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XI-SiCCat — XI-Simposio Colombiano de Catálisis
23 sep 2019 - 27 sep 2019 • Popayán, Colombie
The XI Colombian Symposium of Catalysis -XI-SiCCat- is a scientific event promoted by the Colombian Society of Catalysis (SoCCaT) member of the Ibero-American Federation of Catalysis Societies (FISOCat). Throughout the history of Catalysis in Colombia, different versions of the event hosted by institutions of great relevance in this area of ​​research have been developed, during each of the symposiums held the active participation of the national catalytic community and also with the assistance of researchers from different countries, giving an international character to the event. This event makes possible the socialization of scientific knowledge, the exchange of research experiences and the generation of inter-institutional strategic alliances, not only with universities and research centers but also allowing the linking of companies that promote applied knowledge. All of the above currently positions the Symposium as one of the most important events for the catalytic community in Colombia.

In its XI version the Colombian Symposium of Catalysis is organized by the Catalysis Research Group of the Universidad del Cauca and will be held in the city of Popayán, capital of the Department of Cauca. During the XI SiCCat, there will be the presence of national and international researchers from invited countries such as China, France, Spain, Argentina and Brazil. As usual, the event will include a Colombian School of Catalysis -EC2- in this opportunity dedicated to the topic "Heterogeneous catalysts characterization in situ and operating conditions".

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- Industrial catalysis, petroleum refining, natural gas and petrochemical conversion. - Design, preparation and characterization of catalysts. - Environmental catalysis. - Photocatalysis. - Fine chemistry. - Other topics in Biocatalysis, homogeneous Catalysis, Heterogeneous Catalysis, Computational Catalysis, electrocatalysis, etc.
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