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Characterisation of Materials used in Nuclear Environments
04 Jul 2017 • Institute of Physics, London, United Kingdom
This conference aims to give an insight into the study and current mechanistic understanding of various reactor components corrosion and degradation as well as the techniques that are employed to aid this understanding.
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Magnonics2017 — Magnonics 2017
07 Aug 2017 - 11 Aug 2017 • Oxford, United Kingdom
Magnonics 2017 is the latest conference in the biennial series focussing on fundamental and applied aspects of magnon and spin-wave dynamics and nanomagnetism. The meeting will take place in the beautiful surroundings of Magdalen College, Oxford.
Dr Alexy Karenowska, Dr Hidekazu Kurebayashi;     Email:
magnon, spin-wave, nanomagnetism, condensed matter physics, magnetism, quantum magnetism, spintronics, magnonics
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International Workshop on Topological Structures in Ferroic Materials
08 Aug 2017 - 10 Aug 2017 • University of Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom
Current research interests regarding interfaces, domains, domain walls, vortices, spin currents and spin torque, spin textures and skyrmions in (multi)ferroics constitute an emerging field in solid state physics and materials science. Connecting these research fields with topological concepts in physics will contribute to the fundamental understanding and will merge these hot topics.
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Nanoanalysis of Steels and Structural Alloys
07 Sep 2017 - 08 Sep 2017 • Glasgow, United Kingdom
Advances in sub-nanometre resolution chemical analysis can have huge benefits in the study and development of steels and other structural alloys. This meeting is an opportunity to learn about, present and discuss the latest advances in analytical techniques like EELS and EDX on the transmission electron microscope, and 3D atom probe tomography, and how these can be applied to understanding the nanochemistry in high performance alloys.
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International Conference on Optics of Excitons in Confined Systems
10 Sep 2017 - 15 Sep 2017 • University of Bath, , Bath, United Kingdom
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Physical Aspects of Polymer Science
13 Sep 2017 - 15 Sep 2017 • Swansea University, Bay Campus, Swansea, United Kingdom
ECI — Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics: Materials for Extreme Environment Applications IV
17 Sep 2017 - 20 Sep 2017 • Windsor, United Kingdom
Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics are a family of compounds that display a unique set of properties, including extremely high melting temperatures (>3000°C), high hardness and good chemical stability and strength at high temperatures. Structural materials for use in high-temperature oxidizing environments are presently limited mostly to SiC, Si3N4, oxide ceramics and composites of these materials. The maximum use temperatures of silicon-based ceramics is limited to ~1600°C due to the onset of active oxidation (lower temperatures in water vapour environments), whilst oxides have exhibited high creep rates at higher temperatures. The development of structural materials for use in oxidizing and rapid heating environments at temperatures above 1600°C is therefore of great engineering importance.

Arlene Conway;     Phone: [212-514-6760];     Email:
Ceramics Carbides nitrides borides transition metals compounds divertors hypersonic vehicles plasma electrodes fusion nuclear fuels furnace elements nuclear defence aerospace matrix composites structural materials
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