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Pour en savoir plus ...

Conférences - Chimie organique et polymères met à la disposition de ses visiteurs des listes de conférences et réunions dans le domaine scientifique. Ces listes sont publiées pour le bénéfice des personnes qui cherchent une conférence, mais aussi, bien sûr, pour celui des organisateurs. Noter que, malgré tout le soin que nous apportons à la vérification des données entrées dans nos listes, nous ne pouvons accepter de responsabilité en ce qui concerne leur exactitude ou étendue. Pensez donc à vérifier les informations présentées avec les organisateurs de la conférence ou de la réunion avant de vous engager à y participer!

Les organisateurs peuvent soumettre une réunion ou une conférence pour inclusion dans nos listes, et ceci gratuitement.


1.44th National Organic Chemistry Symposium
 Dates 28 Mar 2015 → 05 Jul 2015
[ID=690687] Haut de la page
 LieuCollege Park, États-Unis
 Résumé The National Organic Symposium is the premier event sponsored by the Division of Organic Chemistry to highlight recent advances in organic chemistry, and provides a breadth of programming and opportunities that you won’t want to miss.
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2.Reagentless Synthesis
 Date de début01 Avr 2015
[ID=700480] Haut de la page
 LieuLondres, Royaume-Uni
 Résumé Combined with a drive to maximise atom economy, the need to perform 'clean' chemistry with minimal waste generation continues to attract the attention of synthetic chemists as the environmental impact of waste is becoming increasingly recognised and the costs associated with its disposal spiral. One of the best methods for minimising unwanted materials from a process is to perform a reaction without the addition of a chemical reagent. Thus reactions that that can be effected by the application of heat, light, sound or using electrolysis are particularly attractive. This one-day meeting organised by SCI Fine Chemicals Group brings together some of the leading practitioners in the field of 'reagentless synthesis' who will showcase their latest cutting-edge research in using the strategies for synthesis. The meeting will also highlight some of the recent developments in associated enabling technologies that facilitate the application reagentless strategies for synthesis.
 Sujets Reagentless, Synthesis, Environment, Fine Chemicals.
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 Contact Helen Gibb; Tél.: [((02075981561))]; Email.:
3.2015 Rideal Meeting: Polymers in colloid science
 Date de début23 Avr 2015
[ID=701131] Haut de la page
 LieuLondres, Royaume-Uni
 Résumé The winner of the 2015 Rideal Medal is Prof Paul Luckham of Imperial College and the theme of this year's meeting is Polymers in Colloid Science. The speakers are all former students of Paul or academics and industrialists he has collaborated with during his career. This one day meeting will include a student poster session and a wine reception prior to Paul giving the Rideal lecture at the end of the conference.
 Sujets Colloid, Surface Chemistry, Polymers, Interface Science.
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 Contact Helen Gibb; Tél.: [02075981561]; Email.:
 Sujets apparentés Nanoparticules et émulsions
4.3rd Biochemical & Bioplastics 2015
 Dates 06 Mai 2015 → 07 Mai 2015
[ID=707956] Haut de la page
 LieuDenver, Colorado, États-Unis
 Résumé ACI’s 3rd Biochemical & Bioplastics 2015 conference will make its debut in the US examining the critical elements involved in developing the industry. With insights from both biochemical & bioplastic producers and key players, we will consider what policies and incentive strategies can be put in play to ensure the critical elements are in the correct balance to implement successful business value.
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 Sujets apparentés Biochimie et chimie médicale, toxicologie
5.congrès GFPP — 19th meeting of French Group of Peptides and Proteins
 Dates 17 Mai 2015 → 22 Mai 2015
[ID=694231] Haut de la page
 LieuPortbail, France
 Résumé This meeting will cover all aspects of contemporary peptide and protein sciences in both basic and applied domains.
 Sujets chemical biology, peptidomimetics, cancer, medical imaging, enzyme, proteomic, GPCR, foldamers, Protein structure...
 Page web
 Sujets apparentés Biologie moléculaire; Biochimie et chimie médicale, toxicologie
6.Fourth International Symposium Frontiers in Polymer Science
 Dates 20 Mai 2015 → 22 Mai 2015
[ID=650938] Haut de la page
 LieuRive del LGarda (on Lake Garda), Italie
 Résumé The 3-day symposium will consist of 15 plenary lectures (of 50 minutes each), given by outstanding scientists whose exceptionally creative work opens up new frontiers for polymer science. In addition, there will be three poster sessions (each consisting of two parts within the same day) allowing for the viewing of a large number of poster presentations. More than 600 international participants are expected.
 Sujets polymer science, polymer synthesis, polymer chemistry
 Page web
 Contact Amy McCormac; Email.:
7.SECO 52 — Semaine d’Etudes de Chimie organique
 Dates 24 Mai 2015 → 30 Mai 2015
[ID=661650] Haut de la page
 LieuMorzine, France
 Résumé The SECO is a scientific event which occurs every year for a week of scientific exchanges. It gathers French and European PhD students so they can present their work in organic chemistry and share scientific information and ideas with each other and senior researchers. This meeting enables PhD students to broaden their knowledge as well as to develop their critical reasoning and scientific thinking. The event consists of short presentations given by every PhD student covering their research, and plenary lectures given by invited academic and industrial researchers. Lectures, free time and meals allow students and senior researchers to get in contact more easily in order to promote fruitful exchanges. The SECO is a unique opportunity for young researchers to have a global point of view on modern research in Organic Chemistry.
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 Contact Email.:
 Sujets apparentés Chimie organométallique
8.Bioheterocycles 2015
 Dates 07 Jui 2015 → 11 Jui 2015
[ID=686528] Haut de la page
 LieuMetz, France
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9.ISOS 2015 — XL "A.Corbella" International Summer School on Organic Synthesis
 Dates 14 Jui 2015 → 18 Jui 2015
[ID=665314] Haut de la page
 LieuGargnano (BS), Italie
 Résumé The 40th Edition of ISOS, the “A. Corbella” International School on Organic Synthesis, founded in 1976, will be organized under the direction of the Department of Chemistry of the University of Milan, from June 14 to June 18, 2015, in Gargnano, on the Garda Lake; the official language of all lectures and student presentations will be English; the school is sponsored by the Division of Organic Chemistry of the Italian Chemical Society (SCI) and by EuCheMS (European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences). The School is mainly directed to Ph.D. students and young researchers coming both from University and Industry. The lectures span synthetic aspects of modern Organic Chemistry and related topics; the 2015 edition include: Photocatalytic reactions, Kinetics in organic chemistry, New trends in C-H and C-C bonds formation, Biological tools in organic synthesis, an analytical topic (NMR spectroscopy), Oxidations in organic synthesis, Catalytic reactions in the Industry, lectures delivered by two speakers from two international companies. Additionally, three young researchers will present three keynote lectures focused on the topics: Photocatalysis in organic synthesis, Functional group transformations, Synthesis of natural products.
 Sujets organic chemistry, catalysis, photocatalysis, C-H and C-C bond activation, chemical biology
 Page web
 Contact Alessandra Puglisi (School Secretariat); Tél.: [+39 02 50314189]; Email.:
 Sujets apparentés Cours et événements pour étudiants en chimie
10.Gordon Research Conference — Polymers 2015
 Dates 14 Jui 2015 → 19 Jui 2015
[ID=655122] Haut de la page
 LieuSouth Hadley, États-Unis
 Résumé The 2015 Polymers Gordon Research Conference (GRC) will assemble an international community of participants for the presentation of recent advances in macromolecular preparation, the physical characterization and advanced performance attributes of both synthetic and biological polymeric systems. Conference topics cover the arc from fundamental synthetic methods for novel polymer syntheses to the application of designer polymers in leading edge scientific and technological arenas.
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11.EPF2015 — European Polymer Congress 2015
 Dates 21 Jui 2015 → 26 Jui 2015
[ID=622145] Haut de la page
 LieuDresden, Allemagne
 Résumé Polymeric materials are essential for a sustainable development of the society and the basis for innovations in modern technologies. They contribute significantly to advance in life science, mobility, and communication technologies, and address essential challenges of energy and environment. All these cutting-edge topics will be in the focus of the congress.
 Sujets Macromolecular synthesis, nanomaterials and composites, polymers meet biology, soft matter science, polymer and organic electronics
 Page web
 Contact Email.:
 Sujets apparentés Produits chimiques et science des matériaux; Chimie appliquée: Plastiques, peintures et matériaux synthétiques
12.Gordon Research Conference — Heterocyclic Compounds 2015
 Dates 21 Jui 2015 → 26 Jui 2015
[ID=654934] Haut de la page
 LieuNewport, États-Unis
 Résumé The GRC on Heterocyclic Compounds is one of the longest running Gordon Research Conferences. Its longevity is a testament to the continual vitality of the subject. The preparation of heterocyclic compounds, or simply heterocyclic organic chemistry, is the prime tool for the preparation of natural and unnatural products. Heterocyclic organic chemistry is the major force behind the synthesis of novel bioactive molecules, including new pharmaceuticals. The continual evolution of the science allows for access to molecules of greater synthetic difficulty and increasingly diverse biological activities. 
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13.Gordon Research Conference — Physical Organic Chemistry 2015
 Dates 21 Jui 2015 → 26 Jui 2015
[ID=655135] Haut de la page
 LieuHolderness, États-Unis
 Résumé The Gordon research Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry is widely considered to be one of the three top conferences in the field internationally. Held every two years since the mid-60’s, this conference represents the focal point for the latest developments in new mechanistic organic chemistry which underlies so much of our thinking in diverse areas such as materials, sensors, bio-organic chemistry, enzymology, catalysis, computational chemistry, gas-phase and solution chemistry, and synthetic methods.
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 Sujets apparentés Chimie physique
14.44th National Organic Chemistry Symposium 2015
 Dates 28 Jui 2015 → 02 Jul 2015
[ID=647765] Haut de la page
 LieuCollege Park, États-Unis
 Résumé The National Organic Symposium is the premier event sponsored by the Division of Organic Chemistry to highlight recent advances in organic chemistry, and provides a breadth of programming and opportunities that you won’t want to mis
 Page web
15.FLC15 — 15th International Conference on Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals: Challenges in polar self-assembling systems
 Dates 28 Jui 2015 → 03 Jul 2015
[ID=694399] Haut de la page
 LieuPrague, République tchèque
 Résumé The series of International Conferences on Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals (FLC‘s) is devoted to basic and applied aspects of new self-assembling materials possessing chiral and polar structures and properties. Thematical scope of the 15th International Conference on Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals will include all its traditional subjects.
 Sujets liquid crystal, self-assembling, polar materials, chirality, polar mesophases, polarity, chirality, electro-optics, phase transitions, polymers, elastomers
 Page web
 Contact Dr. Alexey Bubnov; Email.:
 Sujets apparentés Systèmes complexes et chaos; Physique de la matière condensée et des matériaux
16.ICSP&AM 4 — 4th International Caucasian Symposium on Polymers & Advanced Materials
 Dates 01 Jul 2015 → 04 Jul 2015
[ID=693454] Haut de la page
 LieuBatumi, Géorgie
 Résumé Ce 4ème Symposium, qui se tiens tous les deux ans en Géorgie a pour but de rassembler non seulement les chercheurs du Caucase mais aussi de l'Europe, Etats Unis, etc; Il est centré sur les dernières avancées en matière de polymères et de matériaux haute technologie. Les principaux thèmes sont la synthèse, les propriétés, la mise en oeuvre, la simulation et les applications. Un intérêt particulier est porté sur la chimie verte et les matériaux biodégradables.
 Sujets Polymères, Polymères haute température, Composites, NanoComposites, Chimie verte, Procédés industriels, Résistance des matériaux
 Page web
 Contact Prof Omari Mukbaniani; Tél.: [Tbilisi, Georgia]; Email.: "Prof. Omar Mukbaniani"
 Sujets apparentés Physique de la matière condensée: Agrégats, nanomatériaux, graphène et fullerène; Chimie appliquée: Plastiques, peintures et matériaux synthétiques
17.International Society for Biomedical Polymers & Polymeric Biomaterials (ISBPPB) 2nd Annual Conference & Exposition
 Dates 08 Jul 2015 → 10 Jul 2015
[ID=699116] Haut de la page
 LieuOrlando, États-Unis
 Résumé The International Society of Biomedical Polymers and Polymeric Biomaterials (ISBPPB) organization is engaged in educating, networking, advocating and advancing the field of biomedical polymers and polymeric biomaterials internationally. ISBPPB intends to serve members from industry, academia and government institutions worldwide. Join ISBPPB Annual Conference to hear the latest research findings and enjoy the many opportunities to network with colleagues and new friends. The annual conference will include topics on ALL ASPECTS of Polymeric Biomaterials. Exhibitors at the ISBPPB conference will receive multiple opportunities to network with conference attendees.
 Page web
 Sujets apparentés Biochimie et chimie médicale, toxicologie
18.Australasian Polymer Symposium
 Dates 12 Jul 2015 → 15 Jul 2015
[ID=686518] Haut de la page
 LieuGold Coast, Australie
 Page web
19.Gordon Research Conference — Organic Reactions & Processes 2015
 Dates 19 Jul 2015 → 24 Jul 2015
[ID=655139] Haut de la page
 LieuLewiston, États-Unis
 Résumé The Gordon Conference on Organic Reactions and Processes focuses on topics within the field of Synthetic Organic Chemistry. Discovery of novel reactions and synthetic methods, understanding of reaction mechanisms, application of organometallic chemistry and catalysis to organic synthesis, synthesis of complex natural products and organic process research and development are recurring themes. 
 Page web
20.24th International Symposium: Synthesis in Organic Chemistry
 Dates 20 Jul 2015 → 23 Jul 2015
[ID=632979] Haut de la page
 LieuCambridge, Royaume-Uni
 Page web
21.Synthesis in Organic Chemistry
 Dates 20 Jul 2015 → 23 Jul 2015
[ID=658654] Haut de la page
 LieuCambridge, Royaume-Uni
 Page web
22.2nd Functional Polymeric Materials
 Dates 05 Aou 2015 → 08 Aou 2015
[ID=701957] Haut de la page
 LieuAscot, Royaume-Uni
 Résumé The second Functional Polymeric Materials conference series will bring together leaders in polymers and polymeric materials from all over the world to describe their most recent and cutting edge discoveries. The aim of the conference is to capture the multidisciplinary nature of polymer chemistry with topics spanning "basic synthesis and methodology" through to "nanoscale and bioinspired materials"
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23.45th IUPAC World Chemistry Congress
 Dates 09 Aou 2015 → 14 Aou 2015
[ID=567720] Haut de la page
 LieuBusan, Corée du Sud
 Page web
 Sujets apparentés Foire exposition chimie,
24.International Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry Congress
 Dates 23 Aou 2015 → 28 Aou 2015
[ID=658766] Haut de la page
 LieuSanta Barbara, États-Unis
 Page web
25.ISPAC 2015 — International Symposium on Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds
 Dates 13 Sep 2015 → 17 Sep 2015
[ID=698132] Haut de la page
 LieuBordeaux, France
 Résumé ISPAC 2015 will focus on the research of Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds (PACs) on multiple fronts of analytical measurements, toxicology, organic synthesis, human exposure and health effects, and environmental presences, sources, fate and transport. It is a forum that brings together researchers worldwide to communicate, learn and advance the field of PAC. In addition, we intend to have an exhibition involving chemical products, analytical instrumentations and services involving PACs. We will welcome proposals for short courses, arranged sessions and vendors’ seminars. Several best presentation awards will be distributed to young researchers. Finally the ISPAC 2015 Award will be given to a prominent research scientist in the field of PACs.
 Page web
 Sujets apparentés Biochimie et chimie médicale, toxicologie
26.Thermosets 2015 — Thermosetting Resins - From Monomers to Components
 Dates 16 Sep 2015 → 18 Sep 2015
[ID=609386] Haut de la page
 LieuBerlin, Allemagne
 Résumé Thermosets are covalently bonded, 3D-crosslinked materials that can’t be melted by heating or dissolved completely by any solvents. This three dimensional network is one surety for long term stability, no creeping and a lot of other outstanding properties. The Thermosets 2015 conference focuses on the following topics: Chemistry of thermosetting resins, Characterization and modeling of thermosetting resins, Processing of thermosetting resins, Fiber-reinforced thermosets, Recycling and repair of thermosetting resins.
 Sujets thermosets, thermosetting resins, polymers, composites, fiber-reinforced plastics
 Page web
 Contact Email.:
 Sujets apparentés Produits chimiques et science des matériaux; Chimie appliquée: Plastiques, peintures et matériaux synthétiques
27.Bayreuth Polymer Symposium 2015
 Dates 20 Sep 2015 → 22 Sep 2015
[ID=667292] Haut de la page
 LieuBayreuth, Allemagne
 Page web
28.Compounding World Asia 2015
 Dates 06 Oct 2015 → 08 Oct 2015
[ID=710078] Haut de la page
 LieuSingapore, Singapour
 Résumé AMI and Compounding World magazine are pleased to announce the Compounding World Asia 2015 conference, which will take place on 6-8 October 2015 at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel in Singapore. This conference will build on the success of the Compounding World Forum in the USA and the Compounding World Congress in Europe. It will create a vibrant new meeting place for thermoplastics compounders from throughout Asia and beyond.
 Page web
 Contact Jenny Skinner; Tél.: [00441173148111]; Email.:
 Sujets apparentés Traitement des polymères
29.International Conference on Advanced Polymers via Macromolecular Engineering (APME) 2015
 Dates 18 Oct 2015 → 22 Oct 2015
[ID=656237] Haut de la page
 LieuYokohama, Japon
 Résumé The focus of the meeting will be on recent advances in polymer chemistry, polymer synthesis and polymer characterization and the scope of the meeting will include: - Basic polymer synthesis system - Energy and environment related materials - Organic/inorganic hybrid materials - Soft and hard networked materials and their function - Tissue engineering
 Page web
 Sujets apparentés Modélisation moléculaire
30.5th Confernce on Frontiers in Organic Synthesis Technology
 Dates 21 Oct 2015 → 23 Oct 2015
[ID=682702] Haut de la page
 LieuBudapest, Hongrie
 Sujets Flow Chemistry on Novel Roads Frontiers in Organic Synthesis Technology is a forum where participants can get further motivation from listening to in-depth talks from internationally recognized experts. It is also a great chance for researchers to present their latest results. To provide an even more complex education in flow chemistry the delegates can join the Flow Chemisrty University program. During this program the conference audience visit a nearby lab where they can see how flow reactors work, raise their questions to experts. ... The conference targets innovative areas of organic chemistry with great future potential focusing on the following fields. Applications for poster contributions are invited from the following fields: Latest trends in flow based organic chemistry, Latest trends in green flow chemistry, Flow chemistry for nanotechnology, Flow chemistry in fracking and in non-conventional oil & gas production, Flow chemistry in environmental management and cleaning.
 Page web
31.5-me Seminaire National Sur Les Polymeres
 Dates 28 Oct 2015 → 29 Oct 2015
[ID=713306] Haut de la page
 LieuBejaia, Algérie
 Page web
32.2nd International Symposium on Materials and Sustainable Development
 Dates 09 Nov 2015 → 10 Nov 2015
[ID=700841] Haut de la page
 LieuAlger, Algérie
 Page web
 Contact IREKTI Amar; Email.:
 Sujets apparentés Génie civil; Produits chimiques et science des matériaux
33.16th Tetrahedron Symposium - Asian Edition
 Dates 10 Nov 2015 → 13 Nov 2015
[ID=702458] Haut de la page
 LieuShanghai, Chine
 Résumé Elsevier's Tetrahedron Symposium is the recognised annual meeting and information point for reporting advances in Bioorganic & Organic Chemistry. The intention of this conference is to provide an intimate and relaxed environment, to stimulate fresh thinking and creative ideas, in a scientific field impacting so importantly on life and medical sciences. The symposium will also highlight the key role of chemistry in the discovery and development of new therapeutic agents for human diseases. Each event brings together over 400 leading individuals to discuss the most relevant issues at that moment. The symposium is run in conjunction with Elsevier's leading biochemical journals.
 Page web
 Sujets apparentés Biochimie et chimie médicale, toxicologie
34.Colloquium on Heterocyclic Chemistry
 Dates 12 Nov 2015 → 15 Nov 2015
[ID=686453] Haut de la page
 LieuAntalya, Turquie
 Page web
35.The Polymer Club 2014 Fall Symposium
 Date de début17 Dec 2015
[ID=686544] Haut de la page
 LieuWarwick, Royaume-Uni
 Page web
 Sujets apparentés Chimie appliquée: Plastiques, peintures et matériaux synthétiques
36.International Workshop on Polymer Reaction Engineering
 Dates 17 Mai 2016 → 20 Mai 2016
[ID=651621] Haut de la page
 LieuHambourg, Allemagne
 Résumé The Committee, DECHEMA Society for Chemical Technology and Biotechnology and The University of Hamburg cordially invite you to participate in the 12th International Workshop on Polymer Reaction Engineering in Hamburg/Germany.
 Page web
 Sujets apparentés Génie chimique; Chimie industrielle et chimie verte

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