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European Association for Studies of Australia (EASA) International Conference
29 mar 2021 - 01 avr 2021 • University of Naples, Italie
European Association for Studies of Australia (EASA)
Australia may be defined as a society increasingly preoccupied yet also gambling with the future, a worry or denial which is closely connected to the notion of risk as a systematic way of dealing with, inducing and introducing hazards and insecurities. Apocalyptic speculations about future events are often employed in regard to feared scapegoats, such as climate change, migrants and Indigenous peoples, who are blamed for threatening or damaging society. Denial and scepticism have become the resort of political and social movements, yet fear and anxiety are perhaps the dominant affective modes of expressing one’s attachment to the Australian community or nation.
Australia as a Risk Society: Hope and Fears of the Past, the Present and the Future
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LCR 2021 — International Conference for Learner Corpus Research
23 sep 2021 - 25 sep 2021 • Padua, Italie
University of Padua (Italy), Department of Linguistic and Literary Studies
The international conference for Learner Corpus Research (LCR) is is organised under the aegis of the Learner Corpus Association (, which brings together researchers, language instructors and software developers with a common interest in the use of learner corpora for research on second language acquisition, as well as for the enhancement of language pedagogy and language assessment. The conference takes place every two years.
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