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EMBO Workshop — Proteostasis
17 Nov 2017 - 21 Nov 2017 • Ericeira, Portugal
Proteins & Biochemistry | Cellular Metabolism
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EMB12 — Essential Molecular Biology - Hands-on Laboratory Course - 12th edition
22 Jan 2018 - 09 Feb 2018 • Porto, Portugal
The Essential Molecular Biology course covers the fundamental principles and techniques used in experimental research in the area of Molecular Biology. Essentially practical in nature, it aims at the learning of current genomics and proteomics techniques, as well as the acquisition of skills in laboratory experimentation required for scientific research in Biomedicine.
Miguel Soares;     Phone: [+351 22 042 6779];     Email:
Genomics: G1: Nucleic acids extraction (DNA, RNA) from cells, tissues or fluids; G2: Quantification techniques and quality control; G3: cDNA synthesis by reverse transcription (RT); G4: DNA and cDNA amplification by conventional PCR and real time PCR (qPCR); G5: Recombinant DNA techniques (enzymatic restriction, transformation, molecular cloning); G6: Gene expression studies (RT-qPCR); G7: DNA-protein interaction studies (Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assay, DNA pull-down essays) Proteomics: P1: Protein extraction from cells or tissues; P2: Quantification techniques; P3: Electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE); P4: Western blotting; P5: Isoelectric focusing; P6: Purification by liquid chromatography; P7: Protein co-immunoprecipitation.
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EMBO Workshop — Telomere biology in health and human disease
01 May 2018 - 06 May 2018 • Troia, Portugal
Genome Stability & Dynamics | Molecular Medicine
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EMBO Workshop — New shores in land plant evolution
19 Jun 2018 - 22 Jun 2018 • Lisbon, Portugal
Evolution & Ecology | Plant Biology
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2nd International Caparica Conference in Splicing
16 Jul 2018 - 19 Jul 2018 • Caparica, Portugal
It is estimated that 30% of diseases caused by mutations can be linked to splicing. Mutation of a splice site can result in site loss of function and specificity, causing insertion or deletion of aminoacids or a disruption of the reading frame. The importance of understanding and properly decoding roles governing splicing have become a fact for the research community as demonstarted by the increasing number of manuscripts devoted to this subject.
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