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EMBL Course: Cryo-Electron Microscopy and 3D Image Processing
02 Sep 2018 - 10 Sep 2018 • Heidelberg, Germany
Solving structures of large macromolecular assemblies to gain fundamental insights into biological mechanisms remains a major challenge in structural biology. Cryo-EM combined with image processing is currently undergoing what has been referred to as a “resolution revolution”, making it one of the most powerful techniques to address this challenge. It also has unique capabilities to obtain structural information in situ within complex environments, and to deal with heterogeneous samples. The methods are complex and under constant development, so in depth, advanced training of new users is essential to ensure future users can adapt new technologies to expand into new areas and solve new biological problems. This course provides the theoretical and practical training covering the full breadth of cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) techniques from sample preparation to data collection to image processing.
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Raman Conference — 15th Confocal Raman Imaging Symposium
24 Sep 2018 - 26 Sep 2018 • Ulm, Germany
The 15th Confocal Raman Imaging Symposium will be held from September 24th to the 26th 2018 in Ulm, Germany. The annual international conference for chemical characterization and imaging is a well-established forum in the Raman community for sharing recent developments in Raman imaging. In its 15th year, the symposium will feature renowned speakers from various disciplines in industry and academia, insights into the latest Raman techniques and instrumentation, and the opportunity to present research results to the Raman community at the contributed talk and poster sessions.
Phone: [+49731140700];     Email:
Raman, Imaging, Chemical Characterization, Microscopy, Spectroscopy, Chemistry, Optics, Biology, Materials, Surfaces
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CISCEM 2018 — 4th International Conference on In Situ and Correlative Electron Microscopy
10 Oct 2018 - 11 Oct 2018 • Saarbrücken, Germany
CISCEM aims at bringing together an interdisciplinary group of scientists from the fields of biology, materials science, chemistry, and physics, to discuss future directions of in-situ electron microscopy research. Topics will include nanoscale studies of biological samples, and functional materials under realistic or near realistic conditions, for example, in gaseous environments, at elevated temperatures, and in liquid. It will be discussed how dynamical processes can be studied by including the time domain in electron microscopy, while taking into account the electron beam effects. CISCEM is also open to other in-situ techniques, such as light microscopy, X-ray, near field or scanning probe microscopy, with the view to stimulate fruitful discussions on multi-scale and correlative approaches.
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EMBL Conference: From Images to Knowledge with ImageJ & Friends
06 Dec 2018 - 08 Dec 2018 • Heidelberg, Germany
Discovery in the life-sciences increasingly relies on quantitative analysis of microscopy images. The EMBL Conference: From Images to Knowledge with ImageJ & Friends (I2K) will bring together the developers and users of state-of-the-art open source solutions for biological image analysis. It will be a forum for discussing forward looking strategies for dealing with the ever increasing flood of large and content rich microscopy imagery.
Phone: [+49 6221 387 8797];     Email:
Bioimage Analysis Workflows, Computer Vision and Machine Learning; Handling of Big Image Data; Image Data Annotation and Sharing; Image Data Visualization; Image Restoration, Registration, Segmentation, and Tracking; Smart Microscopy; Open Software Engineering.
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Microscopy Conference 2019
01 Sep 2019 - 05 Sep 2019 • Berlin , Germany
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