 2014 → 06 Sep 2014
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 LocationSan Francisco, California, United States
 Related subject(s) Radiology: Mammography
10.ITMIG 2014 — 5th International Thymic Malignancy Interest Group Annual Meeting
 Dates 05 Sep 2014 → 06 Sep 2014
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 LocationAntwerp, Belgium
 Abstract This important Conference will highlight the latest scientific and clinical developments related to the management of thymic malignancies and will bring together established scientists and clinicians from all over the world who have interest in the field of thymic cancers research.
 Topics thymic malignancy, cancer, immunotherapy, surgery, tumor growth, multimodal therapy
 Contact Grit Schoenherr , International Conference Services Ltd. ; Phone: [+1] 604 638 3864]; Email:
11.GALEN Advanced Course — Abdominal Oncologic Imaging
 Dates 05 Sep 2014 → 06 Sep 2014
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 LocationMoscow, Russia
 Organizer European School of Radiology (ESOR)
 Related subject(s) Radiology (in general)
12.18th ICCN — 18th International Conference on Cancer Nursing
 Dates 07 Sep 2014 → 11 Sep 2014
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 LocationPanama City, Panama
 Abstract The 18th ICCN will be held at the Hilton Panama Hotel, from September 7 - 11th, 2014, in the beautiful city of Panama City, Panama. ISNCC is looking forward to its 18th highly successful nursing conference – the longest running international conference for our profession. The 18th ICCN will offer the unique opportunity to meet with international cancer nursing leaders from all over the world, in one place at one time. The theme of the 18th ICCN will be: ‘Strengthening Leadership, Unity and Compassion in Cancer Care.’
 Topics ICCN, ISNCC, oncology, cancer, nursing
 Contact Email:
 Related subject(s) Nursing
 Dates 11 Sep 2014 → 13 Sep 2014
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 LocationTurin, Italy
 Abstract ESGO 2014 State of the Art conference program focuses on the follow up in gynaecological malignancies, presenting expert recommendations for the most cost-effective clinical surveillance strategies. Torino 2014 conference challenges the current minimalistic follow up protocol for patients who completed treatments for a solid gynaecological tumor, which is mostly limited to clinical control and imaging when signs and symptoms of recurrences appear.
 Topics Evaluation of the role of the different procedure in the clinical surveillance strategies Follow up session tracks on Ovarian, Endometrial and Cervical Cancers The follow up impact in term of Quality of life for patients treated for gynaecological malignancies. The cost of follow up: a comprehensive overview. Interactive discussion with key opinion leaders Take-home message: guidelines and recommendations for follow up in gynaecological cancers. The conference will be CME accredited.
 Contact Mrs Daniela Toscano; Phone: [+39 011 505900]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Obstetrics/Gynecology
14.Targeting the PI3K-mTOR Network in Cancer
 Dates 14 Sep 2014 → 17 Sep 2014
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 LocationPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
15.ACORD Workshop — Clinical Oncology Research Development Workshop
 Dates 14 Sep 2014 → 20 Sep 2014
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 LocationQueensland, Coolum, Australia
 Abstract The Workshop is committed to strengthening clinical trial design to promote continuing success in oncology research in the Australian and Asia Pacific regions. Led by the Medical Oncology Group of Australia, this commitment to excellence is made possible through the partnership of the American Association for Cancer Research, the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the European Society for Medical Oncology, the Cancer Council Australia and the Clinical Oncological Society of Australia. The Workshop is supported by cancer and health organisations and through educational grants from corporate sponsors.
 Related subject(s) Hematology
16.Integrative Molecular Epidemiology
 Dates 14 Sep 2014 → 20 Sep 2014
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 LocationTampa, Florida, United States
17.Cancer Vaccines
 Dates 15 Sep 2014 → 16 Sep 2014
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 LocationLondon, United Kingdom
 Abstract Cancer Vaccines 2014 provides a unique opportunity for professionals to gather as a community and learn about the latest developments. Hear keynotes from University Pennsylvania, Amgen, Immatics, DanDrit Biotech, Immunicum, CureVac plus many more. This year's programme will feature a mix of case study led presentations, networking opportunities, interactive workshops, and keynote addresses that have been tailored for an audience of professionals working in the cancer vaccine market from drug design through to clinical trials and treatment.
 Topics Cancer, vaccines, combination therapies, adjuvants, chimeric antigen receptors, T cells, CARS, dendritic cells, immunotherapies, tumour, antigens, efficacy, delivery, therapeutic vaccines, immune monitoring, PDL-1, CTLA4, monoclonal antibodies, conference, london
 Contact Sajid Goraya; Phone: [(+44 (0) 207 827 6000)]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Pharmacology and Drug Development
18.18th Annual Meeting - Collaborative Group of the Americas on Inherited Colorectal Cancer
 Dates 15 Sep 2014 → 16 Sep 2014
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 LocationNew Orleans, United States
 Abstract The program will be directed to all caregivers and researchers interested in hereditary colorectal cancer syndromes, including colorectal surgeons, medical oncologists, gastroenterologists, geneticists, nurses, colorectal cancer registry coordinators, genetic counselors, psychologists and other professionals involved in the care of individuals with hereditary colorectal cancer.
 Topics hereditary colorectal cancer, colorectal surgeons, medical oncologists, gastroenterologists, geneticists, nurses, colorectal cancer registry coordinators, genetic counselors, psychologists
 Related subject(s) Gastroenterology
19.Cancer Diagnosis at the Crossroads: Precision Medicine Driving Change
 Dates 15 Sep 2014 → 17 Sep 2014
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 LocationSeattle, WA, United States
 Abstract Tumor collections provide insight into the great variability of cancer, its progression and its response to treatment. Patient xenografts and cell models (PDX) allow researchers to link and integrate information and determine personal variations in cancer molecular profiles. The recent advancements in high-throughput genomics, proteomics and other -omics platforms allow profiling of large numbers of cancer analytes in a single assay. Thus, knowledge of these altered molecular landscapes offers great promise for developing molecular tests to improve cancer diagnosis and optimize treatment. Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Inaugural Cancer Diagnosis at the Crossroads: Precision Medicine Driving Change convenes international oncology experts in the fields of tumor biospecimen research, PDX models, molecular diagnostics/prognostics and pharmacogenomics.
 Topics cancer, oncology, precision medicine, molecular diagnostics, molecular prognostics, pharmacogenomics, cancer diagnosis
 Contact Kris Waterman; Phone: [781-972-5400]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Biotechnology
20.Multimodality Approach to Detection and Diagnosis of Breast Cancer with 8 Hours Tomosynthesis
 Dates 15 Sep 2014 → 18 Sep 2014
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 LocationScottsdale, AZ, United States
 Related subject(s) Radiology: Mammography
21.Workshop 1: Ecology and Evolution of Cancer
 Dates 15 Sep 2014 → 19 Sep 2014
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 LocationMathematical Biosciences, Institute The Ohio State, United States
 Abstract This workshop will bring together cancer researchers and mathematical oncologists as well as ecologists with the aim of understanding how ecological principles can be used to understand cancer, how the mathematical tools used by theoretical ecologists could be used to gain new insights in cancer research and what principles of ecological management could be used to produce new therapies to treat cancer in the clinic.
 Related subject(s) Systems Biology and Computational Biology
22.GCS-2014 — Global Cancer Summit-2014
 Dates 16 Sep 2014 → 18 Sep 2014
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 LocationHyderabad, India
 Abstract The International Cancer conference 2014 program has been developed around a fundamental concept that, Cancer is not a single disease, Specific biological processes and distinct gene pathways are associated with prognosis of the disease and its sensitivity to chemotherapy, radiotherapy and targeted agents in different subtypes of cancers. A primary challenge for future treatment of patients with cancer will be to distinguish genes and pathways that “drive” cancer proliferation from genes and pathways that have no primary role in the development of cancer. The identification of functional pathways that are enriched for mutated genes will select sub-population of patients that will most likely be sensitive to chemotherapy or to biology driven targeted agents, this might help us personalize treatment according to specific subtypes of cancer, in order to maximize efficacy while minimizing the extent of treatment. The detailed understanding of the above said biological process will open new gates for cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment regimes.

One of the most important factors in the survival of cancer patients is detection at an early stage. Clinical assays that detect the early events of cancer offer an opportunity to intervene and prevent cancer progression. Biomarkers are important molecular signatures of the phenotype of a cell that aid in early cancer detection and risk assessment. Although new information and technologies are clearly important for new biomarker discovery, we face major hurdles in translating new findings into clinical application. During this Cancer conference, we discuss examples of recent advances and limitations in cancer biomarker identification and validation, and the implications for cancer prevention.

These continued advancements in cancer therapies are allowing us to tailor the treatment to each individual patient in order to achieve cost effective, best results, fewer side effects and overall better outcomes. This conference will address this very important aspect and pave a platform to amalgamate the basic research and translational sciences.

 Contact Mr.Satish Noolu; Phone: [+9140-47482222]; Email:
23.PCD1 — Cancer Drug Discovery & Preclinical Development Summit
 Dates 17 Sep 2014 → 18 Sep 2014
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 LocationLondon, United Kingdom
 Abstract ACI’s Cancer Drug Discovery & Preclinical Development conference takes place in London, UK on 17th & 18th September 2014. This keystone event will focus on the early stages of cancer drug research, with interactive debate and detailed presentations on a wide range of topics. A diverse range of academic and industry experts will be there to ensure fair and balanced coverage of the latest developments in the field. All this takes place in a friendly environment designed to encourage networking between attendees.
 Topics a) Strategies for the identification of selective kinase inhibitors b) Overcoming mechanisms of drug resistance with new targeted anti-cancer therapies c) New therapeutic targets in epigenetics and newly described metabolic pathways d) DNA-targeted agents as part of a personalised approach to drug discovery e) Methods for establishing pharmacologically safe and effective dose in animal studies f) Engineering antibodies for targeted cancer therapy g) Preparing for exploratory development
 Contact Rohan Baryah; Phone: [0048 61 646 7022]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Pharmacology and Drug Development
24.2nd International Oncology Conference
 Dates 18 Sep 2014 → 19 Sep 2014
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 LocationAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
 Abstract This premier event aims to provide participants with recent updates on controversial issues regarding early detection and prevention of cancer in order to improve the public awareness and to enhance the quality and safety practices of care provided to our population. The Organizing Committee is dedicated to showcase this valuable meeting as the biggest oncology summit ever witnessed in the UAE, with the best scientific deliberations, eminent faculty and a gathering of 500 physicians, researchers, academics, medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists, haematologists and pathologists, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and health professionals practitioners from the UAE and the region.
 Contact MENA Conference ; Phone: [97124919888]; Email:
25.GALEN Advanced Course — Oncologic Imaging
 Dates 18 Sep 2014 → 19 Sep 2014
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 LocationGeneva, Switzerland
 Organizer European School of Radiology (ESOR)
 Related subject(s) Radiology (in general)
26.Together against skin cancer — 1st Euro-Asian Melanoma Congress
 Dates 18 Sep 2014 → 21 Sep 2014
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 LocationSarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Abstract This congress constitutes a great opportunity to share knowledge with researchers and clinicians of international scientific reputation. The congress addresses to the whole field of melanoma and non melanoma skin cancers. Also, you will have opportunity to join workshops in field of dermoscopy, dermatosurgery and dermatopathology
 Topics Melanoma & Non – melanoma Skin Cancer: •Preventive actions •Epidemiology characteristic •Diagnostics •Surgical procedures •Genetics •Treatments •Follow-up •Case reports Free topics: •Precancerosis (treatmens:cryosurgery and topical options), •Melanocytic Nevi (new classification, recommendation for follow up) •Other skin tumors
 Contact Prof Reuf Karabeg , Dr Hana Helppikangas , Dr Dragana Starovic; Email:
 Related subject(s) Dermatology; Surgery
27.Perspectives in Melanoma XVIII
 Dates 19 Sep 2014 → 20 Sep 2014
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 LocationDublin, Ireland
28.AACR Hematologic Malignancies Conference
 Dates 20 Sep 2014 → 23 Sep 2014
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 LocationPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
 Organizer American Association for Cancer Research
 Related subject(s) Hematology
29.AACR Melanoma Conference
 Dates 20 Sep 2014 → 23 Sep 2014
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 LocationPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
 Organizer American Association for Cancer Research
 Related subject(s) Dermatology
30.Biology and Treatment of Metastatic Cancers
 Dates 23 Sep 2014 → 26 Sep 2014
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 LocationEl Jadida, Morocco
 Organizer Fusion Conferences
 Dates 24 Sep 2014 → 26 Sep 2014
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 LocationRome, Italy
 Abstract The exploitation of the immune system to fight tumours has huge potential, but it still represents a challenge to be overcome. New information has been recently gathered on: the role of the tumour microenvironment as a major factor in determining the immunotherapy outcome; the exploitation of comparative oncology to predict immunotherapy effectiveness; and the potentialities of various vaccination strategies. Moreover, initial positive clinical results are becoming apparent. These new acquisitions will be the focus of PIVAC 14.
 Topics Microenvironment, Comparative oncology, Peptide-based vaccines, DNA-based vaccines, ACT, adoptive cell therapy, Electrotransfer, immunology, cancer vaccines
 Contact Kathryn Wass; Email:
32.Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research International Conference
 Dates 28 Sep 2014 → 01 Oct 2014
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 LocationNew Orleans, Louisiana, United States
33.New developments in Cancer Biologics
 Dates 29 Sep 2014 → 30 Sep 2014
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 LocationCambridge, United Kingdom
 Abstract Several leading scientists, CSOs, Engineers and academic Professors, all distinguished in their fields, will give presentations and share their knowledge and discuss with you topics of mutual interest. The meeting will address several leading edge advances
 Topics • Emerging therapeutic approaches • Exploiting the immune system and stromal therapy • Bispecific Approaches for therapy • Targeting of drugs for cancer therapy • Novel therapeutic Antibodies • Future advances in novel biologics platform
 Contact Dr G Subramanian ; Email:
 Related subject(s) Biotechnology
34.MBI Boot Camp: How to Simulate and Analyze Your Cancer Models with COPASI
 Dates 29 Sep 2014 → 01 Oct 2014
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 LocationMathematical Biosciences Institute, The Ohio State, United States
 Abstract Mathematical models typically start out in simple form. One writes down a few differential equations, estimates the parameters, explores the output, and checks to see if it can predict behavior reasonably well. After that, the process begins to take on a life of its own. Since the model is greatly abstracted and simplified, it captures some aspects of the system, but fails in others, so new variables and more inputs are added. Alternative mechanisms are investigated. At some point, the question arises: How can one tell if this is a good model?
 Related subject(s) Applied Mathematics (in general); Systems Biology and Computational Biology
35.EMBO Workshop — Cancer stem cells 20 years later: Achievements, controversies, emerging concepts and technologies
 Dates 03 Oct 2014 → 06 Oct 2014
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 LocationCatanzaro, Italy
 Topics Molecular Medicine, Cell Cycle
 COMS online registration
 Related subject(s) Molecular Biology
36.9th International Conference of Anticancer Research
 Dates 06 Oct 2014 → 10 Oct 2014
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 LocationSithonia, Greece
 Abstract The purpose of the Anticancer Research Conferences is to exchange scientific information worldwide and to discuss recent advances in both broad and specialized areas of experimental and clinical cancer research. International Scientific and Medical Societies are invited to participate in the Conference by organizing specialized sessions. This initiative presents a forum for inter-Society communication allowing the organization and coordination of international activities on cancer. Special sessions will be devoted to the discussion and arrangement of international cooperation projects and activities, encompassing the aims of the International Institute of Anticancer Research.
 Topics Oncogenes; tumor suppressor genes; growth factors; signal transduction, Molecular and cellular biology of cancer, Cancer stem cells, Cancer cell differentiation, Cancer genomics, Microarray technology, Cancer proteomics, Cancer systems biology and signaling, Cancer metabolism and autophagy, Apoptosis, Carcinogenesis
 Contact Dr. John G. Delinasios; Phone: [(0030 22950 53389)]; Email:
37.MIRCS — Multidisciplinary International Rectal Cancer Society
 Dates 09 Oct 2014 → 10 Oct 2014
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 LocationPhiladelphia, United States
 Abstract The Multidisciplinary International Rectal Cancer Society (MIRCS) Annual Scientific Meeting addresses the need to bring diverse disciplines involved in treating the rectal cancer patient into a forum with the aim of developing integrated treatment guidelines necessary for maximizing the quality of life for all those with or at risk of having rectal cancer.
 Topics CROSS SECTIONAL IMAGING, TUMOR STAGING, Computerized Tomography, Magnetic Resonance, Positron Emission Tomography (PET)/Computerized Tomography (CT) Imaging, Magnetic Resonance (MR) Imaging, Endosonography, Standard Laparoscopic Anterior Resection, Classical Laparoscopic Transanal Abdominal Radical, Proctosigmoidectomy with Descending Coloanal Anastomosis (TATA), Abdominal Perineal Resection (APR), Robotic Radical Rectal Resection, Bottoms-Up Laparoscopic Partial Proctectomy, Bottoms-Up Laparoscopic Incisionless TATA, Single-Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS), Neoadjuvant Radiotherapy, Pelvic Exenteration
 Contact Kim Kirchner , Registration Coordinator , Global Academy for Medical Education ; Phone: [(502) 574-9023]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Surgery; Gastroenterology
38.International Cancer Imaging Society: Society Meeting 2014
 Dates 09 Oct 2014 → 11 Oct 2014
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 LocationHeidelberg, Germany
 Related subject(s) Radiology (in general)
39.19th World Congress on Advances in Oncology and 17th International Symposium on Molecular Medicine
 Dates 09 Oct 2014 → 11 Oct 2014
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 LocationAthens, Greece
 Related subject(s) Medicine (in general); Molecular Biology
40.ACI2014 — Advances in Cancer Immunotherapies 2014
 Dates 15 Oct 2014 → 16 Oct 2014
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 LocationSingapore, Singapore
 Abstract ASTRIK’s Advances in Cancer Immunotherapies 2014 looks at key market drivers and factors impacting growth on the adoption of immunotherapy strategies, and how its expanding use against cancer is delivering healthcare solutions that hold new therapeutic promises for cancer patients. ACI2014’s stellar panel of speakers from the biomedical research, healthcare and biopharmaceutical sectors will discuss the latest and future developments in immunotherapy research; review the therapeutic potentials of cancer immunotherapies and targeted therapies; and examine the challenges as well as opportunities accompanying this new generation of innovative biopharmaceuticals fuelling growth in the oncology market.
 Topics Cancer Immunotherapies Targeted Therapies Antibodies Vaccines
 Contact Rikki Tay; Phone: [+65 6853 9156]; Email:
41.GHQ — Pan GHQ Medical Conference
 Dates 16 Oct 2014 → 18 Oct 2014
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 LocationAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
 Abstract Under the patronage of Abu Dhabi Police GHQ, the Pan GHQ Medical Conference 2014 on Women’s Health is held in Jumeirah Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi, UAE on the 16-18th of October, 2014. The integrated three-day conference will hold integrated topics in Dermatology, Gynecology & Obstetrics and Internal Medicine.
 Topics General Practitioners, Family Medicine Physicians, Internal Medicine Physicians, Dentists, Dermatologists, Laser Specialists, Endocrinologists, Gynecologists, Obstetricians, Surgeons, Oncologists, Family Physicians, Nurses
 Contact DiaEdu Management Consultancy; Phone: [+971 50 9299239]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Dermatology; Obstetrics/Gynecology
42.SIS 2014 — The 18th SIS World Congress on Breast Healthcare
 Dates 16 Oct 2014 → 19 Oct 2014
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 LocationOrlando, United States
 Abstract The 18th SIS World Congress on Breast Healthcare discusses the latest research and techniques in breast healthcare and aims to improve the quality of life of those battling with breast cancer and breast related diseases, including epidemiology, prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, nursing, technicians and advocates.
 Topics Senology, Breast disease, Diagnostic Radiology, Healthcare Administration, Epidemiology, Imaging Technologies, Internal Medicine, Medical Genetics, Medical Oncology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Oncology Nursing, Pathology, Pharmacy, Psychology, Radiation Oncology, Social Services, Surgery and Surgical Oncology.
 Contact Raquel Lewis ; Phone: [+41 22 908 0488]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Surgery
43.4th World Congress on Cancer Science & Therapy
 Dates 20 Oct 2014 → 22 Oct 2014
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 LocationSkokie, United States
 Abstract With the overwhelming success from Cancerscience-2013, OMICS Group officially welcomes you to attend the 4th World Congress on Cancer Science & Therapy during October 20-22, 2014 at Chicago, USA. Cancerscience-2014, will focus the latest and exciting innovations in every area of cancer science research, and it will offer a unique opportunity for investigators from all over the world to meet, network, and perceive new scientific interactions. This year’s Annual congress theme, “New approaches in diagnosis, treatment, and management of cancers” reflects the emerging progress being made in cancer research as discoveries in the lab are translated into treatments in an increasingly targeted and precise manner.
 Topics Cancer Cell Biology, Diagnostic and Prognostic Cancer Biomarkers, Organ-Specific Cancers, Cancer Genetics, Drug Development and Diagnostics
 Contact Phone: [6502689744]
44.iMig2014 — 12th International Mesothelioma Interest Group Conference
 Dates 21 Oct 2014 → 24 Oct 2014
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 LocationCape Town, South Africa
 Abstract The 12th International Mesothelioma Interest Group Conference – the world’s premier medical congress on mesothelioma will take place in Cape Town, South Africa from 21 - 24 October 2014. Our theme is the ongoing quest for cure. It will be hosted by the South African Mesothelioma Interest Group (SAMIG), and held at the Cape Town International Conference Centre (CTICC) which is optimally situated in the city bowl, with the Table Mountain amphitheatre as the backdrop and the spectacular Waterfront on its doorstep.
 Topics iMig, Mesothelioma, South African Mesothelioma Interest Group, International Mesothelioma Interest Group Conference, Cape Town, South Africa, Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Thoracic Surgery, Pulmonology, Radiology, Pathology, Epidemiology, Basic Laboratory Research, Oncology Nurses, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Social advocacy, Asbestos, SAMIG
 Contact Centeq Events; Phone: [+27 21 948 9549]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Radiology (in general); Pulmonology
45.SIOP 2014 — 46th Congress of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology
 Dates 22 Oct 2014 → 25 Oct 2014
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 LocationToronto, Canada
 Abstract SIOP 2014 promises to attract acclaimed experts from around the world in the field of paediatric oncology. A stimulating scientific programme will facilitate an exchange of ideas and information.
 Topics paediatrics, pediatrics, oncology, pediatric oncology, SIOP
 Contact Linda Friedman ; Phone: [+41 22 908 0488]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Pediatrics
46.Translational Cancer Research for Basic Scientists Workshop
 Dates 26 Oct 2014 → 31 Oct 2014
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 LocationBoston, Massachusetts, United States
47.8th Alpine Meeting: Current and Future Challenges of Innovative Oncology Drug Development
 Dates 29 Oct 2014 → 31 Oct 2014
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 LocationTelfs-Buchen/Innsbruck, Austria
 Abstract Meeting between experts from academia, regulatory authorities and pharmaceutical industry to discuss the latest challenges in oncology drug development. Some topics discussed at the Alpine Meeting will lead to workshops over the year.
 Topics Progresses in outcomes of cancer treatment, Novel approaches to immuno-oncology, Choice of endpoints and surrogates, Choice of comparators, Combination of innovative therapy, Experiences in clinical trials driven by genomics, FDA Breakthrough designation : what is there for the patients? Can we 'import' it in the EU?, Clinical benefit assessment
 Contact Marjorie Recorbet ; Phone: [+32 27750215]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Pharmacology and Drug Development
48.ESSO 34 - BASO 2014 — 34th Congress of the European Society of Surgical oncology in partnership with BASO 2014
 Dates 29 Oct 2014 → 31 Oct 2014
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 LocationLiverpool, United Kingdom
 Abstract ESSO 34 - BASO 2014 is a unique event: the Congress is held in joint partnership to mark the historical relationship between ESSO and BASO, and expects to attract over 1200 surgeons from around the globe.
 Topics surgical oncology, cancer patient treatment, cancer patient care,
 Contact Phone: [+32 2 775 0201]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Surgery
49.AICR 2014 — AICR 2014 Annual Research Conference on Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer
 Dates 29 Oct 2014 → 31 Oct 2014
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 LocationWashington, DC, United States
 Abstract The American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) Annual Research Conference is a unique forum that brings together researchers and clinicians for a program that is dedicated to increasing knowledge, stimulating research and promoting prevention and treatment of cancer through nutrition, physical activity and weight management.
 Contact AICR Research Department; Phone: [(202-328-7744)]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Biology
50.UCC — UAE Cancer Conress 2014
 Dates 30 Oct 2014 → 01 Nov 2014
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 LocationDubai, United Arab Emirates
51.UAECC 2014 — UAE Cancer Congress 2014
 Dates 30 Oct 2014 → 01 Nov 2014
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 LocationDubai, United Arab Emirates
 Abstract The UAE Cancer Congress is in its 5th year and will bring together all specialties in the management of cancer, providing an excellent platform for participants to meet, network and share their expertise with peers from around the world. The congress also promotes the principle of multidisciplinary care of patients suffering from cancer, enhanced with evidence based medicine with the ultimate goal of promoting best practices within the field. This year will see didactic educational lectures which will incorporate challenging case presentations and debates with active audience participation. This year’s congress also features a Master course on Head & Neck oncology.
 Topics Advances in Imaging and Cancer Updates in GI Oncology Multidisciplinary Approach to Breast Cancer Management Updates in Lung Cancer Bone Health and Cancer Advances in Hematological Malignancies Breast Surgical Oncology Workshop Oncology Nursing Workshops Head & Neck Master Course
 Related subject(s) Surgery; Radiology (in general)
52.Chicago Multidisciplinary Symposium in Thoracic Oncology
 Dates 31 Oct 2014 → 02 Nov 2014
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 LocationChicago, Illinois, United States
 Dates 02 Nov 2014 → 05 Nov 2014
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 LocationBerlin, Germany
 Abstract This EACR meeting addresses advances in creating more representative, complex in vitro models: from simple and complex 3D spheroids, to tissue slices and engineered tissues. It will provide a forum to review recent advances and to discuss the challenge of creating reductionist in vitro models of complex biology. Opened by a pioneer of 3D cell culture, Mina Bissell, and concluded by Don Ingber, director of the Wyss Institute for Tissue Engineering, the programme features presentations from academia, industry and biotechnology companies.
 Topics simple and complex 3D assays, Tissue slices, Tissue engineering, Mechano-biology, Tumour-host interactions, Angiogenesis revisited, Matrix biology, Therapeutic opportunities, toxicology, 3D cell culture
 Contact Kathryn Wass; Email:
54.CHEMOTHERAPY FOUNDATION SYMPOSIUM: Innovative Cancer Therapy for Tomorrow®
 Dates 05 Nov 2014 → 07 Nov 2014
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 LocationNew York, United States
 Abstract CHEMOTHERAPY FOUNDATION SYMPOSIUM, Innovative Cancer Therapy for Tomorrow®, is a CME accredited educational activity jointly presented by the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and the Chemotherapy Foundation, a non-profit organization supporting cancer research, in collaboration with The Tisch Cancer Institute. Founded in 1972 by Ezra Greenspan, we continue to bring the groundbreaking advances spearheading progress in cancer therapeutics to community and academic practitioners. Leading oncologist and hematologist investigators will report on new regimens, clinical trials and emerging therapeutic advances in common cancer types.
 Topics Cancer, Chemotherapy, Oncology, Hematology, Breast Cancer, Gynecological Oncology, Surgical Oncologists, Pediatric Oncology, Radiotherapy, Immunology, Oncology Nurses, Case Managers, Pharmacists
 Contact Phone: [212 866 2813]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Hematology; Pharmacology and Drug Development
55.BCY2 — 2nd Breast Cancer in Young Women Conference
 Dates 06 Nov 2014 → 07 Nov 2014
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 LocationTel Aviv, Israel
 Topics Hereditary breast cancer , Diagnostic tools in young women , Local therapy , Systemic therapy , Pregnancy and breast cancer , Fertility preservation , Psychosocial aspects , Management of side effects , Case discussions
 Contact Roberta Ventura ; Phone: [+39 02 85464532]; Email:
56.IGCS 2014 — 15th Biennial Meeting of the International Gynecologic Cancer Society
 Dates 08 Nov 2014 → 11 Nov 2014
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 LocationMelbourne, Australia
 Abstract Following the tradition of previous meetings, IGCS 2014 will provide you with the opportunity to learn about the latest clinical advances as well as international developments in research, practice and treatment for the holistic care of women with gynaecological cancer.
 Topics gynecological cancer, gynecology, gynecologic oncology, obgyn, oncology, obstetrics, endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, ob/gyn
 Contact Raquel Louis; Phone: [+41 22 908 0488]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Obstetrics/Gynecology
57.CSHC — Cell Symposium: Hallmarks of Cancer: Asia
 Dates 09 Nov 2014 → 11 Nov 2014
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 LocationBeijing, China
 Abstract As one of the most investigated areas in biomedical research, the cancer field is rapidly advancing by translating biological insights towards better detection and therapeutics, including molecular classifications as well as immunotherapies. In the era of the genetically informed, emerging concepts in cancer biology and oncology research are colliding into precision medicine. In order to accelerate the development of personalized cancer therapies and further translate fundamental discoveries into the clinic, there must be open lines of communication at the interface between the lab and the clinic. Our goal in organizing this Cell Symposium, Hallmarks of Cancer: Asia, is to convene global leaders in the cancer research arena to enhance our understanding of the key aspects of cancer and how to promote translation of this knowledge into the development of targeted therapeutics. We aim to provide a high-impact, high-profile forum for exchanging ideas and establishing a dialogue amongst clinicians, scientists and drug development companies.
 Topics Understanding cancer hallmarks - new frontiers, Cancer hallmarks as therapeutic targets, Tumor immunology and immunotherapy, Clinical progress and obstacles, Managing cancer in the “omics” era
 Related subject(s) Molecular Biology
58.MBI Workshop on Cancer and the Immune System
 Dates 17 Nov 2014 → 21 Nov 2014
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 LocationMathematical Biosciences Institute, The Ohio State, United States
 Abstract The present workshop will bring together cancer biologists and mathematical modelers to review the state of present knowledge and explore future directions. It will also provide an environment that will encourage communication and new contacts among the biologists and mathematicians. Formal lecture and informal discussions will articulate future directions where mathematical models can significantly enhance understanding of the complex relations between tumor cells and the immune cells, and suggest novel approaches to therapy.
 Related subject(s) Systems Biology and Computational Biology
59.EORTC-NCI-AACR 2014 — 26th EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium on 'Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics'
 Dates 18 Nov 2014 → 21 Nov 2014
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 LocationBarcelona, Spain
 Abstract The Symposium presents a unique opportunity to meet with academics and scientists in the field of drug discovery and targets in cancer all under one roof. A presence at this event also helps to raise the profile of your organisation and brand as well as generate new opportunities with suppliers and other organisations who are exhibiting at the symposium.
 Topics drug development, target selection, molecular biology, cancer therapeutics, molecular targets
 Contact Phone: [+32 2 775 0201]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Pharmacology and Drug Development; Molecular Biology
60.MBC 2014 — 4th Munich Biomarker Conference
 Dates 25 Nov 2014 → 26 Nov 2014
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 LocationMunich, Germany
 Abstract The Munich Biomarker Conference is organized by the networking agency BioM and brings together international experts from biotech and pharma industry with scientists and physicians. The programme covers all stages of biomarker development, from basic research to personalized treatment of patients. A focus lies on the translation of academic research findings into industry-driven drug development. A second core topic is the realization of individualized treatment in the standard of care. How can clinical processes, data management and reimbursement be adjusted to unleash the potential of personalized medicine? Strategies to overcome current limitations and possible solutions are discussed.
 Topics Latest technologies for biomarker discovery, Biomarker identification and validation, Translation of biomarker, research into the clinic, Big data management, Companion diagnostics development, Co-development business models, Design of clinical studies with biomarkers, Virtual clinical studies, Regulatory and reimbursement strategie
 Related subject(s) Pharmacology and Drug Development; Molecular Biology
61.AACR Tumor Immunology Conference
 Dates 01 Dec 2014 → 04 Dec 2014
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 LocationOrlando, Florida, United States
 Organizer American Association for Cancer Research
62.Advances in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation’s Clinical & Research Conference
 Dates 05 Dec 2014 → 06 Dec 2014
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 LocationOrlando, Florida, United States
 Related subject(s) Gastroenterology
63.The 2014 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium
 Dates 09 Dec 2014 → 13 Dec 2014
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 LocationSan Antonio, Texas, United States
 Related subject(s) Radiology: Mammography
64.IGICC 2014 — 4th International Gastrointestinal Cancers Conference
 Dates 12 Dec 2014 → 14 Dec 2014
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 LocationIstanbul, Turkey
 Abstract 4th International Gastrointestinal Cancers Conference (IGICC 2014) will take place between11 - 14 December 2014 in Istanbul, the most preferred destination for medical conferences in Turkey. The delegates will gain a greater understanding of current clinical practices in gastrointestinal malignancies with lectures by high profile international speakers, presentations of cutting-edge research and clinical practice, clinical case discussions, seminars and a wide range of submitted papers. IGICC will create opportunities for participants to present and share experiences, explore new directions and debate topics with international experts.
 Contact Phone: [+90 312 440 50 11]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Gastroenterology
65.AIM Workshop: Tumor-immune dynamics
 Dates 05 Jan 2015 → 09 Jan 2015
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 LocationAmerican Institute of Mathematics, Palo Alto, United States
 Abstract This workshop, sponsored by AIM and the NSF, will be devoted to mathematical and computational modeling of tumor-immune dynamics.
 Related subject(s) Systems Biology and Computational Biology
66.Keystone Symposia: Integrating Metabolism and Tumor Biology
 Dates 13 Jan 2015 → 18 Jan 2015
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 LocationVancouver, BC, Canada
 Abstract Metabolic reprogramming is a hallmark of cancer. Work in recent years has demonstrated extensive interconnectivity between oncogenic signaling pathways and intermediate metabolism. Emerging principles regarding the influence of the tumor microenvironment on cellular metabolism will be discussed in detail, as will new progress toward exploiting metabolic reprogramming to image and treat cancer. The meeting will be partnered with a meeting on PI 3-Kinase Signaling Pathways in Disease, providing a fertile environment for exchange of ideas between these two highly connected fields.
 Topics tumor metabolism, tumor biology, cancer, cell biology, biochemistry, metabolic diseases
 Contact Attendee Services; Phone: [970-262-1230 or 800-253-0865]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Biology
67.Keystone Symposia: PI 3-Kinase Signaling Pathways in Disease
 Dates 13 Jan 2015 → 18 Jan 2015
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 LocationVancouver, BC, Canada
 Abstract The PI3K-Akt-mTOR signaling pathway is one of the primary mechanisms for controlling cell growth, survival, and motility in response to intracellular signaling and extracellular cues. This meeting brings together scientists and clinicians from academia and industry to discuss the opportunities and liabilities of targeting the PI3K and related pathways in disease, drawing on human pathophysiology and genetics, preclinical models and clinical data with PI3K pathway inhibitors. A joint meeting on Integrating Metabolism and Tumor Biology will enhance opportunities for interdisciplinary interactions.
 Topics biochemistry, cancer, immunology, cell biology, drug discovery
 Contact Attendee Services; Phone: [970-262-1230 or 800-253-0865]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Biology; Biochemistry and Medicinal Chemistry, Toxicology
68.Keystone Symposia: Epigenetics and Cancer
 Dates 25 Jan 2015 → 30 Jan 2015
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 LocationKeystone, CO, United States
 Abstract Cancer epigenetics is a new and rapidly developing area of research. This Keystone Symposia meeting on Epigenetics and Cancer aims to bring together scientists who are interested in understanding the connections between basic epigenetic pathways and the process of cancer. The meeting highlights the mechanisms by which epigenetic pathways control various biological processes and the connections between epigenetic pathways and cancer, thus providing a forum for the interchange of information and knowhow between the two converging fields of cancer research and epigenetics.
 Topics cancer, epigenetics, drug discovery, molecular biology, genetics, genomics, basic mechanisms
 Contact Attendee Services; Phone: [970-262-1230 or 800-253-0865]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Molecular Biology; Genomics and Bioinformatics
69.MBI Workshop on Tumor Heterogeneity and the Microenvironment
 Dates 02 Feb 2015 → 06 Feb 2015
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 LocationMathematical Biosciences Institute, The Ohio State, United States
 Abstract Most solid tumors present as dense fibrotic masses, which suggests that fibroblasts contribute to tumor growth by infiltrating and depositing extracellular matrix proteins. Fibroblasts act in wound healing, angiogenesis and tissue remodeling by releasing growth factors and proteases such as matrix metalloproteinases. Therefore, if the growing tumor can co-opt such fibroblasts it has an unlimited source of many of the fundamental elements required for growth and invasion. The two central themes of this workshop are: - Heterogeneity (be it phenotypic, signaling or genotypic), and - Microenvironment (ECM, nutrients, fibroblasts and immune cells). Since a highly heterogeneous tumor has the potential to adapt to any microenvironment, understanding how interactions between the growing tumor and its microenvironment modulate tumor heterogeneity is critical to unraveling the mechanisms of cancer initiation.
 Related subject(s) Molecular Biology
70.EUROGIN 2015 — EUROGIN 2015
 Dates 04 Feb 2015 → 07 Feb 2015
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 LocationSeville, Spain
 Abstract The EUROGIN 2015 Congress aims at developing a full review of current scientific developments in the field of cervical cancer and human papillomavirus related diseases, raising the public health profile and increasing the need for responsible health services in this area.
 Topics OBGYN, STI – sexualy transmitted infectious, HPV, DERMA, Proctology, Head & Neck, oncology, Cythology/Phatology, Epidemology, Virology, Vaccination, Infectious
 Contact Phone: [972-3-566-6166]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Obstetrics/Gynecology; Otolaryngology
71.Gynecologic Oncology Group
 Dates 05 Feb 2015 → 08 Feb 2015
[ID=615264] Go to top of page
 LocationSan Diego, California, United States
 Related subject(s) Obstetrics/Gynecology
 Dates 05 Mar 2015 → 07 Mar 2015
[ID=614421] Go to top of page
 LocationRome, Italy
 Topics HPV infection and cervical cancer, Cervical cancer screening around the world, HPV vaccination, Challenges in colposcopy, Molecular tests in cytopathology lab, LBC & Automation, Cervical cytopathology : the old and the new, Low genital tract infections and cervical cancer screening, Contraceptives and cervical cancer, The great debates: clinical and pathology perspective, Management of CIN, Issues in colposcopy, Multifocal disease, Classification and quality control in cervical cytopathology, Diagnosis in cytopathology, Legal questions, Training course in colposcopy, Training course in cytopathology, Posters & Communications
 Contact Organizing Secretariat – Triumph C.&C. Srl ; Phone: [+39 06 35530382]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Obstetrics/Gynecology; Urology
73.APCCC — Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference
 Dates 12 Mar 2015 → 14 Mar 2015
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 LocationSt.Gallen, Switzerland
 Topics Prostate Cancer, Radiation Oncology, Oncology Treatment
 Weblink http://
 Contact Nicole Schenk, Admin Oncology, Kantonsspital, CH 9007 St.Gallen; Phone: [0041 71 494 2922]; Email: Contact:
 Related subject(s) Urology; Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Therapy
74.MBI Workshop on Targeting Cancer Cell Proliferation and Metabolism Networks
 Dates 23 Mar 2015 → 27 Mar 2015
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 LocationMathematical Biosciences Institute, The Ohio State, United States
 Abstract This workshop will encompass a mix of experimentalists and mathematicians. Ideally, the former will be engaged on the production of large datasets on cancer cell proliferation, both at the cell population and single-cell level, and in response to microenvironment perturbations including anti-proliferative drugs. The latter will focus on mathematical models of proliferation and metabolism at several scales, including genetic, signaling and cellular, including a focus on the ability of cancer cell populations to regenerate and reprogram in response to hostile microenvironment and to targeted treatment, ultimately persisting in their proliferative state. Multi-scale models connecting the growth of cultured cancer cells and/or individual tumors to epidemiological data will also be considered. Although tumor growth and cancer cell proliferation have been modeled mathematically for decades, adequate datasets have been scarce and fragmentary due to experimental limitations.
 Related subject(s) Systems Biology and Computational Biology
75.AACR Annual Meeting
 Dates 18 Apr 2015 → 22 Apr 2015
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 LocationPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
 Organizer American Association for Cancer Research
76.Gynecologic Oncology Group
 Dates 15 Jul 2015 → 19 Jul 2015
[ID=615251] Go to top of page
 LocationDenver, Colorado, United States
 Related subject(s) Obstetrics/Gynecology
77.Biomarkers-2015 — 6th International Conference on Biomarkers & Clinical Research
 Dates 31 Aug 2015 → 02 Sep 2015
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 LocationToronto, Canada
 Abstract Team Biomarkers opens up the 6th chapter and call upon the medical, clinical and life science researchers towards taking the biomolecular signature set to a probable therapeutic discovery. The thematic blend of past scientific conferences has uplayered the importance of taking the Laboratory research to the industry. Biomarkers-2015 will have the theme “Lab to Industry as Biosignatures to Therapeutic Discovery”. Biomarkers-2015 is aiming to ground healthcare industry developers, academic researchers and organizational scientists from the expertise of Biomarkers Development to help pave the needed scientific avenue for the productive information exchange towards technological advancements.
 Topics biomarkers, clinical research, clinical trials, clinical biomarkers, cancer biomarkers, blood biomarkers, microarray technologies, microarray data analysis, genomics & proteomics, functional genomics, transcriptomics, biomolecular imaging, fluorescent biomarkers, miRNA and siRNA, drug discovery, disease diagnosis and prognosis, biomarkers of exposure and response, epigenetic biomarkers
 Contact Michael Smith for Biomarkers-2014 Clinical Conferences OMICS Group Inc. 2360 Corporate Circle Suite 400, Henderson NV 89074-7722, USA; Phone: [1-888-843-8169]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Genomics and Bioinformatics; Biotechnology
78.WCLC 2015 — 16th World Conference on Lung Cancer
 Dates 06 Sep 2015 → 09 Sep 2015
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 LocationDenver, United States
 Abstract While much encouragement and progress is going on these days in the lung cancer field, both with screening as well as treatment, the disease is still a huge global health problem. The Conference will address all aspects from tobacco policy/prevention to biology and treatment progress of all stages of lung cancer.

The 16th World Conference on Lung Cancer will be one of the largest international gatherings of clinicians and scientists in the field of lung cancer and thoracic malignancies. Those interested in all aspects of lung cancer including surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pulmonologists, radiologists, pathologists, epidemiologists, basic research scientists are encouraged to attend this Conference.

 Topics tobacco policy, NSCLC, SCLC, lung cancer, thoracic malignancy, screening, early detection, thymoma, mesothelioma, nursing, advocacy, palliative care
 Contact Grit Schoenherr , International Conference Services Ltd. ; Phone: [+1] 604 638 3864]; Email:
 Related subject(s) Pulmonology
79.World Conference on Lung Cancer
 Dates 06 Sep 2015 → 10 Sep 2015
[ID=615250] Go to top of page
 LocationDenver, Colorado, United States
 Related subject(s) Pulmonology
80.AACR Annual Meeting
 Dates 16 Apr 2016 → 20 Apr 2016
[ID=615304] Go to top of page
 LocationNew Orleans, Louisiana, United States
 Organizer American Association for Cancer Research

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