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GeoUtrecht 2020
24 aou 2020 - 26 aou 2020 • Utrecht, Pays-Bas
DGGV (Deutsche Geologische Gesellschaft – Geologische Vereinigung; German Geological Society)
DGGV is honored to head back to The Netherlands for the first time in more than a decade. The meeting looks to attract an international audience of some 800 geoscientist. DGGV's annual conference continues as one of the most popular events for the community in the heart of Europe with a tradition of delivering a strong technical program with keynote speakers from around the world, networking opportunities and activities that create a valuable forum for our geoscience community.
Knowledge Exchange for the Geoscience community in the heart of Europe
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TISOLS 2021 — Tenth International Symposium on Land Subsidence
17 mai 2021 - 21 mai 2021 • Delft – Gouda, Pays-Bas
TISOLS is organized under the auspices of the Unesco IHP Land Subsidence International Initiative.
Land subsidence, or land-level lowering, is a major problem that threatens the viability and sustainable economic development for millions of people throughout the world, especially in (but not restricted to) highly urbanized coastal areas. It is often a result of overexploitation of groundwater resources. The total costs globally amount up to many billions of dollars annually. New innovative technologies and approaches are needed to reduce or, in the best case, to stop land subsidence. TISOLS intends to bring together 250 international experts to share the latest research and insights on natural and anthropogenic land-level lowering. At TISOLS in the Netherlands, we provide a platform to share our understanding of land subsidence, reliable data, and innovative techniques. Ultimately, we aim to increase the acknowledgement of the land subsidence problem in order to devise targeted strategies and solutions for long-term sustainable living conditions in subsiding areas. This means that at TISOLS we take on the challenge that lies in linking hydrological, geotechnical and geological knowledge to policy and socially acceptable solutions.
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