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China-Chile bilateral Meeting 2019
22. Jan 2019 • Kunming, China
Established in 2013, CASSACA has supported collaborations between China and Chile in several aspects of astronomy, including joint research projects and post-doctoral projects, and has achieved remarkable results in theoretical research, observational astronomy, and equipment development. Since CASSACA's establishment, we have organized two workshops, in Vina de Mar, Chile and Guangzhou, China, respectively. These workshops greatly enhanced the China-Chile bilateral collaborations and have yielded 8 joint projects supported by CASSACA. The forthcoming 2019 China-Chile bi-lateral Meeting aims to review and boost research collaborations between the two sides.
Recent Progress in Relativistic Astrophysics
06. Mai 2019 • Shanghai, China
IAU Symposium: Galactic Dynamics in the Era of Large Surveys
23. Jun 2019 • Shanghai, China
IAU Symposium: Galactic Dynamics in the Era of Large Surveys
23. Jun 2019 - 28. Jun 2019 • Shanghai, China
Galaxy dynamics is key to our understanding of the assembly history and current structure of galaxies. Surveys of the Milky Way, Local Group, and nearby and distant galaxies, are mapping their kinematics and chemistry in unprecedented detail. The deluge of data is helping to clarify the role of interactions, gas cycle, star formation, nuclear activity, dynamical and secular evolution in shaping galaxies, and is also raising new questions. The conference will review our current knowledge and address the major challenges to our understanding of galaxy structure and evolution.
Progenitors of Type Ia supernovae
05. Aug 2019 • Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China
Progenitors of SNe Ia — Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae
05. Aug 2019 - 09. Aug 2019 • Lijiang, China
The nature of the progenitors of Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) has remained unclear though SNe Ia play a vital role in many areas of modern astrophysics. Numerous progenitor models have been proposed in the past, including the single-degenerate (SD) model, the double-degenerate (DD) model, the sub-Chandrasekhar mass model, and quite a few variants of these. The progenitor debate has remained heated in recent years as new observations, new explosion simulations and new supernova models have provided a wealth of new, sometimes contradictory constraints; different population synthesis models also make different predictions, although - with standard assumptions - they generally do not produce the required rates in either the Chandrasekhar-mass SD or DD model. On the other hand, there has been doubt whether sub-Chandrasekhar models can reproduce the observed properties of the majority of SN Ia explosions. Different observational constraints seem to favour different progenitor models. This conference is held to deepen our understanding of the progenitors of SNe Ia, to elucidate the connection between the progenitors and the observed properties of SNe Ia and their remnants and to provide a pathway of how to ultimately resolve the debate.
Tel.: [+86-871-63920139, +86-13698755218];     Email: zhanwenhan@ynao.ac.cn
Observations of SNe Ia, Supernova Remnants and Surviving Companions, Signatures of the CS environment and Companion Constraints, Progenitor models, Explosion models, Nucleosynthesis and Chemical, Enrichment, Binary Population Synthesis, Progenitor Evolution and Supernova Cosmology
The Milky Way 2019: LAMOST and Other Leading Surveys
14. Okt 2019 • Yichang, Hubei, China

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