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IOGCA 2019 — 2nd Edition Of Indian Oil & Gas Chemistry, Chemical & Additives Conference
16 Sep 2019 - 17 Sep 2019 • Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Chemistry and Chemicals are integral part of upstream as well as downstream Oil & Gas Industry. They play a significant role in drilling, well completion, well stimulation, water shut off, flow assurance, crude oil demulsification, corrosion inhibition, effluent treatment, microbiological controls, injection water treatment, enhanced oil recovery etc in upstream oil and gas drilling and production. In downstream processes, they play role in catalysis, lubricants and greases, additives, absorption and adsorption, cleaning systems, cracking and fuel technology, heat exchange systems, sludge handling, H2S scavenging, pipeline transportation, solvents, polymers, corrosion inhibition, effluent treatment, microbiological issues etc. Chemicals are used as an oxygen scavenger, corrosion inhibitor, biocide, demulsifier, surfactants in several operations, solvents, paraffin inhibitor and dispersant, pout point depressant, drag reducer, polyelectrolyte, defoamer, deoiler etc. A broad range of chemicals has been developed by researchers and service providers to meet the challenges and provide new avenues. Chemistry of crude oil and water plays an important role in most of these applications of chemicals and hence their detailed analysis and characterization will also form a part of the discussion of this conference.
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IOGCA, IOFC, Checmical, Oil Feild, Gujarat, Conference, Exhibition
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CHEMLOG INDIA-2019 — CHEMLOG India, International Conference for Logistics and Supply Chain of Chemicals & Petrochemicals.
28 Sep 2019 • mumbai, India
5th CHEMLOG India, International Conference for Logistics and Supply Chain of Chemicals & Petrochemicals. CHEMLOG, as it is known now, has carved its niche as India’s 1st & only knowledge and networking platform of the industry. Over the last 4 editions, business leaders and top executives from the chemicals manufacturing, their supply chain counterparts & service providers have represented their domains and added significantly to the exchange of ideas making it the most sought after and important summit.
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