Konferenzen zum Thema Teilchenphysik und Felder in Schweden

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"Advances in theoretical nuclear physics"
05. Jun 2017 - 09. Jun 2017 • Stockholm, Schweden
The conference will be focused on recent development in nuclear theory. This includes ab initio no-core calculations, effective QCD field theories, clustering, radioactive decays and large scale configuration approaches. Recent experiments have revealed a variety of new properties in nuclei. In relation to those, we are interested in 1) the isoscalar spin aligned neutron-proton coupling scheme, instead of the standard isovector pairing coupling mode, 2) the construction of effective, low-energy approximations to QCD by finding methods to treat its non-perturbative domain, 3) the status and challenges of large-scale configuration interaction and energy density functional calculations. To relate the stability of atomic nucleus from quantities which span many energy and length scales to the underlying fundamental forces, poses a severe challenge to first principle descriptions of nuclear systems. The theoretical modeling of nuclear matter requires thus a multiscale approach, where different degrees of freedom have to be included at the relevant length and energy scales. An exchange of ideas in these very actual issues is therefore urgent. In addition, recent experimental progress will be reviewed.
Verwandte Fachgebiete:
Advances in Theoretical Cosmology in Light of Data
03. Jul 2017 - 28. Jul 2017 • Stockholm, Schweden
The proposed Nordita Program will focus on two main themes: 1) Current status and future perspectives in cosmology. What have we learnt from currently available cosmological data? What fundamental questions in physics can be probed with cosmology? Given current technology, which of these questions can we address right now? To address these questions, the community requires a detailed understanding of the interplay between independent dataset. This is most easily achieved by bringing together experts from various sub-fields in cosmology to share ideas and discuss. Some of the key topics that will be covered at this meeting include: the nature of dark matter and dark energy; large-sky surveys, multi-frequency observations, and the complementarity of disjoint experiments; the interplay between cosmology and the standard model of particle physics; recent advances in both hardware and software development in light of cosmological aspirations. 2) The CMB and inflation. The search for primordial gravitational wave signal is ongoing and the field is expected to advance significantly by the middle of 2017. The dedicated conference will give attendees the chance to discuss contemporary results in a forum that includes representatives from both theory and experiment. Young researchers will benefit from exposure to world-renowned cosmologists while the exchange of opinion will strengthen the basis for competitive inflation and CMB research in the Nordic countries.
Jon Gudmundsson;     Email: jegudmunds@gmail.com
Cosmology, Dark Matter, Cosmic Microwave Background, Large Scale Structure, Neutrinos, Dark Energy

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