Konferenzen zum Thema Plasmaphysik, Kernfusion in China

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ICPAT 2020 — 13-th International Conference on Plasma Assisted Technologies
07. Sep 2020 - 11. Sep 2020 • Harbin, Heilongjiang province, China
School of Physics, Harbin Institute of Technology
ICPAT will provide a forum to present and discuss scientific and engineering aspects of different plasma based technologies, including plasma generation, fuels ignition, plasma assisted combustion, hydrocarbons conversion and activation, coal gasification and combustion, gases ionization, waste destruction for power generation, plasma enhanced propulsion, pollutions reduction, surface modifications, new materials and nano structures production, water, wood, and construction materials treatment, and production of hydrogen-enriched gases.
Plasma Assisted Combustion
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HPPAW — First Helicon Plasma Physics and Applications Workshop
22. Sep 2020 - 25. Sep 2020 • Hefei, China
Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Following theoretical and numerical explorations of helicon discharge in 1960s, the first helicon plasma was obtained experimentally by Rod Boswell in 1970 at Flinders University of South Australia (refer to the first publication of Phys. Lett. 33A: 457–458, 1970). Due to its remarkable ionization efficiency and high plasma density, helicon plasma has been used widely in many fields such as semiconductor processing, plasma propulsion, electrodeless beam source, laser plasma source, plasma source for magnetic fusion study, Alfvén wave propagation, RF current drive, and laser accelerators. Given that the detailed mechanism of helicon discharge is still not fully understood and significant advances have been made since the last mini-conference on helicon plasma sources (part of 2007 APS-DPP Meeting), it is therefore of great necessity and importance to organize a workshop for scientists in this field to have discussions and exchange ideas. This will be also a 50th anniversary of helicon plasma generation (1970-2020). The 1st Helicon Plasma Physics and Applications Workshop (HPPAW) will be held by the Institute of Plasma Physics (Chinese Academy of Sciences) in September 22-25, 2020, Hefei, China. It will be in form of invited reviewing presentations and oral presentations on new developments and frontiers of helicon plasma physics and applications.
Event Secretariat;     Tel.: [+8655165593108];     Email: lei.chang@ipp.ac.cn
2. Scope The workshop is scheduled to cover following topics relevant to helicon plasma:  Helicon Plasma Source  Diagnostic and Measurement  Modelling and Simulation  Wave Physics and Instability  Power Deposition and Coupling  Particle Transport and Turbulence  Plasma Processing  Plasma Propulsion  Other Applications

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