Konferenzen zum Thema Massenspektrometrie, Chromatographie und Kernspinresonanzspektroskopie in Deutschland

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ExpRes2021 — Exploring Reactivity with Spectroscopy 2021
19. Mai 2021 - 21. Mai 2021 • Mülheim (Ruhr), Deutschland
International Max Planck Research School RECHARGE
It is of great pleasure for us to continue the IMPRS RECHARGE scientific symposia series by inviting you to the 3rd symposium “Exploring Reactivity with Spectroscopy”. Our research school focuses on interdisciplinary fields of research in biology, chemistry and physics that address the challenges faced in terms of catalysis, physical and chemical analysis to achieve sustainable energy solutions. The design of novel materials, processes and catalysts is a key challenge in chemistry. To constantly match new requirements, a detailed knowledge of the underlying design concept is necessary. This can be for example structure/reactivity relationships or insight into catalytic mechanisms. At this point, spectroscopy is an indispensable tool for gathering information about otherwise hidden properties and processes. The generated knowledge fuels the inspiration of concepts and enables tailoring of catalyst materials and molecular understanding of elementary steps. Thus, the symposium is an opportunity to explore the interface between different spectroscopic methods (NMR, X-Ray, EPR, etc.) in its whole variety (ex situ, in situ, operando) and the conclusions about elemental properties that can be drawn from this. The contributions should cover two purposes. On the one hand, experienced academics give insight into design concepts that have been proven as a helpful instrument for the development of new materials, processes or catalysts. On the other hand, PhD students are empowered to present their scientific results appealingly and to react to critical questions.
Email: expres2021@cec.mpg.de
spectroscopy, NMR, X-Ray, EPR, moesbauer, UV/Vis, IR, Raman, XAS/XES, ex situ, in situ, operando, catalysis, reactivity, analysis, batteries, virtual excursion, poster presentation
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HPLC 2021 — 50st International Symposium on High Performance Liquid Phase Separation and Related Techniques
20. Jun 2021 - 24. Jun 2021 • Düsseldorf, Deutschland
German Chemical Society e.V. (GDCh)
The program covers all aspects of separation sciences in liquid and supercritical fluid phases as well as hyphenation with advanced detection technologies, in particular mass spectrometry. The program will span from fundamentals and theory of chromatographic separations and detection principles, over methodological and technological advances including separation materials, column technologies and instruments, to applications in various fields and quality assurance aspects. The symposium will feature workshops and tutorials, plenary and keynote lectures from the leading scientists in the field. HPLC 2021 will have a big exhibition and vendor seminars in which attendees can see the latest innovations from the leading vendors in the field.
hplc, chromatography, mass spectrometry, electrophoresis, separations, life sciences, bioanalysis, pharmaceuticals, omics, proteins, food, biologicals, biofuels, environment, toxicology

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