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Keystone Symposia: Emerging Technologies in Vaccine Discovery and Development
28 jan 2018 - 01 fév 2018 • Banff, Alberta, Canada
Immunization remains one of the most effective preventive public health measures, the indirect effects of which are considered a global public good with an impressive net return over costs. Vaccines have contributed to “final public good”: eradication of two viruses and regional elimination of a half dozen or more other pathogens. The development of new vaccines, therefore, would seem an obvious priority area for use-inspired and applied biomedical research, yet the endeavor has become increasingly more challenging. The “easy vaccines have been made” belief, crowded vaccine schedules, escalating costs of full vaccination programs (particularly in cost-sensitive Gavi-eligible countries), and platforms for maternal immunization and Public Health Emergencies of International Concern have all contributed to an urgent need for new or improved approaches to the discovery, development and delivery of vaccines, particularly those that are cheaper, simpler to manufacture, and more convenient to use. The aim of this symposium is to provide a comprehensive survey of emerging tools from the most upstream antigen/vaccine discovery, to active and passive immunization platforms, clinical trials, and manufacturing, formulation and delivery, the desired outcome of which is to provide a forum for an integrated discussion on how best to meet the increasing challenges faced by the scientific community’s efforts in new vaccine development. The Keystone Symposia conference has been specifically paired with the conference on “HIV Vaccines” since discovering, developing and delivering an effective HIV vaccine may be one that benefits most from novel technologies, including new tools in structural immunology and interrogating human immune responses.
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vaccine development, public health, structural immunology, novel technologies
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Keystone Symposia: Progress and Pathways Toward an Effective HIV Vaccine
28 jan 2018 - 01 fév 2018 • Banff, Canada
After three decades, HIV-1 continues to afflict and kill millions of people worldwide. A safe and effective vaccine that elicits potent and durable protective immunity has the greatest prospect to end the AIDS epidemic. Development of an HIV vaccine has proven scientifically challenging, as evidenced by only one weakly efficacious regimen after evaluation of four distinct regimens. However, the field is in a phase of rapid growth and innovation for new vaccine strategies that hold promise for efficacy. Such emerging, novel findings will be the focus of this meeting, and will include: 1) Technological advances in structural properties of the HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein and its recognition and interactions with potent neutralizing antibodies; 2) Improved animal model platforms that can better mimic the transmitted founder HIV-1 strains and human immune recognition; 3) Greater understanding of host B and T cell immunobiology in the lymphoid germinal centers that is critical to optimize candidate vaccines and immunization regimens; 4) New tools for interrogating human immune repertoire; and 5) highlights of promising strategies in first in human to efficacy studies. Emphasis will be placed on unpublished findings and advances specifically relevant to human immunology and HIV vaccine targets. This meeting is being paired with the Keystone Symposia conference on "Emerging Technologies in Vaccine Discovery and Development."
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Drug discovery, antibodies, immunology, HIV, biologics, infectious disease, AIDs
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