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HC2NP 2019 — 2nd International Workshop on Hadronic Contributions to New Physics Searches
23. Sep 2019 - 28. Sep 2019 • Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spanien
Along with the direct searches of new particles at the LHC, low-energy phenomenology offers many complementary ways to search for physics beyond the Standard Model. The low-energy searches, however, are often hindered by the insufficiently precise knowledge of hadronic contributions. The last decade has witnessed tremendous progress towards ab-initio and model-independent determinations of these contributions. The purpose of this meeting is to cross-examine the empirical and theoretical progress in this field and the implications in beyond-the-SM physics.
Email: hc2np2019@iac.es
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Navigating the Swampland
25. Sep 2019 - 27. Sep 2019 • Madrid , Spanien
Institute for Theoretical Physics UAM – CSIC
The Swampland program gives general constraints on effective theories to be compatible with quantum gravity, which defines the Landscape of consistent theories, and is quickly gaining command of the fundamental understanding of open questions in particle physics and cosmology, ranging from the hierarchy of fundamental scales in nature, to the origin and final fate of the universe. Current research surfs over several powerful conjectures, whose riptide deposits valuable implications on the structure of effective theories, their spectrum of particles, their moduli spaces and potentials. Time is ripe to navigate the swampland, collecting these results and conjectures, and weaving them up to unveil fundamental structures in quantum gravitational theories. This workshop plans to gather the leading experts in the field to review our knowledge on the Swampland extension, the underlying related fundamental questions within quantum gravity and string theory as well as possible constraints for particle physics and cosmology.
BLV2019 — 2019 International Workshop on Baryon and Lepton Number Violation (BLV2019): From the Cosmos to the LHC
21. Okt 2019 - 24. Okt 2019 • Madrid, Spanien
This meeting is the 7th thematic workshop on Baryon and Lepton Number Violation that takes place every two years. This edition will take place at the Institute of Theoretical Physics IFT in Madrid, on 27-30 May 2019.
Email: PXF112@CASE.EDU
DREB2020 — 11th International Conference on Direct Reactions with Exotic Beams
28. Jun 2020 - 03. Jul 2020 • Santiago de Compostela, Spanien
The scientific program will be devoted to the latest experimental and theoretical research and developments in nuclear reactions with exotic nuclei.
Spectroscopy of exotic nuclei, such as drip-line and unbound nuclei- Shell structure and its evolution- Bulk properties and collective excitations - Nuclear astrophysics- Nuclear force- Advances in direct reaction theory- New instrumentation for direct reaction studies
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