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aSSB-Evry'18 — Advances in Systems & Synthetic Biology
19. Mär 2018 - 23. Mär 2018 • EVRY, Frankreich
Systems Biology includes the study of interaction networks and, in particular, their dynamic and spatiotemporal aspects. It typically requires the import of concepts from across the disciplines and crosstalk between theory, benchwork, modelling and simulation. The quintessence of Systems Biology is the discovery of the design principles of Life. The logical next step is to apply these principles to synthesize biological systems. This engineering of biology is the ultimate goal of Synthetic Biology: the rational conception and construction of complex systems based on, or inspired by, biology, and endowed with functions that may be absent in Nature.
Zeliszewski Dominique;     Email: dominique.zeliszewski@univ-evry.fr
Systems biology, Synthetic Biology, modeling, complex biological systems
RECOMB — International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology
21. Apr 2018 - 24. Apr 2018 • Paris, Frankreich
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Mathematical Perspectives in the Biology and Therapeutics of Cancer
09. Jul 2018 - 13. Jul 2018 • CIRM Luminy, Marseille, Frankreich
This workshop aims to bring together specialists and young researchers from different mathematical backgrounds (modeling, numerical simulations and analysis), working in the field of oncology and from the world of oncology and oncopharmacology. This workshop follows other successfully-organized workshops at CIRM (2009, 2011, 2015). Bringing closer the worlds of mathematicians, oncologists and biologists is a very promising way of setting trans-disciplinary collaborations. Important progress has been achieved in the discipline of onco-mathematics in the last decade and we will look at a variety of topics, among which: Evolution and cancer (atavistic theory and moving epigenetic landscape); Drug resistance; Heterogeneity in cancer cell populations; Upscaling models (from ODEs in single cells to structured PDEs in cell populations); Metabolism, stemness and epigenetic treatments; Biomarkers, imagery etc.
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CEMRACS — Numerical and Mathematical Modeling for Biological and Medical Applications: Deterministic, Probabilistic and Statistical Descriptions
16. Jul 2018 - 24. Aug 2018 • CIRM Luminy, Marseille, Frankreich
CEMRACS'18 will be the twenty-third of the series and will focus on the mathematical models applied to natural sciences. For several years, application of mathematics to biology or medicine has become a major field of interest. Important progress has been made in multiscale and multiphysics modeling, from both the theoretical and numerical aspects. These simulations can be viewed as an alternative to in vivo or in vitro experiments and may be referred to as in silico experiments. The contribution of mathematical and numerical models to research and development in the biomedical field can be at several levels: provide valuable tools to understand/explain the underlying biomedical phenomena or the observations;help to make a prediction; be integrated as a part of the decision process as an optimization tool. The one-week summer school strating July 16 will be followed by an intensive 5-week long research session in groups.
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