Konferenzen zum Thema Optik und Laser in Serbien

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PHOTONICA2019 — VII International School and Conference on Photonics
26. Aug 2019 - 30. Aug 2019 • Belgrade, Serbien
The International School and Conference on Photonics - PHOTONICA, is a biennial event held in Belgrade since 2007. It is conceived as a forum for the education of young researchers, the exchange of knowledge and ideas, as well as the strengthening of cooperation among scientists from academic institutions, universities and research laboratories in industry, working in this attractive field. So far, PHOTONICA has proven to be a very successful conference in the region, recording constant growth among eminent scientists and young researchers from around the world. This year we expect a record number of participants, around 300 scientists from the country and abroad, of which over thirty plenary and introductory lecturers. Among them are some of the most famous names from basic and applied research in photonics that have contributed to the development of light technologies. In order to boost transfer of light technology from academia to industry, mixing it with a useful knowledge from IT sector, for the first time we organize a satellite event - „Machine learning in Photonics“, which will be realized in the form of a special symposium. With its blend character of a conference, school, and exhibition, PHOTONICA (this year seventh in the row) has become an internationally recognized forum for education of young scientists, exchange of new ideas and a starting point of new collaborations and partnerships. It is accompanied by media, social networks, and high interest in both science and R&D circles.
Email: photonica2019@ipb.ac.rs
photonics, optical communications, devices and components, laser spectroscopy and metrology, quantum optics, ultracold systems, nonlinear optics, optical materials, metamaterials, plasmonics, laser-material interaction, biophotonics, machine learning in photonics

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