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NDM-2020 — International Conference on Neutrinos and Dark Matter
11 Jan 2020 - 14 Jan 2020 • Hurgada, Egypt
Non-vanishing neutrino masses and the existence of non-baryonic Dark Matter (DM) represent the only two firm observational evidences of new physics beyond the Standard Model (SM). Proposed neutrino species can also in principle constitute the bulk of the dark matter. They may moreover leave different signatures on astrophysical scales than the hitherto standard WIMP-based cold dark matter. As the parameter space for the latter is increasingly constrained experimentally, such alternates become more relevant, along with others such as the lately topical ultra-light axions.

The NDM-2020 aims to be a forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas regarding the particle phenomenology, astrophysical signatures and experimental constraints related to those two fundamental and actively studied issues in particle and astroparticle physics, namely neutrinos and dark matter, and their possible connections.

The Center for Fundamental Physics (CFP), Zewail City of Science and Technology.
Neutrinos masses and mixing, Neutrinos and cosmology, Heavy neutrinos, Sterile neutrinos, Neutrino oscillation experiments, Neutrinoless double beta decay experiments, New ideas on lepton number conservation, WIMP phenomenology, Light DM, Direct detection of DM, Indirect detection of DM and DM searches at the LHC.
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