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35th SCI Process Development Symposium
11 avr 2018 - 13 avr 2018 • Cambride, Royaume-Uni
The symposium aims to bring together a wide range of speakers from across the Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical and Fine Chemical industries, as well as from an academic background. This meeting brings together experts from across the entire spectrum of the discipline to present state of the art process development. As an established and well attended meeting, the process development symposium offers an excellent opportunity for networking between like-minded process scientists of all levels of experience and from all areas of the chemical industry.
conferences;     Tél.: [+44 (0)20 7598 1561];     Email.:
Process Development, Industry, Scale Up, Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals, Fine Chemicals
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Safety & Selectivity in the Scale-Up of Chemical Reactions
16 avr 2018 - 17 avr 2018 • Clearwater Beach, Royaume-Uni
Scaling from Milligrams to 1-2KG
16 avr 2018 - 17 avr 2018 • Clearwater Beach, Royaume-Uni
Chemical Development & Scale-Up in the Fine Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries
18 avr 2018 - 20 avr 2018 • Clearwater Beach, Royaume-Uni
Organic Process Research & Development
23 avr 2018 - 25 avr 2018 • Clearwater Beach, Royaume-Uni
At Organic Process Research & Development Conference, you will hear detailed presentations and case studies from top international chemists. Our hand-picked programme of speakers has been put together specifically for an industrial audience. They will discuss the latest issues relating to synthetic route design, development and optimisation in the pharmaceutical, fine chemical and allied fields.
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MCCW — Microwave Commercialisation Club Workshop
26 avr 2018 • York, Royaume-Uni
Taking microwave technology from the lab to industrial scale, a free one-day symposium supported by the EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA). The Microwave Commercialisation Club (MCC) is a multidisciplinary team including experts in microwave technology, chemical engineering, biomass chemistry and process management. Its aim is to support the transition of microwave technology into chemical and allied industries.
Alice Fan;     Tél.: [44(0)1904 324456];     Email.:
microwave, industry, commercialisation, chemical engineering, biomass chemistry, process management, food waste, agricultural waste, renewable chemicals, sustainable fuel
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Course — Design, Development and Scale-Up of Safe Chemical Processes and Operations
12 jui 2018 - 14 jui 2018 • Winchester, Royaume-Uni
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16th Euro Fed Lipid Congress Fats, Oils and Lipids: Science, Technology and Nutrition in a Changing World
16 sep 2018 - 19 sep 2018 • Belfast, Royaume-Uni
The theme of this meeting will be the application of science, technology and nutrition to address the issues arising in our constantly changing world. As well as the usual Euro Fed Lipid Division streams, we will include a stream focussed on dairy fats, since this represents a large industry in Ireland. The Congress will be held in the attractive Belfast Waterfront, a purpose-built entertainment and conference centre. Of course, while the venue and lecture contents are important, there will be time for networking and catching up with friends, old and new.
Tél.: [+49/69 7917 345];     Email.:
Fats, Oils, Lipids, Nutrition, Food, Chemistry, Health, Dairy Lipids, Processing, Physical Chemistry
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