COMS demo

You can access the public demo installation of our conference management software (COMS). Please contact us to get a password.

Please note that the public demo installation can be accessed by several testers at the same time. Your inputs may be overwritten by others or your session might be terminated by someone else if it is idle for more than ten minutes.

If you feel that it would be worthwile for you to test COMS more thoroughly and quietly, please do not hesitate to ask for a personal test installation.

Samples to download

In this section, examples of documents that can be generated, based on the information submitted to COMS, can be downloaded. The sample files are based on the same artificial data that are used to populate the COMS demo.

Conference program

Event timetable

After defining the conference sessions (dates, times, rooms, topics) event organizers can download an automatically generated overview of the event timetable. The contents can be modified by inserting suitable placeholders into a template. CSS can be used to adjust the styling (colours, fonts).

Two export formats are available: an HTML export that can readily be posted on a website and an Excel export for manual editing and further processing.

Download the event timetable in HTML format [.html].
Download the event timetable as an MS Word document [.docx].

Detailed scientific program

Once accepted abstracts have been allocated to sessions, event organizers can generate and download the detailed agenda. The output can be custom formatted by means of placeholders and styled with CSS. The system can be used to automatically generate:
  • A table of contents.
  • The index of authors.

The datasets can be exported in two formats: HTML and MS Word.

Download an example of a detailed scientific program as an MS-Word document [.docx].

Book of abstracts

The system can generate a draft version of the book of abstracts. It can include:
  • A table of contents.
  • The index of authors.
Download an example of a book of abstracts as an MS-Word document [docx].

Note: it is possible to generate a book of abstracts without creating the scientific program.

Mobile app: Agenda with abstracts and full papers

An interactive event agenda with filter options and a full text search engine that gives acces to abstracts and full papers.
  • Can be accessed on handheld devices by scanning a QR code or by inputting a short URL.
  • Runs in your existing browser app, no need to download yet another app from an app store.
  • The self contained package is a mini website that is also suitable for distribution on USB keys or CD-ROMs.
Download a zip archive of the self contained demo-app. After saving the zip to your local computer and unzipping the file, you will be able to test the app locally, copy it to a USB key, etc.

You can test the interactive agenda online or on your mobile device by following the link: or by scanning the QR code.

Last updated: 25 April 2017