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ICAICTA — 2018 5th International Conference on Advanced Informatics: Concept Theory and Applications
14 Aug 2018 - 17 Aug 2018 • Krabi, Thailand
Intelligent Systems and Applications
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04 Oct 2018 - 05 Oct 2018 • Pattaya, Thailand
The International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Optimization (ICO2018) highlights the latest research innovations and applications of algorithms designed for optimization applications within the fields of Science, Computer Science, Engineering, Information Technology, Management, Finance and Economics. Focusing on a variety of methods and systems as well as practical examples, this conference is a significant resource for post graduate-level students, decision makers, and researchers in both public and private sectors who are seeking research-based methods for modeling uncertain and unpredictable real-world problems.
Phone: [164892932];     Email:
Intelligent Computing and Applications: Artificial intelligence, Quantum computing, Artificial Neural Networks, Self –Organizing, Fuzzy logic, Membrane computing, Evolutionary computation, Learning theory, Probabilistic methods, Image processing Computer vision, Speech recognition, Big data, Evolutionary algorithm, Randomness Monte Carlo methods, Algorithmic probability, Chaos theory, Cryptography, Game theory, Information theory, Pattern recognition, Natural computing, Evolutionary robotics Knowledge-based system, Machine learning, Unsupervised learning, Computational finance, Computational economics, DNA computing Optimization and Applications: Ant colony optimization, Artificial bee colony, Artificial immune systems, Artificial neural networks, Automatic computing, Bacterial foraging, Biological computing, Chaos optimization, Cloud Computing, Combinatorial Optimization, Computational intelligence, Continuous optimization, Cultural algorithms. Differential evolution, Direct search, Evolutionary computing, Fuzzy optimization, Genetic algorithms, Granular computing, Hybrid algorithms, Local and global search, Memetic algorithms, Meta-heuristic methods, Particle swarm optimization, Pattern search, Simulated annealing, Simulation and modeling, Soft computing techniques Support vector machines, Swarm intelligence, Tabu search, Variable neighborhood search
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ICSP 2018 — Third International Congress on Signal Processing 2018
18 Oct 2018 - 20 Oct 2018 • Bangkok, Thailand
Signal Processing 2018 Session of the International Congress 2018 focuses on Signal Processing Application, Medical Imaging, Image & Video Signal Processing, Compressive Sensing and many parameters. This session aims to summarize the latest development of Signal Processing as well as deployment experiences.

The International Congress 2018 is a massive attempt by the Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties. This aims at the higher end quality selection of the paper. At a single instance, there are almost 44 International Conferences happening at the same venue. All the participants will get the certificate from the Committee whomever it be if Listener or Author or Poster presenter.

Signal Processing for Communication, Image & Video Signal Processing, Medical Imaging, Image Forensic, DSP Algorithms & Architectures, Pattern Analysis & Classification, Large Dimensional Signal Processing, Compressive Sensing, Statistical Signal Processing, VLSI for Digital Signal Processing, Speech & Audio Processing, Biomedical Signal Processing, spectral Analysis, Time-Frequency and Time-Scale Representation, Statistical Signal Processing, Filtering, Detection and Estimation, Nonlinear Signal Processing, Radar, Antennas, Telecommunications Systems, Acoustics,
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