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Tagungen und Workshops zum Thema Dermatologie stellt der Öffentlichkeit ein Kalendarium wichtiger Konferenzen, Symposien und sonstiger Tagungen im wissenschaftlich-technischen Bereich zur Verfügung. Obwohl das Verzeichnis mit großer Sorgfalt zusammengestellt und ständig aktualisiert wird, weisen wir auf die Möglichkeit von Fehlern ausdrücklich hin. Bitte vergewissern Sie sich immer beim Veranstalter, bevor Sie über die Teilnahme oder Nichtteilnahme an einer Konferenz entscheiden.

Organisatoren können kostenlos ihre Konferenzankündigungen veröffentlichen.


1.PSOFUTURE — New Directions from the Eternal City
 Termin 09. Apr 2015 → 11. Apr 2015
[ID=658262] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtRom, Italien
 Zusammenfassung This meeting will be a unique opportunity to increase our knowledge on Psoriasis and related disorders, hosting worldwide known opinion leaders whose research has been focused on Psoriasis for many years.
 Themen Psoriasis
 Kontakt Francesca Deviach , ARISTEA ; Tel.: [+3906845431]; Email:
2.SCOPE-2015 — SCOPE's 15th Annual Meeting
 Termin 09. Apr 2015 → 12. Apr 2015
[ID=646259] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtWien, Österreich
 Zusammenfassung The “SCOPE meetings” have become major meetings for clinicians and basic scientists working in the challenging fields of cutaneous problems (e.g. skin cancer and skin infections) in organ transplant recipients.After fruitful meetings in Berlin, Lyon, London, Stockholm, Barcelona, Dublin, Venice, Thessaloniki, Oslo, Dundee, Istanbul and Gdansk, we are now meeting in Leiden, The Netherlands for SCOPE´s 14 year anniversary.

The Congress will cover all aspects of skin problems in organ transplant recipients and ways of intervention and treatment. Invited lectures will be given by experienced researchers in this specific field. The participants are invited to submit an abstract of which the most interesting will be selected for oral presentation.

 Verwandte Fachgebiete Medizin (allgem.); Physiologie des Menschen
3.4th World Congress of Dermoscopy
 Termin 16. Apr 2015 → 18. Apr 2015
[ID=650762] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtWien, Österreich
 Zusammenfassung It is my great pleasure as congress president to welcome you to the 4 th World Congress of Dermoscopy to be held in Vienna, Austria, from April 16–18, 2015. An exciting and diverse scientific program is being currently organized by the committee. The congress will appropriately consider all aspects of skin imaging, from dermatoscopy to confocal microscopy. The main topics will be amongst others early recognition and treatment of all forms of skin cancer (melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer) and in vivo imaging of inflammatory skin diseases. Addressing these issues will be a superior faculty of speakers drawn from Europe, the U.S., Canada, South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. I have no doubt that this meeting will be an outstanding event, both professionally and emotionally.
 Verwandte Fachgebiete Onkologie
4.2nd European Congress on Tattoo and Pigment Research 2015
 Termin 28. Apr 2015 → 30. Apr 2015
[ID=651510] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtBrügge, Belgien
 Zusammenfassung The 2nd ECTP congress held in Brugge in April 2015 is organised to present cutting edge research on tattoos and industrial pigments ranging from basic research to clinical research including health aspects and social sciences. The congress invites chemists, biologists, physicists, toxicologists, formulation scientists, medical doctors including dermatologists and plastic surgeons, epidemiologists, sociologists and experts working with regulatory affairs to attend and to contribute with their presentations. The research object tattoos, pigments, skin and health was neglected in the past. The 1st congress held in Copenhagen in November 2013 was a historical start up and establishment of a platform for achievements in recognition of the obvious knowledge and performance gap of the field relative to the fact that several millions of Europeans are tattooed with chemical substances and products of widely unknown specification, purity and sterility exposing them to uncertainty and risks. Such situation carries known and undiscovered hazardous health effects. The 2nd congress in Brugge follows up on the achievements in Copenhagen by offering an excellent scientific programme on the latest research in the field.
5.Global Academy for Medical Education's 5th Annual Summit in Aesthetic Medicine
 Termin 05. Jun 2015 → 06. Jun 2015
[ID=711452] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtDana Point, Vereinigte Staaten
 Zusammenfassung Don’t miss the 5th Annual Summit in Aesthetic Medicine. This two-day CME conference features a balance between the science and business of aesthetic medicine with a focus on problem solving. The program consists of outstanding faculty not only known for their skills in aesthetic medicine, but also in their ability to discuss various topics in an energetic and compelling way. All talks will be substantial in current content, yet brief and pithy, allowing the majority of the time to be devoted to discussion. This is a conference for all who wish to learn and contribute as well as take away key pearls that are immediately useful in your practice.New for 2015 is our live Prosection Demonstration session where our faculty experts in facial anatomy will demonstrate tissue planes, anatomic landmarks, and danger zones all in wide-screen live video.
 Themen fillers, aesthetics, lasers. facelift, skin rejuvenation, fat grafting, prosection, resurfacing, facial volumization, cellulite, hair growth, body contouring
 Kontakt Sylvia Reitman; Tel.: [973 290 814]; Email:
 Verwandte Fachgebiete Plastische Chirurgie
6.4th International Conference and Expo on Cosmetology & Trichology
 Termin 22. Jun 2015 → 24. Jun 2015
[ID=637647] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtBOSTON, Vereinigte Staaten
 Zusammenfassung Cosmetology-2015 aims at forming a platform to bring the researchers and experts in Cosmetology and Trichology from around the world. The present conference focuses on discussing the recent treatment strategies, advanced procedures, risks, consequences and challenges in Cosmetology and Trichology industry. Every now and then, researchers are developing novel tools and treatments to enhance beauty and appearance, this conference provides a platform to critically analyze and understand the methods and mechanisms.
 Kontakt Tel.: [6502689744]; Email:
 Verwandte Fachgebiete Angewandte Chemie: Kosmetische Chemie & Reinigungsmittel; Plastische Chirurgie
7.3rd Mediterranean FUE Workshop
 Termin 25. Jun 2015 → 27. Jun 2015
[ID=715052] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtIstanbul, Türkei
 Zusammenfassung The esteemed faculty consists of renowned surgeons and experts in the field of hair restoration who have developed state-of-the-art techniques and instruments using the FUE method. The purpose of the workshop is to strictly promote education and innovation touching on such subjects as; the factors that influence the survival of grafts, the evaluation of the donor area to avoid depletion through different procedures, the discussion of surgical extraction strategies for patients with advanced alopecia using FUE techniques, the identification of possible complications and disadvantages in the donor recipient areas related to FUE and the comparison and evaluation of FUE and FUT.
 Themen FUE, donor area, education, surgical extraction, grafts, alopecia, FUT
 Kontakt Suzanne Campion; Tel.: [+90 5496246819]; Email:
 Verwandte Fachgebiete Plastische Chirurgie; Chirurgie
8.Continuing Education Cruise Conference — Dermatology for the PCP Mediterranean Cruise July 2015
 Termin 04. Jul 2015 → 11. Jul 2015
[ID=654742] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtBarcelona, Spanien
 Veranstalter Continuing Education Inc.
9.Gordon Research Conference — Epithelial Differentiation & Keratinization 2015
 Termin 12. Jul 2015 → 17. Jul 2015
[ID=654893] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtNewry, Vereinigte Staaten
 Zusammenfassung The GRC on Epithelial Differentiation and Keratinization started in 1979, as a pioneering effort of dermatologists and cell biologists with a keen interest in research on skin, who saw the unique advantages of keratinocytes to probe the basis of epithelial tissue homeostasis. Further, it offered the opportunity to study growth/differentiation control, as well as the translation of basic studies to human disease. Over the years the conference has evolved very significantly, with an increased focus on molecular, cellular and developmental biology and has become the main international meeting for presentation and discussions of cutting-edge basic research on epithelial biology on a broad range of topics. The conference is held once every two years and attracts intense interest and is always heavily oversubscribed.
 Verwandte Fachgebiete Biologie; Molekularbiologie
10.4th Munich International Summer Academy of Practical Dermatology
 Termin 28. Jul 2015 → 01. Aug 2015
[ID=668225] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtMünchen, Deutschland
 Zusammenfassung ISA2015 captures the global view on current innovations in practical dermatology spotlighting clinical practice, developments in technology and their application to clinical care. The programme will cover the entire spectrum of practical dermatology and attracts over 900 participants from 70 countries.  Key topics include laser and surgical treatments, classic dermatology, new melanoma treatments and paediatric diseases. New features include the introduction of themed Master Classes which are also designed to accommodate and attract local dermatologists from the region to attend. 
11.TIMM-7 — 7th Trends in Medical Mycology
 Termin 09. Okt 2015 → 12. Okt 2015
[ID=668867] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtLissabon, Portugal
 Zusammenfassung TIMM-7 is the 7th in the series of TIMM mycological international meetings organized jointly by the European Confederation of Medical Mycology (ECMM) and the Infectious Diseases Group of the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (IDG-EORTC). TIMM has become an important and essential meeting in the field of fungal infections, a forum inwhich researchers from all over the world present the most important advances and research findings in mycology from basic science to clinical and laboratory research. It is thus a unique opportunity to be updated on the most recent results, methods and opinions, on medical and diagnostic practice. The outstanding scientific programme will include plenary sessions on fungal infections in all aspects led by an internationally renowned faculty, round table sessions, and meet-the-experts meetings. The poster session will encourage one-to-one discussions between faculty, presenters and delegates. The meeting is designed for medical microbiologists, microbiologists, haematologists, oncologists, transplant physicians, intensivists, immunologists, dermatologists, paediatricians,and all those with interests in medical mycology.
 Verwandte Fachgebiete Medizin (allgem.)
12.Continuing Education Cruise Conference — Dermatology for the PCP Hawaiian Islands Cruise January 2016
 Termin 23. Jan 2016 → 30. Jan 2016
[ID=654898] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtHonolulu, Vereinigte Staaten
 Veranstalter Continuing Education Inc.

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