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Fundamentals of IEC 61850 2020
17. Mär 2020 - 19. Mär 2020 • London, Großbritannien
Smart Grid Forums
This training programme will provide electrical engineering professionals new to IEC 61850 with a thorough and up-to-date understanding of the standard. Over the course of 3 intensive and immersive training days, participants will gain valuable insights into the foundational data modelling concepts, the IEC 61850 engineering process, and the latest methods for testing IEC 61850 systems. Whether you’re new to substation engineering or have years of experience with the traditional approach, Fundamentals of IEC 61850 will equip you with the crucial skills and knowledge you need to prepare for the future of substation automation. This year’s programme consists of 12 modules, each lasting 90 minutes and providing a combination of speaker-led presentations, group Q&A sessions and practical exercises. The training programme is strictly limited to 50 participants in order to ensure an interactive learning experience for all attendees.
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IEC 61850, Substation, Multi-vendor, Multi-edition, Edition 1, Edition 2, Edition 2.1, Edition 3, TC57 WG10, GOOSE, MMS, Manufacturing Message Specification, SMV, Sampled Values, TCP/IP, Ethernet, IED, RTU, ACSI, Data Modelling, Reporting Schemes, Logical Nodes, DNP3, SCL, Substation configuration language, PRP, HSR, Time Synchronisation, Engineering process, Configuration, Testing, Testing tools, IOP testing, CIM, DER, Standardisation, Smart grid, Centralized Protection, Wide Area Protection, Vehicle-to-Grid, Storage, TC 57 WG 15, TC 57 WG 17, Cyber Security, Process Bus, NCIT, LPIT, Intrusion Detection, V2G, Microgrid, Top-Down Design, DER
UKAN SIG-VA Vibro-Acoustics Masterclass
24. Mär 2020 • Liverpool, Großbritannien
Acoustics Research Unit, University of Liverpool | Institute of Acoustics
This is a one-day course on the underlying principles, recent developments and practical applications in structure-borne sound generation and propagation. Whilst the emphasis is on building acoustics, applications to vehicles, white goods and aircraft are included. The course centres on demonstrations of practical measurements and simplified calculations of the active source quantities, and passive source and receiver quantities, required for estimates of structure-borne power into supporting structures. This power is required for estimates of the radiated sound in spaces remote from the spaces containing the sources.
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Training Course on Vacuum Systems Design and Maintenance
02. Jun 2020 - 05. Jun 2020 • Institute of Physic, London, Großbritannien
Institute of Physics – IOP
Vacuum technology is a key for many research and industries. This IOP Vacuum Group training course is intended to provide a grounding in practical vacuum usage for people who use and have some experience in vacuum. It will be presented by experienced vacuum personnel and will cover the topics listed below, where possible personal experiences will be used to highlight how various technical challenges were overcome. This course will be beneficial for both graduates and vacuum technicians looking to develop their knowledge and technical skills.
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