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10th Chaotic Modeling and Simulation International Conference
30. Mai 2017 - 02. Jun 2017 • Casa Convalescència of the Universitat Aut\`o, Spanien
You are kindly invited to participate and to submit an Abstract or Paper and/or an Invited Session (three to six papers) to the forthcoming Conference. The CMSIM conferences, events, and publications is a joint work developed by a group of scientists and professionals gathered together the last ninth years partially via the meetings in the CHAOS Conferences and partially via an international network organized by the CMSIM Committee. For the better organization and further development of our common goals and objectives, we have expanded the structure by organizing and establishing the Chaotic Modeling and Simulation (CMSIM) network in Groups and Sections. For more information please visit the conference website at: www.cmsim.org or contact the secretary of the conference at: Secretariat@cmsim1.org.
MFO Workshop — Reaction Networks and Population Dynamics
18. Jun 2017 - 24. Jun 2017 • Oberwolfach, Deutschland
SigmaPhi2017 — International Conference on Statistical Physics
10. Jul 2017 - 14. Jul 2017 • Corfu, Griechenland
The Conference is organized in the following three Areas to cover all the Topics of Statistical Physics:

Area A: Foundations and Theoretical aspects of classical, quantum and relativistic statistical physics and thermodynamics. Mathematical aspects and methods, formalism, rigorous results, exact solutions, connections with the methods of high energy physics, string theory, mathematical statistics and information theory, classical, quantum and relativistic transport theory, Boltzmann and Fokker-Planck kinetics, nonlinear kinetics, dynamical systems, relaxation phenomena, random systems, pattern formation, fractal systems, solitons, chaotic systems, strongly correlated electrons, soft quantum matter, mesoscopic quantum phenomena, fractional quantum Hall effect, low dimensional quantum field theory, quantum phase transitions, quantum information and entanglement, power laws, etc.

Area B: Applications to Physical Systems: quantum systems, soft condensed matter, liquid crystals, plasmas, fluids, surfaces and interfaces, disordered and glassy systems, percolation, spin glasses, structural glasses, jamming, critical phenomena and phase transitions,fluids and interfacial phenomena, molecular and ionic fluids, metastable liquids, hydrodynamic instabilities, turbulence, growth processes, wetting, surface effects, films, crystals, confined systems, surfaces and interfaces, chemical reactions, cold atoms, etc.

Area C: Applications to non-Physical Systems: Interdisciplinary applications of statistical physics, networks and graphs, applied networks, biophysics, genomics, environments, climate and earth models, seismology, linguistics, econophysics, social systems, traffic flow, algorithmic problems, complex systems, etc.

The Conference is organized in Symposia/Sessions dealing with general aspects and applications.

Workshops: Some workshops will cluster talks dedicated to special topics and will be organized as parallel events (see the menu: Events)

Poster Sessions: The Conference will also include some poster sessions.

Giorgio Kaniadakis;     Tel.: [+390110907331];     Email: giorgio.kaniadakis@polito.it
LFCS — Let's Face Complexity: New Bridges Between Physical and Social Sciences
04. Sep 2017 - 08. Sep 2017 • Como, Italien
Complexity science has been developing rapidly during the past few decades, cutting across traditional scientific boundaries and embracing practically all branches of science, both in the realm of fundamental research as well as in practical applications. In all domains, complex systems are studied through mathematical analysis of experimental findings, advanced computer simulations, and increasingly large quantities of data, thereby stimulating revolutionary scientific breakthroughs.
Prof.Dr. Marko Robnik;     Tel.: [+386 31 307360];     Email: Robnik@uni-mb.si
physics of complex systems, sociophysics, econophysics, complex networks, evolutionary game theories, quantum mechanics of many body systems, quantum chaos, fluid dynamics, multidimensional Hamilton systems, general principles of complex systems
Symmetry 2017- The First International Conference on Symmetry
16. Okt 2017 - 18. Okt 2017 • Barcelona, Spanien
We welcome scholars, engineers, students and enterprises to join this big event, and kindly ask you to block the date in your agenda. As symmetry is an interesting phenomenon in nature and science, the event aims to bring it into your attention and promote cutting edge knowledge and ideas of symmetry study in a variety of subjects ranging from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, to Biology.
Tel.: [+34 936397662];     Email: symmetry2017@mdpi.com
Symmetry, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Biology.
Workshop IV: Uncertainty Quantification for Stochastic Systems and Applications
13. Nov 2017 - 17. Nov 2017 • Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM),, Vereinigte Staaten
In past decades, considerable effort has been devoted to first-principles modeling of materials and materials design. However, uncertainty quantification over multiple scales, especially when some of them are inherently stochastic, is not sufficiently understood despite having critical impact on guiding experimental efforts and design. The uncertainty in materials modeling and design can arise either from the stochastic nature of microscopic description, sampling and numerical errors or from improper modeling assumptions, inadequate or inaccurate parametrization of the system and/or the objective functionals that guide the design optimization. The methods for quantifying the impact of such errors and uncertainties have been recently studied in different communities, including computational quantum chemistry, materials engineering, and mathematics. Applications received by Monday, September 18, 2017 will receive fullest consideration.
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