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International Earth Science Colloquium on the Aegean Region, IESCA-2017
02. Okt 2017 - 06. Okt 2017 • Izmir, Türkei
The Aegean region and its environment are located in a complex geological belt in the eastern Mediterranean region that was shaped by almost the whole range of geological events, such as oceanic to continental subduction and collision followed by syn- to post-orogenic extension during the closure period of the Paleozoic to Mesozoic Tethys oceans. Therefore, the region preserves many records of several pulses of magmatic, sedimentary and metamorphic events together with economic mineral deposits and energy resources. With this complex framework, the region has become a geological laboratory to study, discuss and understand almost all of the geological processes and problems rising in an orogenic system.    In order to share and discuss the new findings and ideas, we are now organizing the seventh of the traditional "International Earth Science Colloquium on the Aegean Region", IESCA-2017 which will be held at Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey (coastal city in the eastern Aegean Sea), 2-6 October 2017.
4th ICEES — 4rd International Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology
11. Okt 2017 - 13. Okt 2017 • Eskişehir, Türkei
As one of the main threats of life and property safety, earthquakes constitute one of the most important issues for Turkey. Earthquake hazard is a significant concern in major part of the country. Principal aim of the 4rd International Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (4ICEES) is to bring all national and international researchers within the earthquake engineering and seismology disciplines together, and to facilitate their participation in a scientific environment. In the fourth conference, which will be held in Eskişehir city with the participation of numerous universities, governing bodies and private sector companies, presentations and discussions will be organized through parallel sessions. Each session will focus on a particular theme. There will be no invited speaker in the conference and every participant will have equal opportunity to present the research findings if approved by the Scientific Committee.
Muammer Tün;     Tel.: [+90 222 3213550 - Ext: 7170];     Email: mtun@anadolu.edu.tr
Seismology and seismotectonics, attenuation relationships and seismic hazard, atrong ground motion, earthquake source models, microtremor analysis, seismic networks, seismic wave analysis, tsunami, wave analysis, artificial intelligence methods / applications, pre-earthquake studies, earthquake studies in applied geology, remote sensing applications in earthquake studies, Geographic Information Systems applications in earthquake studies, seismic safety of dams and bridges, geotechnical earthquake engineering, experimental research on existing structures, seismic safety of buildings, tall buildings, structural analysis and structural health monitoring, earthquake resistant reinforced concrete structures, earthquake resistant masonry structures, earthquake resistant steel structures, strengthening and rehabilitation works, eeismic isolation and vibration control, earthquake codes and regulations, recent earthquakes, urban risks and loss estimation studies, disaster management, disaster-sensitive society, advanced technologies in disaster management, post-earthquake settlement planning, urban transformation, earthquake and urban & regional planning: disaster-sensitive planning and seismicity, earthquake resistant design, earthquake and architecture, historical structures threatened by earthquakes, paleoseismology and the effects of the big earthquakes in history on the settlements
Verwandte Fachgebiete:
BGS2017 — 9. Congress of the Balkan Geophysical Society
05. Nov 2017 - 09. Nov 2017 • Antalya, Türkei
We would like to invite you to the 9th Congress of Balkan Geophysical Society (BGS2017) which will be held between 5-9 November 2017, in Antalya, TURKEY. This event is organized by the Chamber of Geophysical Society of Turkey (CGET). Balkan Geophysical Society (BGS) was founded by the geophysical society of Balkan Peninsula countries; Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Turkey and Yugoslavia in 1993 and Hungary and Serbia also joined as member countries in 2002. The objectives of the BGS are to foster the collaboration of the member countries through joint geophysical research projects, publications, congresses etc. The first two BGS congresses and exhibitions were held in Athens and Istanbul in 1996 and 1999, respectively. Later BGS congresses were organized biannually.
M. Emin Candansayar;     Email: info@bgs2017.org
oil, gas, coal, mineral, thermal, land, airborne, offshore, airborne geophysics, marine geophysics, mining geophysics, hydrogeophysical applications, Exploration Geophysics, Engineering Geophysics, Seismology, Geophysical Methods
9th ISEMG — 9th International Symposium on Eastern Mediterranean Geology
07. Mai 2018 - 11. Mai 2018 • Antalya, Türkei
The Eastern Mediterranean Symposium has been held more than two decades at venues across Europe and Asia. The main objective of this symposium series is to provide a platform for researchers, academicians, practitioners, as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in the fields of Earth Sciences. Delegates are invited to contribute to the conference to submit an abstract for an oral or a poster presentation. We welcome geoscientists from all over the world covering all disciplines.
M. Gurhan YALCIN & Yasemin LEVENTELI;     Tel.: [+905335721599];     Email: isemg2018@gmail.com
General geology, tectonic, neotectonic, paleontology, marine geology, oceanography, physical geography, Quaternary geology, sedimentology, remote sensing, seismology, structural geology, stratigraphy, speleology, engineering geology, environmental geology, geological risks, hydrogeology, natural hazards, rock mechanics, soil mechanics, urban geology, mineralogy, petrography, geochemistry, geochronology, geo-archaeology, mineral exploration, ore deposits, petrology, energy resources, geothermal energy, renewable energy, geophysics, medical geology, geology in engineering applications, mathematical modelling of geological applications, computer based modelling, occupational health and safety, etc...

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