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QCTIP 2020 — Quantum Computing Theory in Practice
06 avr 2020 - 08 avr 2020 • Cambridge, Royaume-Uni
Riverlane | University of Bristol | Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge
After decades of research, we are finally getting closer to unlocking the power of quantum computing. With recent developments in quantum hardware and software, quantum computations that are of real-world relevance, for example in computational chemistry, seem to be within reach. However, a lot of theoretical groundwork has yet to be done to reach these ambitious goals. Continuing the previous series of Heilbronn quantum algorithms meetings (2010-2019) hosted in Bristol and Cambridge, QCTIP fosters discussion between theorists and practitioners of quantum computing.
The first theme of the conference is the theory of the whole quantum software stack – from quantum algorithms to quantum programming languages to quantum computing architectures. Second, we will discuss practical aspects of running experiments on current and NISQ devices. As a third future-looking theme, we want to touch on roads to scaling up to more and higher quality qubits and the path to bringing down hardware requirements for quantum computations.
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Quantum.Tech — The global business conference & exhibition for commercial applications of Quantum technology
20 avr 2020 - 22 avr 2020 • Londres, Royaume-Uni
Separating the hype from the reality when evaluating radically new forms of technology and science is difficult, but when the subject is as complex and esoteric as Quantum physics & mechanics, that problem is amplified. However, the reality is that Quantum computing and Quantum sensing & metrology technologies are moving from the lab to the shop floor. In addition, the existential threat posed to current secure networks by Quantum computing is driving real-world urgency in Quantum secure communications & cryptography.
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BQIT 2.0 — Bristol Quantum Information Technologies Workshop
20 avr 2020 - 24 avr 2020 • Bristol, Royaume-Uni
The Bristol Quantum Information Technologies Workshop will return 27-29 April 2020 with a new programme of speakers bringing you everything you need to know about the emerging field of Quantum Technology. BQIT is a three day annual workshop aimed at enabling leading UK and international academics and industrial partners to come together; to explore and discuss future ambitions and challenges in the field of Quantum Information Technologies.
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Faraday Discussion — New horizons in density functional theory
02 sep 2020 - 04 sep 2020 • Cambridge, Royaume-Uni
At this Faraday Discussion we aim to bring together researchers working on the development of Density Functional Theory methods to examine today’s challenges and provide a glimpse into the future development of this central theory. The Discussion will be of interest to established scientists as well as post-graduate students and will foster new interactions between chemists, physicists, materials scientists and applied mathematicians
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