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ISMRM Workshop on Machine Learning 2018
14 mar 2018 - 17 mar 2018 • Pacific Grove , California, États-Unis
This workshop is targeted towards MR physicists (pre- and post-doctoral students) interested in machine learning; radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians using or interested in becoming involved with machine learning approaches to MRI and PET/MRI; and information and data scientists interested in how cutting-edge machine learning algorithms could be used for healthcare applications.
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EBBT — 2018 Electric Electronics, Computer Science, Biomedical Engineerings' Meeting
18 avr 2018 - 19 avr 2018 • Istanbul, Turquie
EBBT’2018’ s special topic is "Big Data in Biotechnology". This conference will cover original and innovative scientific papers about 1D, 2D and/or 3D signal processing acquired from diagnostic medical devices, feature extraction to assist diagnosis, classification and clustering for decision making. The scope is not limited to diagnostic signal processing; intelligent systems based on statistical data analysis, decision support systems and artificial neural networks, support vector machines, Bayes classifiers, k-nearest neighborhood, k-means algorithm applications, applied informatics and expert systems and biomaterials are also in the scope of the conference.
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PSMR — 2018 7th Conference on PET/MR and SPECT/MR
21 mai 2018 - 23 mai 2018 • Isola d'Elba, Italie
As diagnostic techniques evolve from the systems to the molecular level, the role of multimodality molecular imaging becomes increasingly important. PET, SPECT and MRI are powerful techniques for in-vivo molecular imaging. The hybrid combination of PET (or SPECT) and MRI, enabling truly simultaneous acquisition, is expected to bridge the gap between molecular and systems diagnosis. The conference will not only cover all the technological aspects of both sequential and simultaneous PET/MR and SPECT/MR systems and their clinical and preclinical application, but also ample space will be given to dedicated systems, novel technologies and new tracers. An industrial session is scheduled where the various companies can provide the latest information on their products in this field.
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