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Conférences - Algorithmes met à la disposition de ses visiteurs des listes de conférences et réunions dans le domaine scientifique. Ces listes sont publiées pour le bénéfice des personnes qui cherchent une conférence, mais aussi, bien sûr, pour celui des organisateurs. Noter que, malgré tout le soin que nous apportons à la vérification des données entrées dans nos listes, nous ne pouvons accepter de responsabilité en ce qui concerne leur exactitude ou étendue. Pensez donc à vérifier les informations présentées avec les organisateurs de la conférence ou de la réunion avant de vous engager à y participer!

Les organisateurs peuvent soumettre une réunion ou une conférence pour inclusion dans nos listes, et ceci gratuitement.


1.WADS 2013 - Algorithms and Data Structures Symposium
 Dates 04 Aou 2015 → 07 Aou 2015
[ID=692590] Haut de la page
 LieuVictoria, Canada
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2.ICHSA 2015 — The International Conference on Harmony Search Algorithm
 Dates 20 Aou 2015 → 21 Aou 2015
[ID=665520] Haut de la page
 LieuSeoul, Corée du Sud
 Résumé Since the HSA was first introduced in 2001, it has been widely used in various research areas. As many other meta-heuristic optimization algorithms like Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO), there have been efforts to make the HSA even more efficient for specific types of problem.

The ICHSA 2015 is intended to be an international forum for researchers in the area of developing, design, variants, and hybrid methods of Harmony Search Algorithm (HSA). The 2nd International Conference on Harmony Search Algorithm (ICHSA 2015), will be held during 20th-21st of August 2015 at Anam campus of Korea University in Seoul, South Korea.

This gathering will be an excellent opportunity to introduce various aspects of HSA to graduate students as well as professors in various disciplines. Further, this will also become a showcase of the research capabilities of teams and can bring ideas for future collaborations among them.

 Sujets Harmony Search Algorithm, Genetic Algorithm, Evolutionary Strategies, Cuckoo Search, Particle Swarm Optimization, Metaheuristic Algorithm, Nature-Inspired Metaheuristic Algorithms
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 Contact Ji-ho Choi , Korea University, College of Engineering ; Tél.: [+82-2-3290-4722]; Email.:
3.DEA2015 - 13th International Conference on Data Envelopment Analysis
 Dates 24 Aou 2015 → 27 Aou 2015
[ID=692665] Haut de la page
 LieuBraunschweig, Allemagne
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4.NICE2015 — Nature-Inspired Computation in Engineering (NICE2015): An International Conference
 Dates 09 Sep 2015 → 11 Sep 2015
[ID=718656] Haut de la page
 LieuLondres, Royaume-Uni
 Résumé Nature-Inspired Computation becomes hugely popular in recent years and its applications has permeated into almost area of science and engineering, including artificial intelligence, computer science, data mining, engineering optimization, computational intelligence, image processing and telecommunications, etc. This conference intends to review the state-of-the-art developments all areas related to nature-inspired computation. Accepted papers will be published as a book by Springer after the conference.
 Sujets Ant Colony Optimization, Artificial Neural Networks, Bat Algorithm, Bee Algorithms, Cuckoo Search, Differential Evolution and Genetic Algorithms, Firefly Algorithm, Flower Pollination Algorithm, Genetic Algorithms, Harmony Search, Particle Swarm Optimization, Hybrid Algorithms, Other Algorithms.
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 Contact Prof. Xin-She Yang; Email.:
 Sujets apparentés Simulation; Ingénierie
5.ESA — European Symposium on Algorithms
 Dates 14 Sep 2015 → 18 Sep 2015
[ID=720222] Haut de la page
 LieuPatras, Grèce
 Résumé The European Symposium on Algorithms (ESA) is one of the premier conferences on algorithms. The symposium covers research in all aspects of the design, analysis, engineering, and application of algorithms and data structures. ESA has two tracks: the Design and Analysis Track (Track A) and the Engineering and Applications Track (Track B). The symposium seeks original algorithmic contributions for problems with relevant theoretical and/or practical applications: papers with a strong emphasis on the theoretical analysis of algorithms should be submitted to Track A, while papers reporting on the results of extensive experimental evaluations and/or providing original contributions to the engineering of algorithms for practical applications should be submitted to Track B. 
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6.IPEC — International Symposium on Parameterized and Exact Computation
 Dates 16 Sep 2015 → 18 Sep 2015
[ID=720280] Haut de la page
 LieuPatras, Grèce
 Résumé The International Symposium on Parameterized and Exact Computation (IPEC) covers research in all aspects of parameterized and exact algorithms and complexity. Papers presenting original research in the area are sought, including but not limited to: new techniques for the design and analysis of parameterized and exact algorithms, fixed-parameter tractability results, parameterized complexity theory, relationship between parameterized complexity and traditional complexity classifications, applications of parameterized and exact computation, and implementation issues of parameterized and exact algorithms. In particular, studies on parameterized and exact computations for real-world applications and algorithmic engineering are especially encouraged. 
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7.WAOA — Workshop on Approximation and Online Algorithms
 Dates 17 Sep 2015 → 18 Sep 2015
[ID=720392] Haut de la page
 LieuPatras, Grèce
 Résumé Algorithms have become a fundamental tool in several fields outside of Computer Science, and in several applications algorithms have to cope with computationally hard problems and problems in which the input is gradually disclosed over time. The workshop focuses on the design and analysis of approximation and online algorithms. 
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8.CI & Games Session / CEEC 2015 — Computational Intelligence and Games Special Session at CEEC 2015
 Dates 24 Sep 2015 → 25 Sep 2015
[ID=709825] Haut de la page
 LieuColchester, Royaume-Uni
 Résumé Games are an ideal domain to study Computational Intelligence (CI) methods because they provide affordable, competitive, dynamic, reproducible environments suitable for testing new search algorithms, pattern-based evaluation methods, or learning concepts. They are also interesting to observe, fun to play, and very attractive to students. Additionally, there is great potential for CI methods to improve the design and development of both computer games and non-digital games such as board games. This special session aims at gathering not only leading researchers, but also young researchers as well as practitioners in this field who research applications of Computational Intelligence methods to computer games.
 Sujets Learning in Games, Neural-based Approaches for Games, CI for Player Affective Modeling, CI-based Digital Design Assistants, CI/AI-based Game Design, Comparative Studies, Non-deterministic Games, Console and Video Games, Procedural Content Generation, Player Satisfaction and Experience in Games, Imperfect Information Games, Game-based Benchmarking, General Game Playing, General Video Game Playing, Augmented Reality Games, Optimizing Gameplay, Evolutionary Games, Strategy Games, Co-evolution in Games, Fuzzy-based Approaches for Games, Intelligent Interactive Narrative, CI for Non-Player Characters in Games, Player/Opponent Modeling in Games, Multi-agent and Multi-strategy Learning, Applications of Game Theory, Character Development, Evasion (Predator/Pray) Games, Realistic Games for Simulation and Training, Automatic Creation of Modules or Game Levels, Board Games and Card Games, Serious Games, Games for Mobile Platforms
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 Contact Email.:
 Sujets apparentés Agents logiciel; Logiciels
9.FMCAD '15 — Formal Methods in Computer-Aided Design
 Dates 27 Sep 2015 → 30 Sep 2015
[ID=706256] Haut de la page
 LieuAustin, TX, États-Unis
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10.SIREMTI2015 — Workshop on Situation Recognition by Mining Temporal Information
 Date de début01 Oct 2015
[ID=722625] Haut de la page
 LieuCottbus, Allemagne
 Résumé How can we harvest the information from our environment, including the web, and create solutions to different situation recognition problems, in particular the everyday small and big emergency situations of any kind? What if our environment would be equipped with intelligent, web-based assistive devices which, aware of any emergency, would support us and enable an easier and safer living in everyday situations?

Indeed, our cars are already equipped with intelligent driver assistant systems telling us when to stop driving as soon as they conclude that we are tired, aiming at preventing us from an accident. Mobile applications support our daily workouts and motivate us at sport activities, screens of our notebooks are automatically dimmed adjusting to the environmental light circumstances, both aiming at preventing health problems. And, based on the huge amount of web data (including mobile user data) we are able to derive relevant information and most probably foreseen any epidemic or disaster situation, preventing its worst consequences. Behind all these solutions, there are different methods and algorithms that enable the processing of the different (temporal) data and (temporal) information and respectively support the intelligent environmental situation recognition. Most of these solutions include at some point mining of temporal information.

 Sujets situation recognition, trend mining, temporal data mining, wireless data mining, topic mining, data stream processing
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 Sujets apparentés Gestion des connaissances; Réseau de capteurs
11.ICGTA15 — INTERNATIONAL Confernce on Graph Theory and its Applications
 Dates 17 Dec 2015 → 19 Dec 2015
[ID=694136] Haut de la page
 LieuCoimbatore, Inde
 Résumé This will be a three-day Conference in Graph Theory, Graph Algorithms and its applications. It will be focusing on the subareas in graph theory that has applications in Optimization, Computing Techniques, VLSI Design and Testing, Image Processing, and Network Communications.
 Sujets Graph Theory, Algorithms, Networks
 Page web
 Contact Dr. K. Somasundaram; Tél.: [+914222685600]; Email.:
 Sujets apparentés Théorie des graphes et combinatoire
12.ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA16), being held with Analytic Algorithmics and Combinatorics (ANALCO16) and Algorithm Engineering and Experiments (ALENEX16)
 Dates 10 Jan 2016 → 12 Jan 2016
[ID=707447] Haut de la page
 LieuCrystal Gateway Marriott, Arlington, États-Unis
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 Sujets apparentés Mathématiques appliquées: Mathématiques numériques
13.CALDAM2016 — The International Conference on Algorithms and Discrete Applied Mathematics
 Dates 18 Fv 2016 → 20 Fv 2016
[ID=722864] Haut de la page
 LieuTrivandrum, Inde
 Résumé CALDAM The International Conference on Algorithms and Discrete Applied Mathematics (CALDAM) is intended to bring together researchers working in the areas of algorithms and applied discrete mathematics and provide a high-quality forum for the dissemination and discussion of research results in these broad areas. CALDAM has originated from the ongoing efforts for promoting research in Algorithms and Discrete Mathematics. The first CALDAM (CALDAM 2015) was organized by the Department of Computer Science at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT Kanpur) from February 8 to 10, 2015. The proceedings of accepted papers of CALDAM 2015 were published in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science by Springer. Selected papers of CALDAM 2015 will also be published as a special issue of Discrete Applied Mathematics (DAM). CALDAM 2016 The second CALDAM (CALDAM 2016) will be organized by the Department of Futures Studies, University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram from Feburay 18 to 20, 2016. The proceedings of accepted papers of CALDAM 2016 is expected to be published in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science by Springer as was in CALDAM 2015.
 Sujets CALDAM 2016 invites papers describing original research in the areas of design, analysis and experimental evaluation of algorithms and in discrete applied mathematics.
 Page web
 Contact Manoj Changat; Tél.: [+919446967394]; Email.:
 Sujets apparentés Théorie des graphes et combinatoire; Mathématiques appliquées: Réseaux complexes
14.ALEA 2016
 Dates 07 Mar 2016 → 01 Mar 2016
[ID=669473] Haut de la page
 LieuMarseille, France
 Organisateur Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques (CIRM)
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 Sujets apparentés Mathématiques appliquées: Mathématiques numériques

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