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Joint CIWEM-BHS National Meeting — Celebrating hydrometry
24. Jun 2019 • London, Großbritannien
British Hydrological Society
This joint CIWEM-BHS national meeting (part of an ongoing series of meetings designed to link researchers, policy makers and practitioners) will provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about the value that hydrometry provides for society, the environment and the economy. It will feature presentations and debate from those responsible for the collection and management of hydrometric data, through those who utilise it for studies, modelling and critical decision making, to the less obvious users who gain value from it.
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Atmospheric Science Conference 2019
02. Jul 2019 - 03. Jul 2019 • University of Birmingham, Großbritannien
The National Centre for Atmospheric Science and the Royal Meteorological Society are jointly hosting the 2-day UK Atmospheric Science Conference in Birmingham on 2-3 July 2019. The meeting will provide a unique opportunity to bring together atmospheric scientists with interests in weather, climate and atmospheric chemistry to present latest research findings.
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Student and Early Career Scientists Conference 2019
04. Jul 2019 - 05. Jul 2019 • University of Birmingham, Großbritannien
The Royal Meteorological Society (RmetS)
The Student and Early Career Scientists Annual conference provides an excellent opportunity for Masters, Undergraduate and PhD students, as well as early career scientists, working in fields related to meteorology to present their work in a friendly environment.
4th IMA International Conference on Flood Risk
12. Sep 2019 - 13. Sep 2019 • Swansea, Großbritannien
Institute of Mathematics & its Applications (IMA)
As in the recent publication of the IPCC AR5 report, flood risks have been again highlighted as one of the most perceivable indicators when it comes to the understanding of climate change impact. Research on flood risk has never been ampler, yet we still witness the growing causalities of severe flooding around globe on a yearly basis. The stark resemblance of the consequences between the two catastrophic flooding events in both Japan and Indonesia 2018, exposes a bitter reality that there are still knowledge gaps where both the academia and the practitioners need to fill, with no exception for even the developed world.

Continuing from the successful series of previous IMA Conferences on Flood Risk, the IMA is planning its 4th International Conference on this topic in 2019 to bring together engineers, mathematicians and statisticians working in the field. The conference intends to be used as a forum for participants to meet and exchange their views on important technical issues, new and emerging methods and technologies in assessing flood risks in a world that is being altered by the climate change and moving towards an uncertain future. The emphasis will be on new developments in mathematical modelling methods, statistical techniques in assessing flood risks, especially on quantification of flood risks with a nonstationary climate and modelling uncertainty. Methods and application of assimilating new data from cutting-edge new type of observations will be among the topics for discussion. The conference will be of interest to flood defence practitioners; flood defence managers; statisticians, mathematicians, civil engineers.

Email: conferences@ima.org.uk
Climate change, hydro-climatic extremes and non-stationarity, Computational methods in flood flow modelling and the emerging AI techniques, Emerging observation technology and data assimilation method for flood modelling, Mathematical methods for evaluating flood risk perception, communication and human reaction
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