Konferenzen zum Thema Psychiatrie in Südafrika

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WPA 2016 — World Psychiatric Association International Congress
18. Nov 2016 - 22. Nov 2016
Kapstadt, Südafrika
The Congress theme; “Psychiatry: Integrative Care for the Community” Intended to explore concepts, controversies and consequences of psychiatry’s responsibility and accountability to society in terms of the scope of practice and of what can be considered as psychiatry’s social contract.
Charlene Jansen;     Tel.: [((27114635085))];     Email: charlene@soafrica.com
Key concepts 1. Integration How to integrate the developing scope of current psychiatric practice: illness prevention; health promotion; clinical care; rehabilitation over the course of people’s life time 2. Environment (Griffiths, 2011) - The more important questions on medicine and the medical profession being posed now, in the early 21st century, are about “the best ways for doctors to contribute in a world which is changing exponentially”. This will require, also from psychiatrists, 1 “to influence or provide leadership, particularly in the development of new knowledge, technical advance and consensus about best practice.” 3. Scope of psychiatric practice Psychiatry’s specific area of knowledge and skills, currently covers the biological, psychological, social and spiritual domains, and aspires to a defined scope of practice, with accepted principles and values, as well as considered quality measures and outcomes of services and practice. 4. Social contract This implies a series of reciprocal rights and duties, privileges and obligations, as well as expectations from both sides. Society: grants autonomy of practice; monopoly of use of knowledge-base; privilege of self-regulation; financial/non-financial rewards Profession: regard patients’ interests above their own; assure competence of practicing members; demonstrate probity; morality and integrity; address issues of societal concern; and be devoted to public good. 5. Multiple stake holders

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