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Pour en savoir plus ...

Conférences - Chimie organique et polymères met à la disposition de ses visiteurs des listes de conférences et réunions dans le domaine scientifique. Ces listes sont publiées pour le bénéfice des personnes qui cherchent une conférence, mais aussi, bien sûr, pour celui des organisateurs. Noter que, malgré tout le soin que nous apportons à la vérification des données entrées dans nos listes, nous ne pouvons accepter de responsabilité en ce qui concerne leur exactitude ou étendue. Pensez donc à vérifier les informations présentées avec les organisateurs de la conférence ou de la réunion avant de vous engager à y participer!

Les organisateurs peuvent soumettre une réunion ou une conférence pour inclusion dans nos listes, et ceci gratuitement.


1.ECI — Single-Use Technologies: Bridging Polymer Science to Biotechnology Applications
 Dates 18 Oct 2015 → 21 Oct 2015
[ID=737829] Haut de la page
 LieuWashington DC, États-Unis
 Résumé Single Use technology is being used more each year in the biotechnology industry. There is an increased interest in understanding the interaction of extractables with protein and cells as their applications span from cell banking to drug product. The challenges faced by various areas are similar yet there is lack of communication as these issues and solutions are discussed in conferences focused on their respective functions, e.g., cell culture, purification. Additionally, conferences are focused on the application of single use in various functional areas versus the science of single use and its impact on bioprocessing. The purpose of this conference is to delve into the science of plastics as it applies to bioprocessing and bring all functions to one common venue to share their issues, understanding, and solutions. Additionally, it also aims to bring representatives from the resin, film and single use components manufacturing industry to communicate with bioprocessing. The aim is for manufacturers to understand how their products get used in bioprocessing and the impact of their formulation, processing conditions, assembly etc. on bioprocessing. Similarly, it allows the pharma industry to understand the challenges, limitations and what is involved with film manufacturing.
 Sujets single use final product (e.g. bags, assemblies) manufacturers, film/resin food industry, polymer experts, medical devices polymer industry (e.g. Single Use syringes) pharma industry.
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 Contact Arlene Conway; Tél.: [212 514 6760]; Email.:
 Sujets apparentés Chimie appliquée: Plastiques, peintures et matériaux synthétiques
2.International Conference on Advanced Polymers via Macromolecular Engineering (APME) 2015
 Dates 18 Oct 2015 → 22 Oct 2015
[ID=656160] Haut de la page
 LieuYokohama, Japon
 Résumé The focus of the meeting will be on recent advances in polymer chemistry, polymer synthesis and polymer characterization and the scope of the meeting will include: - Basic polymer synthesis system - Energy and environment related materials - Organic/inorganic hybrid materials - Soft and hard networked materials and their function - Tissue engineering
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 Sujets apparentés Modélisation moléculaire
3.5th Confernce on Frontiers in Organic Synthesis Technology
 Dates 21 Oct 2015 → 23 Oct 2015
[ID=682735] Haut de la page
 LieuBudapest, Hongrie
 Sujets Flow Chemistry on Novel Roads Frontiers in Organic Synthesis Technology is a forum where participants can get further motivation from listening to in-depth talks from internationally recognized experts. It is also a great chance for researchers to present their latest results. To provide an even more complex education in flow chemistry the delegates can join the Flow Chemisrty University program. During this program the conference audience visit a nearby lab where they can see how flow reactors work, raise their questions to experts. ... The conference targets innovative areas of organic chemistry with great future potential focusing on the following fields. Applications for poster contributions are invited from the following fields: Latest trends in flow based organic chemistry, Latest trends in green flow chemistry, Flow chemistry for nanotechnology, Flow chemistry in fracking and in non-conventional oil & gas production, Flow chemistry in environmental management and cleaning.
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4.5-me Seminaire National Sur Les Polymeres
 Dates 28 Oct 2015 → 29 Oct 2015
[ID=713328] Haut de la page
 LieuBejaia, Algérie
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5.2nd International Symposium on Materials and Sustainable Development
 Dates 09 Nov 2015 → 10 Nov 2015
[ID=700885] Haut de la page
 LieuAlger, Algérie
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 Contact IREKTI Amar; Email.:
 Sujets apparentés Génie civil; Produits chimiques et science des matériaux
6.16th Tetrahedron Symposium - Asian Edition
 Dates 10 Nov 2015 → 13 Nov 2015
[ID=702392] Haut de la page
 LieuShanghai, Chine
 Résumé Elsevier's Tetrahedron Symposium is the recognised annual meeting and information point for reporting advances in Bioorganic & Organic Chemistry. The intention of this conference is to provide an intimate and relaxed environment, to stimulate fresh thinking and creative ideas, in a scientific field impacting so importantly on life and medical sciences. The symposium will also highlight the key role of chemistry in the discovery and development of new therapeutic agents for human diseases. Each event brings together over 400 leading individuals to discuss the most relevant issues at that moment. The symposium is run in conjunction with Elsevier's leading biochemical journals.
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 Sujets apparentés Biochimie et chimie médicale, toxicologie
7.Colloquium on Heterocyclic Chemistry
 Dates 12 Nov 2015 → 15 Nov 2015
[ID=686508] Haut de la page
 LieuAntalya, Turquie
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8.ICNPM 2015 — International Conference on Nanostructured Polymeric Materials and Polymer Nanocomposites
 Dates 13 Nov 2015 → 15 Nov 2015
[ID=727912] Haut de la page
 LieuKottayam, Inde
 Résumé This conference will be one of the big International meetings exclusively dedicated to nanostructured polymer materials and polymer nanocomposites. We hope that the conference will be extremely useful to researchers working in this field as people with diversified backgrounds are expected to attend the conference and making the event truly interdisciplinary in nature. The conference is to emphasize the recent advances in interdisciplinary research on processing, morphology, structure and properties of nanostructured polymer materials and nanocomposites and their applications in various fields. This symposium will bring together a panel of highly-accomplished experts in the field of polymer nanostructured materials and polymer nanocomposites. Talks will encompass basic studies and applications and will address topics of novel issues, difficulties, and breakthroughs in the field of nanostructured polymeric materials and polymer nanocomposites. The conference will feature keynote addresses, a number of plenary sessions, invited talks and contributed lectures focusing on specific tenets of polymer nanostructured materials. Additionally, there will be several poster sessions, and awards for four best poster presentations.
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 Sujets apparentés Nanoparticules et émulsions; Physique de la matière condensée: Agrégats, nanomatériaux, graphène et fullerène
9.16th Brazilian Meeting on Organic Synthesis
 Dates 15 Nov 2015 → 18 Nov 2015
[ID=727474] Haut de la page
 LieuBuzios, Brésil
 Résumé The organizing committee of the 16 th Brazilian Meeting on Organic Synthesis wish to invite you to take part in this exciting meeting which will bring together the Brazilian Organic Synthesis community, distinguished  lecturers and colleagues from all over the world to discuss the most modern aspects of the art of organic synthesis. The conference will be held at Búzios from November 15 th to November 18 th.
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10.Polymers in Africa 2015
 Dates 09 Dec 2015 → 10 Dec 2015
[ID=722835] Haut de la page
 LieuLondres, Royaume-Uni
 Résumé Africa's growth is not only fuelled by its natural resources but also by its infrastructure development and emergent middle-class, and cities giving rise to a growing demand for a wide range of products requiring plastics from mobile phones to packaging. Not only that, but plastics products will play a vital role in the many fundamental challenges that the Continent faces from improving its agriculture, providing better water management systems, enabling safe and efficient food distribution and installing reliable power supplies.
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 Contact Nicola Charlesworth; Tél.: [+44 (0)117 314 8111]; Email.:
11.The Polymer Club 2014 Fall Symposium
 Date de début17 Dec 2015
[ID=686588] Haut de la page
 LieuWarwick, Royaume-Uni
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 Sujets apparentés Chimie appliquée: Plastiques, peintures et matériaux synthétiques
 Dates 24 Mar 2016 → 27 Mar 2016
[ID=746446] Haut de la page
 LieuMonastir, Tunisie
 Résumé The SEPM 2016 is the 2nd edition of the successful international conference that the SCT (Tunisian Chemical Society) has organized in 2014. It will include 12 Invited lectures by renowned experts. Specific topics will be covered to bring to light the latest developments in polymer science and engineering. By essence SEPM is international and particularly open to young polymer chemists, physicists and technologists who will be offered opportunities for oral and poster contributions. Finally, we welcome industrials and SMEs to participate and to share knowledge in polymer. We look forward to meeting you at SEPM 2016 in Tunisia ; we rely on you to make this conference even more successful than the first edition.
 Sujets Advances in the synthesis of polymers, Sustainable and bio-based polymer materials, Polymer materials for life science, Polymers for sensor devices, Macromolecular engineering, Advanced membranes & porous materials, Conductive polymers, Surface-confined polymerization: methods and applications., Surface modification of polymers, Polymer colloids and polymer-immobilized nanoparticles, Synthesis, properties and applications of (bio)composite materials, Rheology and physical properties of polymers, 3D printing with polymers, Hydrogels and soft nanocomposites, Self-healing polymers, Polymers and industry...
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 Contact Pr Hatem BEN ROMDHANE; Tél.: [+21623439928]; Email.:
13.International Workshop on Polymer Reaction Engineering
 Dates 17 Mai 2016 → 20 Mai 2016
[ID=651654] Haut de la page
 LieuHambourg, Allemagne
 Résumé The Committee, DECHEMA Society for Chemical Technology and Biotechnology and The University of Hamburg cordially invite you to participate in the 12th International Workshop on Polymer Reaction Engineering in Hamburg/Germany.
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 Sujets apparentés Génie chimique; Chimie industrielle et chimie verte
14.23rd Conference on Isoprenoids
 Dates 04 Sep 2016 → 07 Sep 2016
[ID=737135] Haut de la page
 LieuMinsk, Biélorussie
 Résumé The 23 rd Conference on Isoprenoids will take place in Minsk, Republic of Belarus, on September 4-7, 2016. The Organizing Committee invites you and your colleagues to take part in the Conference. The Conference is organized by the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, in cooperation with Czech Chemical Society as a continuation of the tradition established in 1966 by Polish and Czech scientists.
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 Sujets apparentés Biochimie et chimie médicale, toxicologie
15.Organic Semiconductors Conference 2016
 Dates 22 Sep 2016 → 25 Sep 2016
[ID=721837] Haut de la page
 LieuCavtat, Dubrovnik, Royaume-Uni
 Résumé We are pleased to announce the First Zing Conference on Organic Semiconductors. A key element of this Conference is to identify future opportunities, emerging challenges and a discussion of the intellectual frontiers and technological vision for this class of materials. Topics include structure/property guidelines for relevant applications, including organic photovoltaics, spintronics, biological interfaces, light-emitting diodes, field effect transistors and biosensors. One special session will be dedicated to an inclusive and mediated discussion of desirable targets and outcomes envisioned for five and ten year increments of research and development. Contributions are invited in each of these themes interpreted broadly to permit inclusion of the most novel and emerging themes.
 Sujets organic photovoltaics, spintronics, light-emitting diodes, biosensors, field effect transistors.
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 Contact Evie Hartley; Tél.: [01223750020]; Email.:
 Sujets apparentés Physique de la matière condensée: Semi-conducteurs

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