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APAIE Conference and Exhibition 2020 — Bridging Oceans - Internationalization and Higher Education in the Asia Pacific
22 mar 2020 - 26 mar 2020 • Vancouver, Canada
Asia-Pacific Association for International Education (APAIE)
The APAIE Conference and Exhibition brings together thousands of professionals who are passionate about international education from across the globe to the Asia-Pacific region to network, improve professional skills and learn about new developments in international education.
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2 Day Workshop at BIRS — Creating Authentic Experiences in Mathematics Courses
27 mar 2020 - 29 mar 2020 • Banff, Alberta, Canada
The subject area of this workshop is best described as improvement and enrichment of ‘service’ courses in first-year mathematics, in particular mathematics and statistics for the life sciences. It is a timely topic - over the last two years, we have witnessed several highly attended CMS sessions and a number of stand-alone conferences and workshops, which brought together instructors across Canada who are teaching first-year mathematics courses. One of the biggest challenges that is continuously brought up is the lack of authentic applications. The novelty of this workshop is in addressing this challenge head on by not only socializing existing resources and making them widely accessible through a common database, but also by actually spending the time to create new, fresh materials and class activities.
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2 Day Workshop at BIRS — Ted Lewis SNAP Math Fair Workshop 2020
07 avr 2020 - 19 avr 2020 • Banff, Alberta, Canada
Over the past few years it has become apparent the importance in finding the correct balance between inquiry-based problem solving and practicing basic facts in the mathematics classroom. The purpose of a SNAP math fair is to provide a meaningful problem-solving experience for all students. This would be the eighteenth annual Ted Lewis Math Fair Workshop at BIRS. The workshop is extremely popular with teachers in elementary and secondary schools, provides them with resources for lesson plans, and it is helping to reshape the way mathematics is being approached in the schools. Problem solving and puzzles in the classroom is now a specific area of the K-9 curriculum and in-service teachers have had very little training in using these tools effectively. This is not limited to Alberta schools, and the SNAP math fair idea is now spreading around the world. This type of 2-day workshop is considered front line approach in the collaborative effort between mathematicians, more experienced teachers, and all teachers interested in professional development to improve the mathematics teaching in the elementary level and beyond. To have teachers share their valuable experiences with math fair in their own schools is the best and most useful information to others. Teachers in Alberta and participants from outside view the Ted Lewis Workshop as one of PIMS and BIRS most valuable education initiatives.
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ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition
21 jui 2020 - 24 jui 2020 • Montréal, Québec, Canada
American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)
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2 Day Workshop at BIRS — Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest Meeting
07 aou 2020 - 09 aou 2020 • Banff, Alberta, Canada
The Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest (CMKC) aims to dispel the myth that mathematics is inaccessible and difficult by using an all-inclusive and open mathematics competition to create a positive environment that emphasizes the practical and fun nature of mathematics. Since joining the International Association “Kangaroo without Borders” in 2006, the CMKC has formed hosting partnerships with multiple universities and prestigious organizations across the country. Since its inception, the CMKC has found many ways to expand the reach and scope of its unique program, and to build new, complementary programs based upon the competition. Over the past 14 years, the CMKC has grown significantly from its humble beginnings with approximately 300 participants at 3 locations to just over 6900 students nationwide in the 2019 competition in more than 50 locations in 9 provinces across Canada. The purpose of the workshop is to chart the future course for Math Kangaroo in Canada.
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2 Day Workshop at BIRS — Geometry: Education, Art, and Research
09 oct 2020 - 11 oct 2020 • Banff, Alberta, Canada
Geometry is all around us. The circles and triangles of the Ancient Greeks have never left us. Film, art, and architecture ha ve all been touched by mathematics and geometry. 3D printing, robotics, and origami are a new wave of geometry. At Geometry: Education, Art, and Research, leading researchers pair up with educations and artists to push the boundaries of contemporary geometry.
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