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Tagungen und Workshops zum Thema Dermatologie stellt der Öffentlichkeit ein Kalendarium wichtiger Konferenzen, Symposien und sonstiger Tagungen im wissenschaftlich-technischen Bereich zur Verfügung. Obwohl das Verzeichnis mit großer Sorgfalt zusammengestellt und ständig aktualisiert wird, weisen wir auf die Möglichkeit von Fehlern ausdrücklich hin. Bitte vergewissern Sie sich immer beim Veranstalter, bevor Sie über die Teilnahme oder Nichtteilnahme an einer Konferenz entscheiden.

Organisatoren können kostenlos ihre Konferenzankündigungen veröffentlichen.


1.TIMM-7 — 7th Trends in Medical Mycology
 Termin 09. Okt 2015 → 12. Okt 2015
[ID=668790] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtLissabon, Portugal
 Zusammenfassung TIMM-7 is the 7th in the series of TIMM mycological international meetings organized jointly by the European Confederation of Medical Mycology (ECMM) and the Infectious Diseases Group of the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (IDG-EORTC). TIMM has become an important and essential meeting in the field of fungal infections, a forum inwhich researchers from all over the world present the most important advances and research findings in mycology from basic science to clinical and laboratory research. It is thus a unique opportunity to be updated on the most recent results, methods and opinions, on medical and diagnostic practice. The outstanding scientific programme will include plenary sessions on fungal infections in all aspects led by an internationally renowned faculty, round table sessions, and meet-the-experts meetings. The poster session will encourage one-to-one discussions between faculty, presenters and delegates. The meeting is designed for medical microbiologists, microbiologists, haematologists, oncologists, transplant physicians, intensivists, immunologists, dermatologists, paediatricians,and all those with interests in medical mycology.
 Verwandte Fachgebiete Medizin (allgem.)
2.Multidisciplinary Conference On Surgical & Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures
 Beginn17. Okt 2015
[ID=742006] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtCork City, Irland
 Themen Dermatology, Plastic surgery, Aesthetic Surgery, Facial Lesions, Vascular Surgery, Maxillo Facial Surgery, Facia Anatomy
 Verwandte Fachgebiete Berufliche Weiterbildung, Kurse (allgemein); Plastische Chirurgie
3.Skin Disease Education Foundation's 11th Annual Women’s & Pediatric Dermatology Seminar
 Termin 23. Okt 2015 → 24. Okt 2015
[ID=732601] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtNewport Beach, Vereinigte Staaten
 Zusammenfassung Join us in Newport Beach, California at Skin Disease Education Foundation’s (SDEF) 11th Annual Women’s & Pediatric Dermatology Seminar™ as we explore the chief clinical topics relevant to skin diseases in women and children. Our expert faculty present information that is immediately useful for your patients, from infants through adults. Interactive panel discussions and the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues and faculty, makes this unique CME/CE conference a must.You Should Attend: If you are a dermatologist, pediatrician, ob/gyn, family physician, internal medicine specialist, advance practice nurse, registered nurse or a physician assistant, this conference is for you. Everything you learn will be of immediate use in your practice as you navigate the world of skin diseases and any challenges that may be unique to women and children.
 Themen acne, vulvar diseases, hair loss, acquired nevi and pediatric melanoma, atopic dermatitis, onychomycosis, rosacea, congenital melanocytic nevi, cutaneous lupus, eczema, contact dermatitis, genital eruptions in kids, vascular lesions
 Verwandte Fachgebiete Gynäkologie/Geburtshilfe; Pädiatrie
4.MWHC — MENA Women’s Health Congress
 Termin 05. Nov 2015 → 07. Nov 2015
[ID=719097] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtDubai, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
 Zusammenfassung Women play an essential role in the development of society. The MENA region is invested in the physical and psychological wellbeing of women. As per WHO, roughly 10,000 women in the MENA region die of complications related to pregnancy/child birth. An estimate of 27,000 cancer related deaths in the MENA annually is due to breast cancer and will increase significantly by 2030.
 Themen Obstetrics Gynecology Dermatology
 Kontakt Delcy D'Souza; Tel.: [00971 4 3619616]; Email:
 Verwandte Fachgebiete Gynäkologie/Geburtshilfe; Plastische Chirurgie
5.Skin Disease Education Foundation's 16th Annual Las Vegas Dermatology Seminar & the 12th Annual SDEF Psoriasis Forum
 Termin 05. Nov 2015 → 07. Nov 2015
[ID=732654] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtLas Vegas, Vereinigte Staaten
 Zusammenfassung Skin Disease Education Foundation (SDEF) presents the16th Annual Las Vegas Dermatology Seminar, November 5-November 7, 2015 at Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas. Nationally known leaders in the field of dermatology will present recent advances and emerging trends in the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of patients with skin diseases. This highly scientific 3-day CME/CE conference features key clinical topics such as acne, rosacea, AK, BCC, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, eczema, as well as clinical cases and key topics in aesthetic dermatology.
 Themen onychomycosis, tinea, pigmentation, eczema, acne, rosacea, actinic keratosis, basal cell carcinoma, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, biologics, TNF inhibitors, vascular lesions, neurotoxins, soft-tissue fillers, body shaping
 Verwandte Fachgebiete Plastische Chirurgie
6.Vulval Dermatology in Practice: Masterclass
 Beginn12. Nov 2015
[ID=735009] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtLondon, Großbritannien
 Zusammenfassung This sought after masterclass provides a highly practical half-day (afternoon) specialising on vulval dermatology. The interactive session brings case studies to life and provides a unique opportunity to hone your examination technique.
7.AIDA Conference — Abu Dhabi International Conference in Dermatology and Aesthetics (AIDA)
 Termin 19. Nov 2015 → 20. Nov 2015
[ID=722978] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtAbu Dhabi, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
 Zusammenfassung The conference will present an outstanding program featuring medical, surgical, cosmetic techniques, plenary sessions; meet the expert sessions, demonstrations and concurrent clinical practice workshops.
 Themen Clinical Dermatology, Pediatric Dermatology, Cosmetic Dermatology, Psychodermatology, Dermatological, Oncology, Aesthetic Medicine, Plastic Surgery, General Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Dental Medicine, Cosmetics Technicians, Pharmacists, Technicians and Nurses who are interested in the topic
 Kontakt Tel.: [97124919888]; Email:
 Verwandte Fachgebiete Plastische Chirurgie
8.Dermatology CLOSE UP: Melanoma and Other Neoplasms of the Skin 2015
 Termin 21. Nov 2015 → 22. Nov 2015
[ID=732145] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtMiami Beach, Vereinigte Staaten
 Zusammenfassung This certified CME course will review the current methods available to diagnose skin cancers as well as potential diagnostic tools. In addition, the course will offer a comprehensive review on some of these technologies, dermoscopy and confocal scanning laser microscopy. The Faculty will illustrate with didactic lectures, case studies and a workshop with hands-on practice in reading diagnostic images of selected cases. During the Shoot-Out session, participants will be given the opportunity to recall knowledge gained in the course and apply this knowledge by correctly identifying skin neoplasms. Participants will have the opportunity to practice and apply the knowledge gained through the previous lectures by interpreting images on selected images on selected dermoscopy and confocal cases.
 Themen Dermatology, Dermoscopy, Pathology, Dermatopathology, Dermatologist, Pathologist, Dermatopathologist, Skin, Melanoma, Neoplasm, Cancer, Oncology, Confocal, Microscopy
 Kontakt University of Miami CME; Tel.: [3052436716]; Email:
 Verwandte Fachgebiete Onkologie
9.Continuing Education, Inc.'s University at Sea — Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment of Worn Dentition Eastern Caribbean Cruise
 Termin 03. Jan 2016 → 10. Jan 2016
[ID=737933] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtFort Lauderdale, Vereinigte Staaten
10.ODAC — Orlando Dermatology Aesthetic & Clinical Conference
 Termin 15. Jan 2016 → 18. Jan 2016
[ID=738581] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtOrlando, Florida, Vereinigte Staaten
 Zusammenfassung Orlando Dermatology Aesthetic & Clinical Conference is an elite educational conference that provides in-depth live-demonstrations and a cutting-edge program presented by the nation's leaders in Aesthetic, Clinical, and Surgical dermatology.
 Kontakt Dana Turner; Tel.: [646-453-5718]; Email:
 Verwandte Fachgebiete Plastische Chirurgie
11.Continuing Education Cruise Conference — Dermatology for the PCP Hawaiian Islands Cruise January 2016
 Termin 23. Jan 2016 → 30. Jan 2016
[ID=654843] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtHonolulu, Vereinigte Staaten
 Veranstalter Continuing Education Inc.
 Termin 26. Feb 2016 → 27. Feb 2017
[ID=734023] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtLeipzig, Deutschland
 Zusammenfassung DDG KOMPAKT – Fortbildung für die deutschsprachige Dermatologie, Thema: "Haut im Alter" Die DDG KOMPAKT Tagung bietet die Möglichkeit, sich zu einem aktuellen Themenfeld in gebündelter Form von Experten informieren zu lassen. Nicht-Dermatologen gehen auf die Psychologie des Alterns und die gesamtgesellschaftlichen Auswirkungen des demographischen Wandels ein. Spezialgebiete wie operative Dermatologie, Ästhetik der Altershaut, UV-Schutz, Onkologie im Alter, Dermatotherapie, sowie Immunologie und Allergologie und ihre altersrelevanten Besonderheiten werden durch dermatologische Experten referiert.
13.Immunity in Skin Development, Homeostasis and Disease
 Termin 28. Feb 2016 → 02. Mär 2016
[ID=739962] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtTahoe City, Vereinigte Staaten
 Zusammenfassung Skin is the largest human organ and the major interface between the human body and the environment. As such, skin plays a key role in health and well-being. Hundreds of different diseases are manifested in skin – e.g., infectious diseases, autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases, skin cancers – and skin is a very common site of disease, leading to a major fraction of all visits to healthcare providers each year. Skin is also a major avenue for drug delivery and an area of increasing focus by industry, both because of unmet medical needs as well as skin’s ready accessibility relative to other organs. For example, both melanoma and psoriasis are proof-of-principle disease areas where insights into mechanism have led to therapeutic breakthroughs using targeted therapies for major patient benefit. Significant headway has been made in recent years in our understanding of normal development, homeostasis and repair in skin. With this progress has come increasing recognition of the role played by interactions between the many different types of cells in skin. A key set of interactions are those between skin cells such as keratinocytes and cells of the immune system. This meeting will provide a unique setting for in-depth discussions between skin biologists, dermatologists, immunologists and cancer biologists. More specifically, the meeting aims to: 1) Review and discuss recent progress in understanding the role of immune function in skin development, homeostasis and pathology; 2) Review and discuss the molecular and cellular basis of pathogenesis in skin diseases and targeted therapies; 3) Highlight areas of progress as well as needs and opportunities for further research; 4) Clarify concepts and models regarding interactions between skin and the immune system; 5) Highlight how research findings will be, or might be, extended to understanding disease and creating treatments; and 6) Stimulate new collaborations and foster the scientific and professional development of all attendees, with a special emphasis on trainees and early-career scientists. 
14.Continuing Education, Inc.'s University at Sea — Primary Care: Topics in Allergy, Immunology and Dermatology Eastern Caribbean Cruise
 Termin 13. Mär 2016 → 20. Mär 2016
[ID=738124] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtFort Lauderdale, Vereinigte Staaten
 Verwandte Fachgebiete Medizin (allgem.)
15.Continuing Education, Inc.'s University at Sea — Dermatology Alaskan Cruise
 Termin 21. Mai 2016 → 28. Mai 2016
[ID=737872] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtSeattle, Vereinigte Staaten
16.FOBI 2016 — 25. Fortbildungswoche für praktische Dermatologie und Venerologie
 Termin 23. Jul 2016 → 27. Jul 2016
[ID=728494] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtMünchen, Deutschland
 Zusammenfassung Die „25. Fortbildungswoche für praktische Dermatologie und Venerologie (FOBI 16)“ bietet ein ausgewogenes wissenschaftliches Programm, welches das gesamte Spektrum der Dermatologie und Allergologie abdeckt. Innerhalb des neuen Standorts „ICM – Internationales Congress Center München“ erwartet Sie ein exklusives Plenarprogramm, ein vielfältiges Kursprogramm sowie eine gesonderte Industrieausstellung.
 Themen Fortbildungswoche, Dermatologie, Venerologie, Allergologie
 Kontakt Bridget Barbieri; Email:
17.25. Fortbildungswoche für praktische Dermatologie und Venerologie
 Termin 23. Jul 2016 → 29. Jul 2016
[ID=739691] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtMünchen, Deutschland
 Zusammenfassung The "25. Fortbildungswoche für praktische Dermatologie und Venerologie (FOBI16)" offers a comprehensive, well-balanced academic programme, covering the entire spectrum of dermatology and allergology.
18.Continuing Education, Inc.'s University at Sea — Family Medicine: Dermatology Review Bermuda Cruise
 Termin 21. Aug 2016 → 28. Aug 2016
[ID=737904] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtCape Liberty, Vereinigte Staaten
 Verwandte Fachgebiete Medizin (allgem.)
19.Continuing Education, Inc.'s University at Sea — Oral Dermatology and Pathology Maediterranean Cruise
 Termin 28. Okt 2016 → 04. Nov 2016
[ID=738031] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtBarcelona, Spanien
 Verwandte Fachgebiete Zahnmedizin
20.ICDA 2017 — XII International Congress of Dermatology 2017
 Termin 18. Apr 2017 → 22. Apr 2017
[ID=733159] Zum Seitenanfang gehen
 OrtBuenos Aires, Argentinien
 Zusammenfassung Supported by the International Society of Dermatology – The big challenge: Precision Medicine
 Themen dermatology, precision medicine,
 Kontakt Ana Juan; Tel.: [(54.11) 4701 4051]; Email:

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