Konferenzen zum Thema Quantenmechanik und Quanteninformation in Italien

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ESRC — QCALL Early-Stage Researchers Conference 2019
16. Sep 2019 - 19. Sep 2019 • Palermo, Italien
Quantum Communications for ALL (QCALL) is a European Innovative Training Network that endeavours to take the next necessary steps to bring the developing quantum technologies closer to the doorsteps of end users. QCALL will empower a nucleus of 15 doctoral researchers in this area to provide secure communications in the European continent and, in the long run, to its connections worldwide.

The QCALL Early-Stage Researchers Conference (ESRC) is a four-day conference on quantum communications, aimed at Master and PhD students as well as early post-doctoral researchers.

The conference will feature five well-known invited speakers, introducing each of the main topics of the conference, and possibly an industrial session will be organised. There will also be time for around 30 talks by other participants as well as a poster session. The topics covered by the conference will be:

Entanglement-based Quantum Communications

Security of QKD

Satellite QKD


Component technology (Chip-based QKD, detectors, QRNG, etc.)

The list of invited speakers for each session, respectively, is below:

Wolfgang Tittel (QuTech)

Charles Lim Ci Wen (CQT Singapore)

Daniel Oi (University of Strathclyde)

Li Qian (University of Toronto)

Jake Kennard (KETS)

The deadline for submission has been extended to the 30th of June 2019. Post-deadline applications will be considered, please contact the organisers.

A decision will be notified at the email you provide on or before the 17th of July 2019.

Deadline for registration is the 31st of July.

All deadlines are 23:59 UTC

For any enquirers, please contact the organising committee at: esr.conf@qcall-itn.eu

Email: esr.conf@qcall-itn.eu
quantum cryptography, quantum communications, quantum information, quantum random numbers generators, quantum memories
Causality in the quantum world: harnessing quantum effects in causal inference problems workshop
17. Sep 2019 - 20. Sep 2019 • Anacapri (Capri), Italien
"Causality in the quantum world: harnessing quantum effects in causal inference problems" workshop aims to bring together researchers working on causality, machine learning, artificial intelligence, quantum information and quantum foundations and foster collaborations and the emergence of new and exciting ideas in an interdisciplinary context. The Workshop is organized within the Q-Causal Project Grant ID:61084 funded by the John Templeton Foundation. The Wokshop topics will cover the latest theoretical developments and experimental implementations of quantum causality and inference problems. We will have keynote, invited an contributed speakers together with a poster session.
Email: giulianapensa@gmail.com
Causal Inference, Causal Structures and Space-Time, Indefinite Causal Orders, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Non-locality and Contextuality, Quantum Networks

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