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Best Apache Storm Training 100% PRACTICAL - MindMajix, free DEMO
27 mar 2019 - 31 dec 2022 • New York, États-Unis
About Apache Storm Training: Apache Storm is an open-source and distributed stream processing computation framework used for processing large volumes of high-velocity data.and its comparison with hadoop, Big Data world., etc.This Apache StormTraining from MindMajix will give you a working knowledge of the open-source Storm computational engine. You will be able to do distributed real-time data processing and come up with valuable insights.
Mindmajix Technologies INC;     Tél.: [9174568403];     Email.:
ApacheStromTraining, Apachestormonline, stormtechnology
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VLDB — 45th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases
26 aou 2019 - 30 aou 2019 • Los Angeles, États-Unis
The annual VLDB conference is a premier annual international forum for database researchers, vendors, practitioners, application developers, and users. PVLDB, established in 2008, is a scholarly journal for short and timely research papers, with a journal-style review and quality assurance process. PVLDB is distinguished by a monthly submission process with rapid reviews. Its issues are published regularly throughout the year. Your paper will appear in PVLDB soon after acceptance, and possibly in advance of the VLDB conference. All papers accepted in time will be published in PVLDB Vol. 12 and also presented at the VLDB 2019 conference.
Access Methods, Concurrency Control, Recovery, Transactions, Indexing and Search, In-memory Data Management, Hardware Accelerators, Query Processing and Optimization, Storage Management, Privacy and Security in Data Management, Graph Data Management, Social Networks, Recommendation Systems, Data Mining and Analytics, Warehousing, Crowdsourcing, Embedded and Mobile Databases, Real-time Databases, Sensors and IoT, Stream Databases, Data Models and Query Languages, Schema Management and Design, Database Usability, User Interfaces and Visualization, Tuning, Benchmarking, Performance Measurement, Database Administration and Manageability, Distributed Database Systems, Cloud Data Management, NoSQL, Scalable Analytics, Distributed Transactions, Consistency, P2P and Networked Data Management, Database-as-a-Service, Content Delivery Networks, Provenance and Workflows, Spatial, Temporal, and Multimedia Databases, Scientific and Medical Data Management, Profile-based or Context-Aware Data Management, Data Cleaning, Information Filtering and Dissemination, Information Integration, Metadata Management, Data Discovery, Web Data Management, Semantic Web, Heterogeneous and Federated Database Systems, Fuzzy, Probabilistic and Approximate Databases, Information Retrieval, Text in Databases
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ADT 2019 — 6th International Conference on Algorithmic Decision Theory
25 oct 2019 - 27 oct 2027 • Durham, NC, États-Unis
The ADT 2019 conference focus is on algorithmic decision theory broadly defined, seeking to bring together researchers and practitioners coming from diverse areas of Computer Science, Economics and Operations Research in order to improve the theory and practice of modern decision support.
Algorithms, Argumentation Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Social Choice, Database Systems, Decision Analysis, Discrete Mathematics, Game Theory, Machine Learning, Matching, Multi-agent Systems, Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding, Networks, Optimization, Risk Management, and Utility Theory
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Big Data — IEEE International Conference on Big Data
09 dec 2019 - 12 dec 2019 • Los Angeles, États-Unis
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WSDM — ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining
05 fév 2020 - 09 fév 2020 • Houston, États-Unis
Computational Statistics and Data-Driven Models
20 avr 2020 - 24 avr 2020 • Providence, RI, États-Unis
The advancement in computing and storage capabilities of modern computational clusters fosters use of novel statistical techniques in machine learning and deep networks. Such data-driven techniques allow one to learn model features and characteristics that are difficult for mathematical methods alone to reveal. Many computational methods achieve model and complexity discovery using methods that lie at the nexus of mathematical, statistical, and computational disciplines. Statistical methods often employ "big data" approaches that glean predictive capability from diverse and enormous databases of information. Emerging methods in machine learning and deep networks can provide impressive results. This workshop gathers researchers at the frontier of large-scale statistical computation, data science, tensor decompositions and approximations, and data-driven model learning, to focus on modern challenges that use data to reduce complexity of models.
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SDM — SIAM International Conference on Data Mining
07 mai 2020 - 09 mai 2020 • Cincinnati, États-Unis
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SIGMOD — ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data
14 jui 2020 - 19 jui 2020 • Portland, États-Unis
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