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CPSS 2019 — 5th ACM Cyber-Physical System Security Workshop
08 jul 2019 • Auckland, Nouvelle-Zélande
Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) of interest to this workshop consist of large-scale interconnected systems of heterogeneous components interacting with their physical environments. There exist a multitude of CPS devices and applications deployed to serve critical functions in our lives thus making security an important non-functional attribute of such systems. This workshop will provide a platform for professionals from academia, government, and industry to discuss novel ways to address the ever-present security challenges facing CPS.
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ADHOCNETS 2019 — The 11th EAI International Conference on Ad Hoc Networks
18 nov 2019 - 21 nov 2019 • Queenstown, Nouvelle-Zélande
The annual International Conference on Ad Hoc Networks (AdHocNets) focuses on ad hoc networking technologies and their applications. An ad hoc network is a wireless system, in which mobile or static nodes are connected using wireless links and cooperate to self-organize into a network without the requirement for any infrastructure such as access points or base stations. In recent years, ad hoc networks have been attracting an increased attention from the research and engineering communities. The distributed and multi-hop nature of ad hoc networking as well as the highly dynamic topology of an ad hoc network due to node mobility has introduced many formidable challenges such as scalability, quality of service, reliability and security, and energy constrained operations for the network. Ad hoc networking covers a variety of network paradigms including mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs), wireless sensor networks (WSNs), vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs), airborne networks, underwater networks, underground networks, personal area networks, and home networks, etc. It promises a wide range of applications in civilian, commercial, and military areas.
Mobile ad hoc networks (MANET), Vehicle ad hoc networks (VANET), Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) networks, Wireless sensor networks, Airborne networks, Underwater networks, Underground networks, Personal area networks, Body area networks, Home networks, Internet of Things (IoT), Network architectural and protocol design, MAC, routing, and transport protocols, Resource allocation and management, Network control and management, Power control and management, Topology control and management, Quality of service (QoS) provisioning, Service discovery, Ranging and node localization, Time synchronization, Data aggregation, Network scalability and capacity, Reliability and fault tolerance, Security and privacy, Low, power wide, area IoT networking, Massive machine connections for IoT, Middleware for ad hoc networks, Cross, layer design for ad hoc networks, Software, defined networking for ad hoc networks, Network function virtualization for ad hoc networks, Edge/fog/cloud computing for ad hoc networks, Machine learning (or AI) for ad hoc networks, Performance modeling and analysis for ad hoc networks, Tools to design, implement, and evaluate ad hoc network protocols
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