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Memory Formation in Matter
02 Jan 2018 - 09 Mar 2018 • Santa Barbara, United States
Memory is the ability to encode, access, and erase signatures of history and typically requires broken symmetry or ergodicity. This program will develop the conceptual underpinnings for memory in materials and broader connections to science and math.
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Liquid Crystals, Metamaterials, Transformation Optics, Photonic Crystals, and Solar Cells
27 Feb 2018 - 02 Mar 2018 • IMA/University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, United States
Since their discovery at the end of the nineteenth century, liquid crystals have helped illuminate the many ways in which light interacts with matter. The capability of nematic liquid crystal molecules to align along preferred directions by the application of electric and magnetic fields has had a profound impact on the way that information is presented through the flat panel display industry. In addition to small molecule nematic structures, there is a wealth of liquid crystal phases that can offer several degrees of positional ordering. These include the one-dimensionally modulated smectic phases, the two-dimensional chromonic crystal structures, and the three-dimensional periodic blue phases, which are determined by arrays of defects in cholesteric materials. This workshop will focus on a number of novel optical applications of liquid crystals. This workshop will gather mathematicians and scientists from many fields of liquid crystal research to explore the current trends of liquid crystals.
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Electrohydrodynamics and Electrodiffusion in Material Sciences and Biology
12 Mar 2018 - 16 Mar 2018 • IMA/University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, United States
Electrohydrodynamics and electrodiffusion, in particular the study of droplets and deformable membranes in fluid under the effect of electric field or the flow of ions in salt exchange membranes and fuel cells, are classical fields in the material sciences. The potential applications of electrohydrodynamics to microfluidics and biomedical engineering has given a renewed interest to this classical field. On the other hand, description and modeling of corresponding phenomena in biology is relatively sparse, but its presence and significance is starting to be recognized. This workshop will bring together experts of electrohydrodynamics and electrodiffusion in both the material sciences and biology to foster discussion. The talks will address various aspects of electrohydrodynamics and electrodiffusion, including phenomenology, modeling, and computation.
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MRS Spring Meeting 2018
02 Apr 2018 - 06 Apr 2018 • Phoenix, United States
The 2018 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit is the key forum to present research to an interdisciplinary and international audience. It provides a window on the future of materials science, and offers an opportunity for researchers—from students and postdoctoral fellows, to Nobel and Kavli Prize Laureates—to exchange technical information and network with colleagues.
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International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films
23 Apr 2018 - 27 Apr 2018 • San Diego, United States
The International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films (ICMCTF) is recognized as the premier international conference on thin-film deposition, characterization, and advanced surface engineering. It provides a forum and networking venue for scientists, engineers, and technologists from academia, government laboratories, and industry. Attendees from all over the world come to present their findings, exchange ideas, share insights, make new friends, and renew old acquaintances. The Conference typically draws more than 700 attendees, covering 40 oral technical sessions and a well-attended Thursday evening poster session. This year, there are several special interest lectures being featured throughout the conference week.
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Gordon Research Seminar — Energetic Materials
02 Jun 2018 - 03 Jun 2018 • Newry, ME, United States
Advances in Modeling, Experimental Developments and Synthesis of Energetic Materials
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Gordon Research Conference — Energetic Materials
03 Jun 2018 - 08 Jun 2018 • Newry, ME, United States
Exploiting Advances in Additively-Manufactured, Nano- and Non-Crystalline Materials, Synthetic Methods, Modeling and Simulation, and In Situ Diagnostics for Energetic Materials
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Gordon Research Seminar — Crystal Engineering
23 Jun 2018 - 24 Jun 2018 • Newry, ME, United States
Crystal Engineering as a science has always been at the intersection of chemical physics, synthetic chemistry, crystallography and material science. This meeting seeks to emphasize those connections and explore applications of crystal engineering in smart materials, pharmaceuticals, porous phases, cocrystals etc.
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RHMF 2018
24 Jun 2018 - 28 Jun 2018 • Santa Fe, United States
The RHMF’18 conference is devoted to all aspects of research in high magnetic fields and new high field experimental techniques. RHMF’18 is hosted by the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory-Pulsed Field Facility at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
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Gordon Research Conference — Crystal Engineering
24 Jun 2018 - 29 Jun 2018 • Newry, ME, United States
The ability to control crystallization and dictate the organization of atomic and molecular building blocks in the solid state using principles of crystal engineering is rapidly evolving to the point where properties can be realized through design rather than serendipity. Progress in this area will take place at the intersection of organic, inorganic, materials, and physical chemistry and requires a unique interface of experimental and theoretical tools provided by academia and industry. The collective purpose of the GRC and GRS is to bring together a wide range of experts with diverse backgrounds and will consist of the session topics noted below. The theme of "Progress in Crystal Engineering Design, Properties, and Function" aims to capture developments being made in Crystal Engineering on multiple fronts.
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IBMM 2018 — 21st International Conference on Ion Beam Modification of Materials
24 Jun 2018 - 29 Jun 2018 • San Antonio, Texas, United States
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MS18 — SIAM Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science
09 Jul 2018 - 13 Jul 2018 • Portland, United States
Since 1994, every two to four years the SIAM Materials Activity Group organizes the SIAM Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science. This conference focuses on interdisciplinary approaches that bridge mathematical and computational methods to the science and engineering of materials. The conference provides a forum to highlight significant advances as well as critical or promising challenges in mathematics and materials science and engineering. In keeping with tradition, the conference seeks diversity in people, disciplines, methods, theory, and applications.
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Gordon Research Seminar — Research at High Pressure
14 Jul 2018 - 15 Jul 2018 • Holderness School, Holderness, NH, United States
Held prior to the Gordon Research Conference on High Pressure which will focus on bridging the gap in highly compressed matter science, this Gordon Research Seminar in High Pressure will give graduate students and early career scientists a solid introduction to static and shock compression, which are the two main sub-fields of high pressure technology.
Bridging Experimental Gaps in High-Pressure Condensed-Matter Science
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Gordon Research Seminar — Thin Film and Small Scale Mechanical Behavior
14 Jul 2018 - 15 Jul 2018 • Bates College, Lewiston, ME, United States
This year's featured topics include experimental and computational efforts in understanding small scale mechanics, in-situ mechanical testing, nanoindentation, failure mechanisms, environmental effects, and microscopy.
Exploiting Small-Scale Mechanics – From Theoretical to Functional
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Gordon Research Conference — Research at High Pressure
15 Jul 2018 - 20 Jul 2018 • Holderness School, Holderness, NH, United States
Most of the high-pressure matter in the universe—planetary interiors—resides at intermediate temperatures between the cold-curve and the Hugoniot. We will explore recent results bridging traditional isothermal and Hugoniot studies. Across our disciplines "high pressure" can legitimately describe pressures from 10 MPa to 10 TPa. We will focus on pressures of importance to biology and chemistry, associating studies where compression is used to effectively explore and control material response.
Bridging Time-Scale, Temperature, and Pressure Gaps in High-Pressure Compressed-Matter Science
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Gordon Research Conference — Thin Film and Small Scale Mechanical Behavior
15 Jul 2018 - 20 Jul 2018 • Bates College, Lewiston, ME, United States
Gordon Research Seminar — Granular Matter
21 Jul 2018 - 22 Jul 2018 • Stonehill College, Easton, MA, United States
The Interdisciplinary Nature of Particulate Systems
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Gordon Research Conference — Granular Matter
22 Jul 2018 - 27 Jul 2018 • Stonehill College, Easton, MA, United States
The Interdisciplinary Nature of Particulate Systems
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Gordon Research Seminar — Conductivity and Magnetism in Molecular Materials
11 Aug 2018 - 12 Aug 2018 • Bryant University, Smithfield, RI, United States
Inspired by the remarkable success of the first Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) on Conductivity and Magnetism in Molecular Materials and in support to the themes of the Gordon Research Conference (GRC), the upcoming GRS is designed to provide a knowledge-sharing platform for graduate students and postdocs. These young researchers will come together to share new results on topics that address challenges in both fundamental and applied areas of conductivity and magnetism.
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Gordon Research Conference — Conductivity and Magnetism in Molecular Materials
12 Aug 2018 - 17 Aug 2018 • Bryant University, Smithfield, RI, United States
Material science builds infrastructural foundation for innovative developments, the success of which depends on the implementation of theoretical models and concepts in real-world technologies. Previous GRCs in this series aimed to understand and explore fundamentals of various emergent phenomena related to conductivity and magnetism (2014) and emphasized functional aspects of molecular materials (2016). This GRC meeting aims to provide a forum for innovative progress in science and technology of molecular materials by enabling new cutting-edge technologies through fundamental research.
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Hot Topics: Shape and Structure of Materials
01 Oct 2018 - 05 Oct 2018 • Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, United States
The fascinating and complicated microstructures of materials that are now visible through advanced imaging techniques challenge the frontiers of characterisation and understanding. At the same time, developments in modern geometric and topological techniques are beginning to illuminate important features of material structures, while the microstructures themselves and the analysis and prediction of their macroscopic properties are inspiring new directions in pure and applied mathematics. In a collaboration with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), this workshop aims at intensifying the interaction of mathematicians with material scientists, physicists and chemists on the structural description and design of materials.
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2019 Joint Magnetism and Magnetic Materials - INTERMAG Conference
14 Jan 2019 - 18 Jan 2019 • Washington, DC, United States
Physics, materials science, and applications of magnetism
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