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ICANN 2017 — 26th International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks
11 Sep 2017 - 15 Sep 2017 • Alghero/Sassari, Sardinia, Italy
The International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (ICANN) is the annual flagship conference of the European Neural Network Society (ENNS). The ideal of ICANN is to bring together researchers from two worlds: information sciences and neurosciences. The scope is wide, ranging from machine learning algorithms to models of real nervous systems. The aim is to facilitate discussions and interactions in the effort towards developing more intelligent computational systems and increasing our understanding of neural and cognitive processes in the brain. ICANN 2017 is a dual-track conference with a Brain inspired computing track and a Machine learning track, with strong cross-disciplinary interactions and applications. All research fields dealing with Neural Networks will be present at the Conference with emphasis on “Deep learning”, “Neural Coding”, “Decision Making” and “Unsupervised Learning”.
Theoretical Neural Computation, Information and Optimization, From Neurons to Neuromorphism, Spiking Dynamics, From Single Neurons to Networks, Complex Firing Patterns, Movement and Motion, From Sensation to Perception, Object and Face Recognition, Reinforcement Learning, Bayesian and Echo State Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks and Reservoir Computing, Coding Architectures, Interacting with The Brain, Swarm Intelligence and Decision-Making, Multilayer Perceptrons and Kernel Networks, Training and Learning, Inference and Recognition, Support Vector Machines, Self-Organizing Maps and Clustering, Clustering, Mining and Exploratory Analysis, Bioinformatics, Time Series and Forecasting
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IS18 — SIAM Conference on Imaging Science
05 Jun 2018 - 08 Jun 2018 • University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy
The interdisciplinary field of imaging science is experiencing tremendous growth. New devices capable of imaging objects and structures from nanoscale to the astronomical scale are continuously being developed and improved, and as result, the reach of science and medicine has been extended in exciting and unexpected ways. The impact of this technology has been to generate new challenges associated with the problems of formation, acquisition, compression, transmission, and analysis of images. By their very nature, these challenges cut across the disciplines of physics, engineering, mathematics, biology, medicine, and statistics. While the primary purpose of this conference is to focus on mathematical issues, the other facets of imaging, such as biomedical and engineering aspects, for example, will also play an important role.
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