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Eighth International Conference "Modern Methods, Problems and Applications of Operator Theory and Harmonic Analysis"
22 avr 2018 - 27 avr 2018 • Rostov-on-Don, Russie
The conference covers different areas of mathematics, especially harmonic analysis, functional analysis, operator theory, function theory, differential equations and fractional analysis. Conference sessions: Functional analysis and operator theory; Function theory and approximation theory; Differential equations and mathematical physics; Hausdorff operators and related topics; Probability-Analytical Models and Methods; Bioinformatics and mathematical modelling.
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42-nd Summer Symposium in Real Analysis
09 jui 2018 - 15 jui 2018 • Saint-Petersburg, Russie
This conference has been held annually since 1978 with support of the Real Analysis Exchange (, and is considered to be the premier conference of its type by members of the real analysis community. The Symposium will visit Russia for the first time this summer! We have defined real analysis in a wide manner which encompasses trigonometric series, many parts of harmonic analysis as well as parts of dynamical systems, measure theory, the traditional theory of integration and properties of sets and functions. The goals of the Symposium are to provide a forum for researchers to present their newest results, and to provide ample time for participants to collaborate.
Yury Andreev;     Tél.: [+79500277018];     Email.:
real analysis, trigonometric series, harmonic analysis, dynamical systems, measure theory, metric geometry, theory of integration, differentiation, set theory, density topology
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NLA-2018 — The 6th International conference “Nonlinear Analysis and Extremal Problems”
25 jui 2018 - 30 jui 2018 • Irkutsk, Russie
The goal of the conference is to share recent results and techniques in various areas of modern nonlinear analysis, expose young researchers to some fast-paced topics in the field, and allow them to present their own research. To that end, advanced lecture courses of invited speakers as well as short talks of other participants are planned.
Nikolay Pogodaev;     Tél.: [+7 (3952) 453052];     Email.:
Nonlinear analysis and its applications, dynamical systems, partial differential equations, calculus of variations, mathematical control theory
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