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2 Day Workshop at BIRS — Scientific Workshop for Graduate Students in Mathematical Biology
03 avr 2020 - 05 avr 2020 • Banff, Alberta, Canada
The interaction between evolution and population dynamics is a key concern under the pressures of climate change. There is already evidence that some species are evolving adaptations such as earlier emergence, and dispersal into new habitats following range shifts. Other species, however, seem much less able to adapt. For conservation purposes, it is critically imprtant that we understand how the evolutionary pressures exerted by climate change and the mathematical dynamics of interacting populations lead to survival or extinction of species. The mathematical study of these processes, eco-evolutionary dynamics, is an area of active research, and a talented researcher from the Centre National de Recherche Scientifique in France will be coming to present his work in this area, as well as an extended lecture on the mathematical techniques used in the study of eco-evolutionary models. The workshop is aimed chiefly at graduate students in mathematical biology, who will gain skills in eco-evolutionary dynamics, and a wider network of peers and mentors through the research discussions at the workshop. In addition, a policy expert will hold give an interactive presentation showing the process whereby mathematical work can be included into policy, thus empowering students to make even greater contributions to society through their research.
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5 Day Workshop at BIRS — Mathematical Models in Biology: from Information Theory to Thermodynamics
26 jul 2020 - 31 jul 2020 • Banff, Alberta, Canada
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5 Day Workshop at BIRS — The Mathematics of Microbial Evolution: Beyond the Limits of Classical Theory
23 aou 2020 - 28 aou 2020 • Banff, Alberta, Canada
Bacteria, viruses and other microbial populations evolve rapidly, developing resistance to antibiotics, infecting new host species, or emerging as highly pathogenic strains. Mathematical models play a central role in our understanding of evolution, but have largely been developed to describe evolution in humans and animal species. Since microbial evolution differs, often quite profoundly, from evolution in higher organisms, new mathematical approaches must be developed.
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