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CO2020 — International Symposium on Combinatorial Optimisation 2020
02 sep 2020 - 05 sep 2020 • Bath, Royaume-Uni
University of Bath
Exact optimization methods, Approximation algorithms, Heuristics, metaheuristics, and hyperheuristics, Decomposition-based algorithms, Column generation, Valid inequalities, Computational complexity, Polyhedral analysis, Interior-point methods, Bilevel programming, Graph theory, Game theory, Applications
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LRN 2020 — Logistics Research Network Annual Conference 2020
09 sep 2020 - 11 sep 2020 • Cardiff, Royaume-Uni
The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT)
LRN 2020 will debate and critique the whole range of contemporary issues associated with 'public value'. Papers may explicitly address 'public value' supply chains, or indeed concentrate only on one aspect of the myriad of topics that contribute to our understanding of improving logistics and supply chain management as a whole. As part of this general call for papers, there will be specific streams driven by enthusiasts with a passion for knowledge generation, enhancement and delivery.
The public value supply chain: delivering economic, environmental and social benefits to all
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OR62 — Annual Conference of the UK OR Society
15 sep 2020 - 17 sep 2020 • Coventry, Royaume-Uni
OR – The Operational Research Society
This three-day event mixes academics and practitioners to create an extraordinary environment for cross-pollination of thought, approach and technique.
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3rd IMA and OR Society Conference on Mathematics of Operational Research
22 avr 2021 - 23 avr 2021 • Birmingham, Royaume-Uni
Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
Building on the success of the two previous conferences held in 2017 and 2019 this conference will draw together the considerable community of researchers and practitioners who develop new mathematics of relevance to, and which underpin applications in Operational Research (OR). It will take a comprehensive view, it will showcase activity from across OR, and will welcome both contributions which have a clear application focus as well as those which are theoretically driven.
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