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1st International Conference on Renewable Energy and Energy Conversion
11 nov 2019 - 13 nov 2019 • Oran, Algérie
This International Conference aims to become a reference for the entire national and international scientific community activating in the field of energy conversion and renewable energies. Through the organization of this conference, it is hoped to perpetuate an international forum for the exchange of experiences on energy conversion technologies and renewable energies, to bring together and create synergy between professionals, manufacturers and industrialists. on the one hand, researchers and academics on the other. We hope that foreign companies and laboratories will participate in this forum. ICREEC'2019 offers guest lectures given by leading experts in the field with the possibility of participation of a Nobel Prize in physics. The International Scientific Committee of ICREEC'2019 will also select oral conferences which will be the subject of several sessions during this event. An industry session in the form of guest lectures by several business leaders will discuss the industry's current affairs and address topics related to the employment of young researchers in the industrial sector. An industrial exhibition of renewable energies and energy conversion will be integrated into the congress.
Renewable Energy, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Smart Cities, Electrical Engineering and Communications Systems, Robotics, Machine Learning, Engineering Projects Management, Photovoltaic (PV), Concentrating solar thermal power (CSP), Energy efficiency of buildings, Preservation of biodiversity, Geology, Material Science and Chemical Engineering.
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ICREEC’2019 — 1st International Conference on Renewable Energy and Energy Conversion
11 nov 2019 - 14 nov 2019 • Oran, Algérie
The Department of Energy Physics of the Faculty of Physics organizes in collaboration with LPPMCA Laboratory (Laboratory of Physics of Plasmas, Conductor Materials and their Applications - University of Sciences and technology of Oran Mohamed Boudiaf USTO-MB), an International Conference on Renewable Energy and Energy Conversion.
Tél.: [+213 670 436443];     Email.:
I. Renewable energy - Photovoltaic system; Hybrid system; Energy efficient housing, solar thermal applications and cooling; Wind power. - Bioenergy; Biomass; Materials and Hydrogen; Fuel cells; Li-ion batteries; Energy storage; Combustion -Materials; Cell structures; Characterization and realization; Thin films; Optoelectronics; Simulation. II. Energy conversion - Plasma and energy conversion; Electric discharge lamps; Plasma and laser processes; Pulsed laser removal and deposition; Micro laser machining; 3D printing; Spectroscopic analysis techniques. - Interaction radiation matter; Ionizing radiation; Radiological physics. - Materials; Polymers; Nano materials for energy - Fluid and Flow for energy III. Impact of energy on the environment - Treatment of gaseous discharges - Pollution and climate change IV. Software for energy - Simulation code - Digital demonstration - Confrontation with the experimental
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ISSH2-2019 — 3rd International Symposium on Sustainable Hydrogen
27 nov 2019 - 28 nov 2019 • Alger, Algérie
Tél.: [+213(0)23189051 / +213(0)23189053];     Email.:
Electrolysis, Electrolyzer, hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen storage, SOFC, PEMFC, Solar-hydrogen, Wind-hydrogen, power-to-gas, Hydrogen enrichment, Hydrogen cost, bio hydrogen, High Temperature electrolysis Hydrogen enriched gasoline, hydrogen dual fuel engine, alternative fuel, Hydrogen Systems, Hydrogen transport and distribution, Hydrogen security, Hydrogen market
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