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CMS3 Summer School — Advanced Topics on Cell Model System
04 jui 2018 - 08 jui 2018 • Rome, Italie
The purpose of the CMS3 Summer School is integrating interdisciplinary training that allows students to develop skills and knowledge in a range of subjects, specifically in the field of models of cell, biomaterials, tissue engineering and molecular dynamic simulation. Eleven scientists of the Research Establishment based at Rome-Tor Vergata will organize this School. This Research Establishment, with its unique set of advanced instrumentation and technologies, provides a strong technical infrastructure for the School. It combines world-class advanced sensors; precise analytical methods; enhanced imaging capabilities, and sophisticated computational tools for characterizing and modelling cells. Top level equipment and instrumentation will be available at Research Establishment of CNR based at Rome-Tor Vergata for practical training on: i) membrane model systems and protocell, ii) biosensors and micorelectronics, ii) dynamic molecular simulation. During the course target group of pprox.15-18 PhD and post-doc students from all over World will brought together. Thirteen outstanding scientists will be invited to come over for the lectures and discuss their work from different countries: Germany, Israel, Italy, United Kingdom and Switzerland.
Cell model systems, Biophysics, Pharmacology, Imaging, Bio-sensors, Computational thinking, Educational
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S3ND2 — Summer School on Smart Nanomaterials for Drug Delivery
10 jui 2018 - 15 jui 2018 • Anacapri, Italie
Summer School on Smart Nanomaterials for Drug Delivery (S3ND2) will be organized on June 10-15th 2018 in the island of Capri (Anacapri (NA), Italy) by the Consortium VAHVISTUS of the EU-project H2020-MSCA-RISE-2016 n° 734759. The School will take place at the Conference Centre of the National Research Council of Italy in Anacapri (NA). The Organizing and Scientific Committees are pleased to invite the scientific community to participate the S3ND2. Nanomaterials and related technologies led to qualitative changes in various areas of human activity. Particularly, smart nano-scaled particles can provide a quantum advance in different fields of medicine, whether we speak about diagnostics or therapy. The Summer School will be focused on Smart Nanomaterials for Drug Delivery. In fact, the advances in nanotechnology not only give rise to novel drugs, but also reformulate the already known ones to increase their efficacy, improve delivery, and lower side effects. In this summer school, invited professors from several European countries will provide an overview of the existing nano- and micro-technologies in drug delivery and those under development. The courses with cover the innovative smart nanomaterials and smart polymers for drug delivery, new drug delivery approaches, encapsulation technologies, techniques for characterization of nanomaterials, etc.
Dr. Emilia Di Pace;     Email.:
nanomaterials, nanoparticles, drug delivery, polymers
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Euro toxi summit 2018 — Euro Summit on Toxicology & Pharmacology
19 nov 2018 - 21 nov 2018 • Rome, Italie
Scient Open Access extends an enthusiastic and sincere welcome to the Euro Summit on Toxicology & Pharmacology which is set to hit the calendar in November 19-21 at Rome, Italy. The Euro Toxicology Conference is the nation’s biggest, most influential collaboration of professionals dedicated to Toxicology & Pharmacology.
jessie reyes;     Tél.: [15199000130];     Email.:
Scientific Sessions Track 1 Toxicology Track 2 Applied Toxicology Track 3 Drug Toxicology Track 4 Pharmacology and Toxicology Track 5 Environmental Toxicology Track 6 Immunotoxicology Track 7 Applied Pharmacology Track 8 Forensic Toxicology Track 9 Reproductive Toxicology Track 10 Genetic Toxicology Track 11 Toxicology Current Advances Track 12 Industrial & Occupational Toxicology Track 13 Trending Toxicology Concepts Track 14 Computational toxicology Track 15 Clinical Pharmacology Track 16 Cardiovascular Pharmacology
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Gordon Research Seminar — Multi-Drug Efflux Systems
27 avr 2019 - 28 avr 2019 • Lucca (Barga), Italie
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Gordon Research Conference — Multi-Drug Efflux Systems
28 avr 2019 - 03 mai 2019 • Lucca (Barga), Italie
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