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Natural Capital Investment Conference
01. Mär 2018 • London, Großbritannien
The Natural Capital Investment Conference taking place in London on 1st March 2018 will identify the best ways of securing much-needed investment in the UK’s natural environment. The Conference will be a significant step forward in the quest for new ways of financing the restoration of key natural features such as woodland and wetland. The benefits that flow to everyone from this ‘natural capital’ have been valued at billions of pounds. The Rt Hon. John Gummer, Lord Deben, recently re-appointed Chair of the UK’s Committee on Climate Change, will provide the opening address. He will be followed by presentations from environmental and finance leaders involved in natural capital investment.
Claire Forrest;     Tel.: [0333 240 6990];     Email: claire@ecosystemsknowledge.net
natural capital, investment, ecosystem services, restoration, green finance
EcoBio: Challenges in Building a Sustainable Biobased Economy 2018
04. Mär 2018 - 07. Mär 2018 • Ireland, Großbritannien
ECO-BIO 2018 will bring together representatives from both academia and industry to highlight progress and recent developments and the necessary steps to make the biobased economy a reality.
CIWEM - WWNP — Working with Natural Processes: The Evidence Behind Natural Flood Management – Edinburgh
14. Mär 2018 • Edinburgh, Großbritannien
This conference, which is being jointly coordinated by the Environment Agency, CIWEM and SEPA, is one of series of events to launch the Environment Agency’s ‘Working with Natural Processes Evidence Base’, which has been developed to help flood and coastal erosion risk management (FCERM) authorities understand, justify, develop and implement FCERM schemes with WWNP to reduce flood risk. It will also include presentations from a range of existing projects that have successfully implemented NFM measures on the ground, through effective partnerships, whilst drawing on a range of funding streams.
Olivia McLaughlin;     Tel.: [02078313110];     Email: olivia.mclaughlin@ciwem.org
EA, Environment Agency, environment, natural processes, natural flood management, NFM, evidence, flooding, flood management, flood risk, Pitt Review
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ESDEIC — Economy, Sustainable Development and Energy International Conference (ESDEIC)
25. Jun 2018 - 27. Jun 2018 • Edinburgh, Großbritannien
The Economy, Sustainable Development and Energy International Conference (ESDEIC) provides a permanent and multidisciplinary knowledge international network on the topics of economy, sustainable development, and energy.
Monica Martins (Conference Manager);     Email: info@esdeic.com
Topics will include, but are not limited to: Climate change and global warming, Designing the future: a new society and a new economy?, Ecology and ecosystem management, Energy technologies and sustainability, Environmental education, Environmental impact assessment and mitigation, Environmental planning, management and policies, Food waste, Forest and biodiversity conservation, GIS for health Management, Global, national and local sustainable development, Green city, Green energy and renewable energy, Green transportation, Implementing sustainable development goals, Industrial pollution, Innovation in health and environment applications, Knowledge society, Public health, policy and law and environment, Responsible Research and Innovation and research ethics, Smart cities for a Sustainable Development, Spatial environmental planning, Sustainable development and education, Sustainable development goals and social engagement, The environmental footprint of tourism, The intersection between humanities, science, technology and sustainable development.
DPCIWEM — Diffuse Pollution: Evidence, Effective Practice and Lessons for Policy, Practice and Investment - Call for Papers
18. Jul 2018 • London, Großbritannien
Following the success of our 2017 conference ‘Urban Rivers and Streams: assets or pollution pathways’ we will be holding our 2018 conference on 18 July in Central London. This event will present innovative case studies, collaborative approaches and facilitate discussion on the scale of the issue and current progress on both rural and urban diffuse pollution.
Olivia;     Tel.: [02078313110];     Email: olivia.mclaughlin@ciwem.org
pollution, diffuse pollution, rural, urban, call for papers
Urban Regeneration and Sustainability
05. Nov 2018 - 06. Nov 2018 • London, Großbritannien
Urban regeneration is the rehabilitation of land areas that are subject to high-density urban land use. It is a strategy that aims to transform and renovate areas to be upgraded in housing, public and private buildings, infrastructure, and services. This entire process is an effective way to improve urban performance by targeting areas with a high incidence of poverty, pollution, and congestion leading to complete economic and regional development of a specific area.
Parallelism in Architecture, Engineering, & Computing Techniques (PACT) – 2018 The 2nd version
08. Nov 2018 - 09. Nov 2018 • London, Großbritannien
Following the success of the first version of the PACT conference, a second version is to be held around the theme of parallelism in Architecture. It will be an attempt to discuss and rather maneuver through the relations between computational design through universal, organizational, and constantly developing contexts. It will focus on practicing computational design software and the challenges faced by its practitioners as an attempt to improve its practice and positively impact the field.

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