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Classical Elegance: the Geometry of Algebraic Varieties
08 jui 2020 - 11 jui 2020 • Cortona, Italie
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Summer School — An introduction to the Langlands correspondence
15 jui 2020 - 19 jui 2020 • Pise, Italie
The school aims at introducing young researchers to the very active and exciting research area related to the so called Langland correspondence. The school will discuss the recent developments concerning local Langlands, together with the more arithmetic recent achievements.
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GABY2020 — Groups and Algebras in Bicocca for Young algebraists 2020
15 jui 2020 - 19 jui 2020 • Milan, Italie
University of Milano-Bicocca, Department of Mathematics
The two-year cycle of conferences "GABY - Groups & Algebras in Bicocca for Young algebraists" stems from the will to support young researchers in group theory, algebra and related topics. The convention is committed to provide an introduction to those topics of group theory and algebra that may not be readily available in any institution and that cover some of the most inviting research topics. Each conference in the series consists of three mini-courses complemented by lectures, posters, and discussion sessions. In addition, we give participants the opportunity to present their research and to expand their network of contacts with other researchers in the areas of interest to them.
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representations of groups, geometric group theory, growth of groups, amenable groups, p-adic groups
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New Perspectives on Hyperkähler Manifolds
15 jui 2020 - 19 jui 2020 • Trente, Italie
This workshop aims at providing an updated survey of the state of the art and future research directions in the area of compact hyperkähler manifolds in its various aspects. In particular, the following are some of the topics that will be addressed during the conference: the study of automorphisms and monodromy groups of compact hyperkähler manifolds and applications, the construction of families of compact hyperkähler manifolds, and the study of Lagrangian fibrations on compact hyperkähler (singular) varieties. ​ The workshop will be an opportunity to celebrate Dimitri Markushevich's 60th birthday and to recognize his many contributions to algebraic geometry.
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GO 60, Pure & Applied Algebraic Geometry
22 jui 2020 - 26 jui 2020 • Levico Terme, Italie
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Algebraic Combinatorics in Cetraro
06 jul 2020 - 10 jul 2020 • Cetraro, Italie
"Algebraic Combinatorics in" is a series of annual international conferences on Algebraic Combinatorics (in a broad sense). After the editions in Ancona and Genova, in 2020 it will take place in Grand Hotel San Michele, Cetraro. This year, the mini-courses have a special focus on positivity and log-concavity results/conjectures.
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Abelian Varieties
26 aou 2020 - 28 aou 2020 • Rome, Italie
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Riposte armonie: Algebraic Geometry in Ventotene 2020
07 sep 2020 - 11 sep 2020 • Ventolene, Italie
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aCM and Ulrich bundles on polarized varieties
07 sep 2020 - 12 sep 2020 • Trente, Italie
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Derived Categories of Fano Varieties, Hyperkähler Varieties and their Period Maps
28 sep 2020 - 02 oct 2020 • Udine, Italie
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Leuca2021 — Celebrating Claude Levesque's and Michel Waldschmidt's 75th birthdays
10 mai 2021 - 14 mai 2021 • Patù (Lecce), Italie
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