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PHOTON 2019 — International Conference on the Structure and the Interactions of the Photon / 23rd International Workshop on Photon-photon Collision / International Workshop on High Energy Photon Colliders
03 jui 2019 - 07 jui 2019 • Frascati, Rome, Italie
This conference is part of the series initiated in 1973 in Paris, as an International Colloquium on Photon-Photon Collisions at Electron-Positron Storage Rings.
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PSW2019 — Mathematical and Geometric Tools for Conformal Field Theories
03 jui 2019 - 21 jui 2019 • Pollica, SA, Italie
Recent years have seen substantial work on systematizing our understanding of conformal and superconformal field theories in diverse dimensions. This development has been possible thanks to many different techniques, which include but are not limited to conformal boostrap, Seiberg-Witten technology, F/M-theory constructions, BPS quivers and wall-crossing formulas, supersymmetric localization, superconformal indices and partition functions, tt∗ equations, discrete gaugings and anomaly matching, class S constructions, and ubiquitous dualities. Combining the insights obtained using all these different approaches could be of tremendous help in advancing our systematic understanding of conformal theories. Arguably one of the main impediments is the breadth of the specialties involved. This workshop aims at overcoming this impediment by bringing together researchers from these different communities. Our goal is to explore how these, sometimes orthogonal, pieces of information about conformal theories can be combined to chart out the space of consistent ones and to determine their basic properties.
Conformal Field Theories, Supersymmetry, Mathematical Physics, Geometry.
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SQM 2019 — 18th International Conference on Strangeness in Quark Matter
10 jui 2019 - 15 jui 2019 • Bari, Italie
ICTP Summer School on Particle Physics
10 jui 2019 - 21 jui 2019 • Trieste, Italie
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Antiproton-nucleus interactions and related phenomena
17 jui 2019 - 21 jui 2019 • ECT* Trento, Italie
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ECT* Doctoral Training Program on Effective Field Theory Techniques
24 jui 2019 - 12 jul 2019 • Trente, Italie
The 2019 ECT* Doctoral Training Program Effective Field Theory Techniques (EFTT) will focus on techniques and applications of effective field theories in sub-atomic physics. The aim of the EFTT program is to guide participants from the basic underpinnings of low-energy effective field theories describing regimes of quantum systems, through to state-of-the-art techniques applied to perform precision calculations in quantum chromodynamics and the standard model.
EFT, QFT, lattice, hadron, jets, gravity, QCD
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TALENT Course "From quarks and gluons to nuclear forces and structure"
15 jul 2019 - 02 aou 2019 • ECT* Trento, Italie
Three-week Training in Advanced Low Energy Nuclear Theory summer school to be held at ECT* in 2019 entitled “From quarks and gluons to nuclear forces and structure”. Students taking the course will be trained in state-of-the-art methods and concepts in first principles nuclear theory, starting from lattice quantum chromodynamics to nuclear forces, chiral effective field theory, and nuclear lattice effective field theory.
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Matera Oscura / Dark Matera - cosmology and dark matter with galaxies and clusters
02 sep 2019 • Matera, Italie
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ERICE 2019 - INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF NUCLEAR PHYSICS — 41st Course: Star Mergers, Gravitational Waves, Dark Matter and Neutrinos in Nuclear, Particle and Astro-Physics, and in Cosmology
16 sep 2019 - 24 sep 2019 • Erice, Trapani, Sicily, Italie
The purpose of the meeting is to bring together experts and young researchers in the areas of nuclear, particle and astro-physics as well as cosmology and the pertinent interrelations among these fields. The aim is to discuss the current status of the field and to explore future directions, both in experiment and theory. With the recent observation of gravitational-wave signals of black-hole and neutron-star mergers - for the latter in coincidence with electromagnetic signals -, the meeting is particularly timely. The aim is to cover a broad range of topics to elucidate synergies and identify areas of future progress. This should be especially beneficial to the younger participants of the meeting.
Binary Star Mergers - the observations of gravitational waves, Binary Star Mergers – simulations, Binary Star Mergers – nucleosynthesis, Direct and indirect Dark Matter Searches, Axions - Dark Matter?, Dark Matter Searches at the LHC, Neutrino Mass from Tritium Decay, Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay (Majorana versus Dirac Neutrino), Neutrino Mass from electron Capture, Elastic Neutrino scattering – COHERENT, The Reactor Neutrino Spectrum Anomaly, Search for the Cosmic Neutrino Background, Neutrinos and Cosmology
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7th biannual p-process workshop
22 sep 2019 - 27 sep 2019 • Serralunga d'Alba, Italie
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QFC2019 — Quantum gases, fundamental interactions and cosmology - Second Edition
23 oct 2019 - 26 oct 2019 • Pise, Italie
The Conference on Quantum gases, fundamental interactions and cosmology- Second Edition (QFC 2019) will be held in Pisa from 23 to 26 October 2019. Aim of the conference is to bring together scientists in both experimental and theoretical physics from the fields of ultracold quantum gases, fundamental interactions, and cosmology, with the aim of sharing and brainstorming on challenging open common problems, which can be zoomed in and out via a cross-disciplinary approach.

After QFC 2017, the Conference will be in its each second edition of a series of appointments to be held each second year.

The mutual frontiers among these three apparently separated disciplines have been recently blossoming with new innovative, cutting edge research. To the well-established connections between cosmology and high-energy physics, current bright examples are the research activities in analogue gravity and superfluid analogies of cosmological phenomena, and of quantum simulations of lattice gauge theories using ultracold atoms in optical lattices. We intend to use this momentum and opportunities to establish strong collaborations among participants and leading groups to open new pathways leading to breakthrough results, in this spirit, the keynote speakers of the first edition, QFC2017, have been invited and have joined the Scientific Advisory Board.

Quantum fluids, fundamental physics, analogue gravity, cosmology
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58th International Winter Meeting on Nuclear Physics
20 jan 2020 - 24 jan 2020 • Bormio, Italie
Long-standing conference bringing together researchers and students from various fields of subatomic physics. The conference location is Bormio, a beautiful mountain resort in the Italian Alps.
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