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Conferences and Meetings on Group Theory offers, as part of our business activities, a directory of upcoming scientific and technical meetings. The calendar is published for the convenience of conference participants and we strive to support conference organisers who need to publish their upcoming events. Although great care is being taken to ensure the correctness of all entries, we cannot accept any liability that may arise from the presence, absence or incorrectness of any particular information on this website. Always check with the meeting organiser before making arrangements to participate in an event!

Meeting organisers can submit meetings free of charge for inclusion into the listing.


1.Thin Groups — RTG WORKSHOP on Thin Groups
 Dates 25 Apr 2014 → 27 Apr 2014
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 LocationAnn Arbor, Michigan, United States
 Contact Organizers: Richard Canary, Lizhen Ji, Gopal Prasad, Ralf Spatzier.; Email:
 Related subject(s) Number Theory, Arithmetic; Analysis
2.Representations of reductive groups: A conference dedicated to David Vogan on his 60th birthday
 Dates 19 May 2014 → 23 May 2014
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 LocationMIT, Cambridge, MA, United States
 Abstract The conference will address recent developments in the representation theory of reductive Lie groups and algebraic groups over finite and local fields, as well as connections of this theory with other subjects, such as number theory, automorphic forms, algebraic geometry and combinatorics. It will be an occasion to celebrate the 60th birthday of David Vogan, who has inspired and shaped the development of this field for almost 40 years.
3.The Fields workshop on Algebraic and geometric invariants of linear algebraic groups and homogeneous spaces
 Dates 23 May 2014 → 26 May 2014
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 LocationUniversity of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
 Abstract In the last 10-15 years the theory of linear algebraic groups has witnessed an intrusion of the cohomological methods of modern algebraic geometry and algebraic topology. These new methods have led to breakthroughs on a number of classical problems in algebra, which are beyond the reach of earlier purely algebraic techniques. The workshop will focus at the following new emerging techniques and applications: i) The proof of the Grothendieck-Serre conjecture based on the theory of affine Grassmannians. ii) Computation of generalized equivariant cohomology of projective homogeneous and toric varieties. The workshop is supported by the Fields Institute.
 Related subject(s) Algebra; Geometry and Topology
4.Discrete Groups and Geometric Structures, with Applications V
 Dates 02 Jun 2014 → 06 Jun 2014
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 LocationKU Leuven, Arenberg Castle, Heverlee (nearby Leuve, Belgium
 Abstract This is the 7th edition of a conference series which started in 1996. Main topics include (non-exhaustively) geometric group theory, Out(F$_n$) and Aut(F$_n$), groups acting on manifolds, crystallographic groups and their generalisations, affine and nil-affine structures for groups, left-symmetric structures on Lie algebras, problems related to these topics in different settings.
5.Complex Geometry and Lie groups
 Start date16 Jun 2014
[ID=616811] Go to top of page
 LocationTurin, Italy
 Abstract All details can be found on the webpage of the conference.
 Related subject(s) Geometry and Topology
6.Summer school — Graph limits, groups and stochastic processes
 Dates 22 Jun 2014 → 28 Jun 2014
[ID=597502] Go to top of page
 LocationBudapest, Hungary
 Related subject(s) Graph Theory and Combinatorics; Probability and Statistics
7.Growth in groups
 Dates 24 Jun 2014 → 27 Jun 2014
[ID=615986] Go to top of page
 LocationNeuchatel, Switzerland
 Abstract growth functions of groups and infinite graphs, growth in Coxeter groups, growth of wreath products and groups acting on rooted trees, conjugacy growth, uniform growth, geodesic growth, subgroup growth, growth and amenability, growth and l2-Betti numbers.
8.Arithmetic of Shimura Varieties, of Automorphic Forms and Applications
 Dates 30 Jun 2014 → 04 Jul 2014
[ID=607466] Go to top of page
 LocationMarseille, France
 Organizer Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques (CIRM)
9.Interactions between Dynamics of Group Actions and Number Theory — Groups, Numbers, and Dynamics
 Dates 30 Jun 2014 → 04 Jul 2014
[ID=611574] Go to top of page
 LocationCambridge, United Kingdom
 Organizer Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences
 Related subject(s) Courses and Events for Math Students; Number Theory, Arithmetic
10.Symmetries and correspondences in number theory, geometry, algebra and quantum computing: intra-disciplinary trends
 Dates 05 Jul 2014 → 10 Jul 2014
[ID=620672] Go to top of page
 LocationOxford, United Kingdom
 Abstract Symmetries and correspondences play the most central role in modern number theory. (Commutative) class field theory and Langlands type correspondences are complemented by other powerful theories such as arithmetic noncommutative class field theories, a variety of higher class field theories, insights from anabelian geometry, mean-periodicity correspondence for zeta functions of arithmetic schemes.
 Related subject(s) Geometry and Topology; Algebra
11.Cube complexes and groups
 Dates 07 Jul 2014 → 11 Jul 2014
[ID=615998] Go to top of page
 LocationCopenhagen, Denmark
 Abstract The aim of this conference is to discuss CAT(0) cube complexes and related spaces, and their applications to group theory. There will be three minicourses introducing important subjects in this field.
 Related subject(s) Geometry and Topology
12.group30 — The 30th International Colloquium on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics
 Dates 14 Jul 2014 → 18 Jul 2014
[ID=523520] Go to top of page
 LocationGhent, Belgium
 Abstract The ICGTPM series is traditionally dedicated to the application of symmetry and group theoretical methods in physics, chemistry and mathematics, and to the development of mathematical tools and theories for progress in group theory and symmetries. Over the years, it has further broadened and diversified due to the successful application of group theoretical, geometric and algebraic methods in life sciences and other areas. The conference has an interdisciplinary character. It aims at bringing together experts and young researchers from different fields encouraging cross disciplinary interactions.
 Related subject(s) Mathematical Physics
13.GAGTA — Geometric and Asymptotic Group Theory with Applications
 Dates 21 Jul 2014 → 25 Jul 2014
[ID=568961] Go to top of page
 LocationThe University of Newcastle, Australia
 Abstract GAGTA conferences are devoted to the study of a variety of areas in Geometric and Combinatorial Group Theory, including asymptotic and probabilistic methods, as well as algorithmic and computational topics involving groups. In particular, areas of interest include group actions, isoperimetric functions, growth, asymptotic invariants, random walks, algebraic geometry over groups, algorithmic problems and their complexity, generic properties and generic complexity, and applications to non-commutative cryptography.
14.Summer School on Quantum Groups and Integrablility: Algebraic, Analytic and Geometric Aspects
 Dates 21 Jul 2014 → 25 Jul 2014
[ID=623332] Go to top of page
 LocationUniv. Hamburg, Germany
 Related subject(s) Courses and Events for Physics Students; Courses and Events for Math Students
15.7th MSJ-SI — Hyperbolic Geometry and Geometric Group Theory
 Dates 30 Jul 2014 → 05 Aug 2014
[ID=581645] Go to top of page
 LocationUniversity of Tokyo, Japan
 Organizer Mathematical Society of Japan
 Abstract This conference, which is the 7th Seasonal Institute of the Mathematical Society of Japan (MSJ-SI), focuses on recent progress in hyperbolic geometry, geometric group theory and their related topics. Four survey talks covering various aspects of this field together with a dozen of research talks are planned. The conference is open to all researchers interested in this field, and in particular young researchers are very welcome to participate
 Related subject(s) Geometry and Topology
16.Geometry on Groups and Spaces
 Dates 07 Aug 2014 → 12 Aug 2014
[ID=581624] Go to top of page
 LocationKAIST, Daejeon, South Korea
 Abstract This conference will cover various topics in the interplays between geometric group theory and geometric structures. The topics in geometric structures will include discrete subgroups of Lie groups, hyperbolic geometry, Teichmüller theory and representation varieties. In geometric group theory, the topics will include bounded cohomology, automorphisms of free and surface groups and the structures of hyperbolic and CAT(0) groups.
 Related subject(s) Geometry and Topology
17.LMS-CMI Research School - Algebraic Lie Theory and Representation Theory
 Dates 25 Aug 2014 → 29 Aug 2014
[ID=617001] Go to top of page
 LocationGlasgow, United Kingdom
 Abstract The school is aimed at PhD students and early postdocs wanting to learn about topics in algebraic Lie theory and representation theory that are currently of great interest.
 Related subject(s) Courses and Events for Math Students
18.GDR Platon Avignon 2014 — Regards croisés sur les structures géométriques et la géométrie lorentzienne
 Dates 08 Sep 2014 → 10 Sep 2014
[ID=619564] Go to top of page
 LocationAvignon, France
 Organizer Conference organized by the GDR Platon 3341 CNRS
 Related subject(s) Geometry and Topology
19.Algebraic and finite groups, geometry and representations. 50 years of Chevalley seminar.
 Dates 22 Sep 2014 → 26 Sep 2014
[ID=607599] Go to top of page
 LocationMarseille, France
 Organizer Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques (CIRM)
20.AIM Workshop — Combinatorics and complexity of Kronecker coefficients
 Dates 03 Nov 2014 → 07 Nov 2014
[ID=611256] Go to top of page
 LocationPalo Alto, CA, United States
 Organizer American Institute of Mathematics
 Abstract This workshop, sponsored by AIM and the NSF, will be devoted to the study of Kronecker coefficients which describe the decomposition of tensor products of irreducible representations of a symmetric group into irreducible representations. We concentrate on their combinatorial interpretation, computational aspects and applications to other fields.
 Related subject(s) Algebra; Graph Theory and Combinatorics
21.Algebra, Deformations and Quantum groups
 Dates 01 Dec 2014 → 05 Dec 2014
[ID=607600] Go to top of page
 LocationMarseille, France
 Organizer Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques (CIRM)
 Related subject(s) Algebra
22.Young geometric group theory IV
 Dates 11 Jan 2015 → 17 Jan 2015
[ID=615979] Go to top of page
 LocationSpa, Belgium
 Abstract The conference series "Young Geometric Group Theory", initiated by Piotr Przytycki, is an international yearly event in mathematics which aims to provide advanced training to young researchers in geometric group theory.
 Related subject(s) Courses and Events for Math Students; Geometry and Topology
23.Group representations in dynamical systems and geometry
 Dates 29 Jun 2015 → 03 Jul 2015
[ID=609674] Go to top of page
 LocationMarseille, France
 Organizer Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques (CIRM)
24.Impact of geometric group theory
 Dates 13 Jul 2015 → 17 Jul 2015
[ID=609650] Go to top of page
 LocationMarseille, France
 Organizer Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques (CIRM)
25.Cohomological methods in the theory of algebraic groups
 Dates 31 Aug 2015 → 04 Sep 2015
[ID=609725] Go to top of page
 LocationMarseille, France
 Organizer Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques (CIRM)
26.Geometric, asymptotic and combinatorial group theory and applications - 9
 Dates 14 Sep 2015 → 18 Sep 2015
[ID=609789] Go to top of page
 LocationMarseille, France
 Organizer Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques (CIRM)
27.Geometric group theory semester (MSRI)
 Dates 15 Aug 2016 → 16 Dec 2016
[ID=615947] Go to top of page
 LocationBerkeley, United States
 Related subject(s) Courses and Events for Math Students

Last updated: 19 April 2014