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Gravity2019 — The functioning of galaxies: challenges for Newtonian and Milgromian dynamics: A workshop at the University of Bonn
23 Sep 2019 - 27 Sep 2019 • Bonn, Germany
One of the greatest current unsolved problems in physics is whether gravity, which is the least understood of the fundamental "forces", is universally Newtonian in the classical limit. The nature of gravitation is even unclear, but whatever the physical origin of gravitation, the empirical formulation of how a body is accelerated as a result of the mass-distribution around it can be applied to study the formation and evolution of galaxies.

With this meeting we aim to foster a discussion between the scientists who have been studying galaxies and cosmology in the dark matter and Milgromian frameworks which constitute two fundamentally different hypotheses. The aim is to achieve an exchange notably also on the technical challenges in applying both hypothesis to computational astrophysics problems in view of recent advances in understanding stellar populations, which are important for quantifying feedback processes.

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Dark matter, MOND, galaxies, cosmology, computational astrophysics
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VirtualLab Fusion training: Analysis and Design of Diffractive and Micro-Optical Systems
25 Sep 2019 - 27 Sep 2019 • Jena , Germany
LightTrans International
Attendees at the software course develop their skills in modeling and analysis of micro-structured and diffractive optical components with refractive, diffractive and hybrid surfaces.
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