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ICISGT — 2018 IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Green Technology
20 Dec 2018 - 23 Dec 2018 • VISAKHAPATNAM, India
Advances of Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical and Electronics areas in view of use to humanity; Interdisciplinary research that may lead to benefit the humanity; Research contributions can also be presented in Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Persian, French languages. This is first of its kind in India and only the English version will be exported to IEEExplore
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18 Jan 2019 - 19 Jan 2019 • Nagpur, India
Society is facing mounting challenges in meeting the demand for energy. The Energy-Environment nexus is a complex problem requiring a multidisciplinary research approach for understanding how they are linked and how sustainable solutions can be developed to ensure the continued provision of these necessary resources for humanity. Chemists possess unique and diverse core skills to address some of the grand challenges in this area such as sustainable energy production, the use of renewable feedstocks, energy-efficient water purification/desalination, CO2 capture and conversion, solar energy harvesting etc. These challenges provide exciting research opportunities for the chemistry community. A paradigm shift away from the conventional approach is required, to effectively harness these diverse renewable resources. CE2C-2019 aim to deliberate on four key features: Basic research, Innovation, Collaboration, and Implementation. This conference will discuss possible solutions to address these complex research and development challenges that incorporate scientific as well as social dimensions to this area; with interdisciplinary approaches and engage stakeholders and decision-makers. This conference aims to bring together leading experts from academia, and industry to discuss the latest development and future directions for meeting these grand challenges. The event will address some important questions and aim to help create a vision for the future. It will take up critical issues such as how we can harness solar energy to improve our prospects for a future powered by renewable energy, not only by enabling the greener energy but in helping to reduce the environmental impact of hydrocarbon fuels. There will be discussion on questions such as: whether techniques of organic chemistry be combined with CO2 chemistry to produce useful chemicals, including medicine and fuels, whether spectroscopic and computational studies only help us to better understand these processes from a conceptual standpoint, but whether they can help us in designing better material for real application.
Prof. Atul V. Wankhade;     Phone: [+91-9423402441];     Email:
Nanomaterials for Energy & Environment, Nanotechnology & Environmental benefits, Carbon-based Nanomaterials, Green catalysis and processes, Renewable energy, CO2 capture & conversion, Flow Chemistry, Heterogeneous catalysis, Photocatalysis, Water splitting, Sustainable Synthesis, Solar cells, Biomass valorization, Hydrogen production and storage, Biomimetic/Biocatalysis.
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RIBER-2019 — International Conference on Recent innovations in Biosustainability and Environmental Rresearch-2019
20 Feb 2019 - 22 Feb 2019 • Chidambaram Tamilnadu, India
Growing evidences and real-world changes convincingly show that humanity is driving the global environmental change and pushing the world in to the widely claimed new geological epoch- the “Anthropocene” and trigger the anthropogenic crisis across the globe. In fact we are in the middle of environmental, economic and social crises having enormous repercussions on “Biosustainability” due to various destructive agents such as environmental contamination through dumping of solid wastes, chemical pollutants, hither-to unknown health issues, climate change, rapid biodiversity loss, interferences with biogeochemical cycles, stratospheric ozone depletion, ocean acidification, declining global freshwater reserve, change in land use pattern, loading of atmosphere with aerosol, rapid rise in green house impact and many other detrimental tools of mass destruction in a multidisciplinary approach.It would also facilitate a better understanding of the underlying scientific process towards Biosustainability under the ongoing global climate change.
Phone: [+91 8667236659];     Email:
Biodiversity, biosustainability, environmental research, conservation, climate change, global warming, ecotoxicology, sustainable development
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ICSETS — 2019 IEEE International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies and Systems
26 Feb 2019 - 01 Mar 2019 • Bhubaneswar, India
GSWE-2019 — Global Summit on Waste to Energy
28 Feb 2019 - 01 Mar 2019 • New Delhi, India
This year’s highlights included the role of waste to energy in the transition to a low carbon economy, alternative financing mechanisms, the build-out of projects in international markets and the production of high-value fuels and chemicals from waste, featuring 70 expert speakers and the most exciting technologies and innovations transforming the market .Enjoy access to unparalleled new business leads, with delegates representing waste management, energy generation, finance, investment, engineering, and advisory, central and local government organisations who attend to learn, network and discuss real business opportunities.
Phone: [8368626329];     Email:
Waste to Energy Gasification technology ◆ Waste to energy Technologies ◆ Waste of Hydrogen fuel cell ◆ Biomass-to-Syngas Technologies ◆ MSW to Syngas ◆ Bio-waste to BIO-CNG ◆ Plastics Waste to Energy ◆ Biomass to Fuels ◆ Biomass to Bioplastics ◆ Food Waste to Energy ◆ Landfill Gas to Fuel & Energy ◆ Wastewater to Renewable energy ◆ Wood Waste to Energy ◆ Medical Waste to Energy ◆ Nuclear Waste to Energy ◆ Transforming the Strategy into Reality ◆ Waste, Energy & climate Change Policy ◆ Thermal treatment of Solid waste ◆ Energy recovery from wastewater transforming ◆ Innovative Wastewater Energy Recovery Technologies ◆ Waste-to-Energy Plant process safety challenges ◆ Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Waste to Energy ◆ Environment Engineering ◆ Occupational Health and Safety in Solid Waste Managements ◆ Challenging and Opportunities in Bio based Economy
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2019 International Conference on Green Energy and Environmental Technology
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