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Pour en savoir plus ...

Conférences - Enseignement assisté par ordinateur met à la disposition de ses visiteurs des listes de conférences et réunions dans le domaine scientifique. Ces listes sont publiées pour le bénéfice des personnes qui cherchent une conférence, mais aussi, bien sûr, pour celui des organisateurs. Noter que, malgré tout le soin que nous apportons à la vérification des données entrées dans nos listes, nous ne pouvons accepter de responsabilité en ce qui concerne leur exactitude ou étendue. Pensez donc à vérifier les informations présentées avec les organisateurs de la conférence ou de la réunion avant de vous engager à y participer!

Les organisateurs peuvent soumettre une réunion ou une conférence pour inclusion dans nos listes, et ceci gratuitement.


1.ECEL 2014 — 13th European Conference on e-Learning ECEL-2014
 Dates 30 Oct 2014 → 31 Oct 2014
[ID=625203] Haut de la page
 LieuCopenhagen, Danemark
 Résumé E-learning has become an established way of designing and implementing education in many arenas and domains during the last decade. However e-learning is also a broad concept that embraces design for learning related to e.g. Interface design of learning resources, the individual interaction with various forms of ICT, social collaboration mediated by ICT and the emergence of hybrid space, place and telepresence due to mobile devices and video conferencing. Even though e-learning has become a more everyday practice we still need research and development in the field. We have followed ECEL almost from the start and find ECEL an important academic and scientific forum, which allows for in depth discussions among peers. Thus, it is really an honor for Aalborg University – Copenhagen, Department of Learning and Philosophy to host the 13th European Conference on E-Learning. It will be an excellent opportunity to leverage our knowledge, to share our experiences and to reinforce our academic and scientific networks with colleagues from across the world
 Sujets •Social and collaborative e-Learning •Groupware •e-Learning to support communities and individuals •e-Learning and social justice •Societal and cultural issues in e-Learning •Communities of practice •Pedagogy for e-Learning teachers •Application of instructional design theories •Learner characteristics •e-Learning adoption •e-Learning implementation and cognitive styles •Online and computer aided assessments •Support for lifelong learning •e-Learning design, usability, evaluation •Systems & Learning Management Systems
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 Contact Mandy Limbrick; Email.:
2.13th World Conference on Mobile and Contextual Learning
 Dates 03 Nov 2014 → 05 Nov 2014
[ID=617559] Haut de la page
 LieuISTANBUL, Turquie
 Résumé mLearn2014 will be the place to meet the most prolific researchers and the young talents in the mobile learning community. Get inspired by presentations about research results and practice experiences. Get to know new tools and news educational concepts. All this will take place in the heart of Istanbul – a vibrant place at the intersection of different cultures.
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 Contact BANU UCAR; Email.:
3.LEARNTech Asia Conference 2014
 Dates 13 Nov 2014 → 14 Nov 2014
[ID=622188] Haut de la page
 LieuSingapore, Singapour
 Résumé Buoyed by a large population of young, driven and Internet-savvy labour force, and a rapidly growing middle class, Asia is home to many promising and emerging economies. It is in this context that LEARNTech Asia Conference is established - to help companies and schools better understand the unique issues and navigate the challenges of manpower training and development in the new world. LEARNTech Asia Conference 2014 examines the conventional notions of training and development and explores potentially innovative ways of instructional delivery. ‘Rethink Training!’ is a call-to-action for business and community leaders to adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to train and engage their people and sharpen their organisation’s competitive edge.
 Sujets Learntech, e-learning, adult learning
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 Contact Ms Rachel Lim; Email.:
4.ACEI 2014 — 2014 Annual Conference on Education Innovation
 Dates 21 Nov 2014 → 23 Nov 2014
[ID=624175] Haut de la page
 LieuTaipei, Taïwan
 Résumé ACEI 2014 is to provide a platform for researchers,academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Networking and Digital Society.This conference provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration.
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 Contact Higher Education Forum , Taipei,Taiwan Tel:+886 2 2740 1498 Fax:+886 2 2752 2642; Tél.: [+886227401498]; Email.:
5.OEB14 — ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN 2014 20th International Conference on Technology Supported Learning and Training
 Dates 03 Dec 2014 → 05 Dec 2014
[ID=627069] Haut de la page
 LieuBerlin, Allemagne
 Résumé ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN is the largest global conference on technology supported learning and training for the corporate, education and public service sectors. It is a window to the world of technology supported learning, with over 2000 delegates from more than 100 countries attend the conference, making ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN the key international meeting place to discover innovative solutions, absorb new thinking and exchange ideas. Over its 20 years, the event has consistently brought together high-level decision makers from education, business and government sectors, the three areas driving e-learning adoption and innovation. The spotlight is also on international providers who will demonstrate their products, tools and services at the Exhibition, giving participants a closer look at the latest technologies and innovations.
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 Contact Tél.: [(+49 (0)30 310 18 18-0)]; Email.:
6.NCSP'2014 — National Conference on Speech Processing
 Dates 10 Dec 2014 → 11 Dec 2014
[ID=649883] Haut de la page
 LieuAlgiers, Algérie
 Résumé Automatic Speech Processing (ASP) is a multidisciplinary field which needs to progress with the collaboration of electrical engineers, computer scientists, linguists and phoneticians, experts in speech pathology and didactics, etc. Nowadays, techniques of ASP are rapidly increasing with important applications such as the aid to handicapped persons and language learning, especially Arabic language. The National Conference on Speech Processing NCSP’ 2014 is an opportunity for doctoral students, researchers and university teachers to show their works and experimentations and to exchange points of views and perspectives.
 Sujets Speech synthesis, Articulatory synthesis, Rhythm and Prosodic analysis, Speech recognition, Speech corpora, Audio and Speech signal analysis, Robust Speech Recognition, Automatic speech segmentation and Classification, Text to speech systems, Pathologic voices analysis, Signal Processing Theory, Speech processing for educational purposes, Learning methods in Speech Processing, Speaker identification
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 Contact Tél.: [+213 94 10 88]; Email.:
 Sujets apparentés Interface homme-machine; Traitement automatique des langues
7.T4E 2014 — 6th International Conference On Technology For Education
 Dates 18 Dec 2014 → 21 Dec 2014
[ID=619001] Haut de la page
 LieuKerala, Inde
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8.L@S 2015 — Second (2015) ACM Conference on Learning @ Scale
 Dates 14 Mar 2015 → 18 Mar 2015
[ID=659015] Haut de la page
 LieuVancouver, BC, États-Unis
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9.CSEDU '15 — International Conference on Computer Supported Education
 Dates 21 Mai 2015 → 23 Mai 2015
[ID=659232] Haut de la page
 LieuLisbonne, Portugal
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10.CSEDU 2015 — 7th International Conference on Computer Supported Education
 Dates 23 Mai 2015 → 25 Mai 2015
[ID=631942] Haut de la page
 LieuLisbonne, Portugal
 Sujets Computer Supported Education
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11.ITICSE '15 — Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education Conference 2015
 Dates 04 Jul 2015 → 08 Jul 2015
[ID=659415] Haut de la page
 LieuVilnius, Lituanie
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12.ICEEE2015 — The Fourth International Conference on E-Learning and E-Technologies in Education
 Dates 10 Sep 2015 → 12 Sep 2015
[ID=659608] Haut de la page
 LieuTangerang, Indonésie
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13.FIE 2015 — 2015 Frontiers in Education
 Dates 21 Oct 2015 → 24 Oct 2015
[ID=619114] Haut de la page
 LieuEl Paso, Texas, États-Unis
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14.FIE 2015 — 2015 Frontiers in Education
 Dates 21 Oct 2015 → 25 Oct 2015
[ID=635226] Haut de la page
 LieuEl Paso, Texas, États-Unis
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